Roots based rock combining folk,
traditional country and rock music.



"It's all about the song," says lead-singer and songwriter, Doug Kwartler about his band, Foundry.

Kwartler is adamant about what he calls, "the songs needs." "It's not about the band or egos. Whatever the song requires is what we strive to put into it -- nothing more, nothing less."

In spring 2003, Hollow Body Records will release the long awaited second CD from Foundry. A now Four-piece outfit from the New York City / Long Island area, Foundry combines rock, country, folk, blues and rockabilly to create a unique sound. The band is also known for its frenetic live concerts that showcase tasteful musicianship with Springsteen-like energy. The new CD, entitled, Give Me A Reason To Live, will feature a more "live" sound than their first release, World Rattles 'Round.

When listening to "It Matters," the first track off the band's debut CD, World Rattles 'Round, and in watching this group perform live, one gets the sense that Foundry puts its heart, soul and every ounce of energy these guys can muster up into "it." While delving further into the disc, the listener discovers songs incorporating stories of American life, politics, love and a search for a sense of purpose, all featuring uncompromising musicianship, tasteful arrangements, twangy guitars and melody driven hooks. The CD has been called, "…the best independent release this year…" by Bill Frater of Freight Train, and the Alt. Country Page says, "...this unique record has to be one of the top independent releases of the year."

Influences start to unfold immediately when listening to the album. Folk inspired rock artists such as Springsteen, Tom Petty and Dylan are apparent on songs like "It Matters," "World Rattles 'Round," "Need A Friend," and "Guthrie." Country Rock artists such as Dwight Yoakam, The Mavericks and Gram Parsons are evident on songs such as "Main Street's Shut Down," "Another Sundown," and "Bus." Additionally, the rockabilly influences of Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Brian Setzer shine through on "Lucy," the disc's final track.

The band has been busy. Foundry recently played a number of shows from Nashville to Boston and back home again in the New York area. During that span, they found time to write and record two tribute songs. The first, a tribute song benefiting the official Twin Towers Fund, that featured over 60 New York firefighters and police officers singing on the record. The song, which recently garnered a lead story on Long Island's top television news station, is offered as an MP3 download on the band's web site for a suggested $1.00 donation towards the fund and has currently been downloaded over 1100 times in just a few months. The second song is a tribute to Daniel Pearl, the journalist recently murdered in Pakistan.

Over four-years ago Doug Kwartler, a Long Island based singer / songwriter originally with the Long Island band, Wheel, placed an ad in a local music magazine seeking out musicians who enjoyed playing "guitar-oriented folk-rock songs." While Wheel was successful, (actually playing its last show in May, 1997 in front of thousands of New Yorkers at Shea Stadium,) Kwartler's songs were being influenced by the other member's progressive backgrounds. For Foundry, Kwartler sought out players who were interested in playing folk / rock song orientated music. He first met with drummer Michael Leuci. Leuci was also looking to join a song-oriented band. Leuci, who after 5 years left to pursue his own project, has been replaced by Sean Minardi - who adds his own high-energy beat keeping to Foundry's roots rock.

Next to join was blues influenced lead-guitarist / background vocalist Mark Crosson. Crosson, brought up on a strict diet of Allmans, Stones, Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray, was also looking to expand into more country and folk styles and saw Foundry as a perfect fit. Jim Leach, Foundry's bassist joined next. Leach's background and experience as a multi-style player has proven invaluable

Now in full gear, Foundry has become one of the premier original bands in the Long Island / NY area with accomplishments including: being selected to play at the first-annual Nashville New Music Conference, finishing as top 10 finalists in the 2000 Long Island Music Festival, playing at the 2001, 2002 and 2003 Millennium Music festivals in Harrisburg, PA, playing at the 2003 West Virginia Music Conference, playing at the 2002 Rock and Roll ½ Marathon in Virginia Beach, VA, and also performing at the respected Hellcountry Americana music showcase in Boston, MA, this past June. Their CD has received rave reviews and has sold in countries around the world including Germany, UK, Italy, Belgium, Japan and the United States. Over the last year Foundry has played shows all over the eastern ½ of the U.S. including: Nashville TN, Boston MA, Hartford CT, Cleveland OH, Harrisburg PA and New York NY.

World Rattles 'Round was recorded over a two-year period with some of its songs being written and recorded


World Rattles 'Round - full-length CD

"For The Rest of My Life" - Twin Towers Fund Tribute Song

"On The Beat (Doin' My Job) - Benefit song for the Daniel Pearl Foundation

Give Me A Reason To Live - Full length CD due out spring 2003

Set List

Typical set list now includes songs from our upcoming
cd "Give Me A Reason To Live" along with songs from our current cd
"World Rattles 'Round"

Give Me A Reason To Live
World Rattles Round
America Uncovered
Once Again San Francisco
Motel Blues
Rain Cloud
No Decision
Before Its' Time

Sometimes mixed in with a little Cash, Elvis, Boss, T.Petty and more when called for.