Fountain Infinity

Fountain Infinity


A unique blend of progressive art rock and melodic drive. Infusing instrumental rhythm breaks with haunting vocal landscapes. All together an energy packed exploratory trip into the psyche of early 21st century minds.


In December of 2004 the remnants of long time high school band TFD underwent its final transformation becoming Fountain Infinity skimming the line up from six members to four. The present group name "Fountain Infinity" is a fitting moniker symbolic of the groups musical journey as well as individuals. Fountain Infinity meaning those with definite origin and infinite outcome begins with four different men on four different paths. Bass player Pat Romanelli shortly after high school enlisted in the U.S. Army with assurance of a respectful definite career. Drummer Bill Harbadin pursued the second best alternative to being in a band by attending Recording Workshop in Ohio. Guitarist Vernon Kephart enrolled in school aspiring to become a computer science major. Lead singer Tony Dorsey commited early to the throws of nine to five with limited freedom in the weekend life. In a twist of frustration, dead ends, and lost aspiration for complete life design by the age of twenty four men united giving in to their most natural inhibitions of a musical career. In the first two years of the groups existence a spiritual reincarnation of ideals and goals was overhauled unveiling the present musical chemistry of Fountain Infinity. In this time in 2006 the first self titled EP was released to be followed in 2008 by the most current EP. 2008 also allowed for several national act opening slots with Fair to Midland, Egypt Central, and Red. Currently Fountain Infinity is booking for future shows and planning a national tour.


2006 Self Titled EP

2008 Self Titled EP

all of 2008 tracks stream from Myspace and LastFM

2006 EP radio play of "Truth" and "Cirlces"

Set List

Suffocated Down
The Dream
Lucky 13
Mark of Fear

Tool - The Pot
Breaking Benjamin - So Cold
System of the Down - Aerials
Atreyu - Becoming the Bull
Red hot chili peppers - Californication