Fountain of Tears

Fountain of Tears


Dynamic female-fronted band fusing elements of progressive rock and metal. Powerful female vocals over intense guitar riffs, intricate drum patterns, thundering bass and atmospheric keyboards create a massive sound that is matched by an electrifying stage presence.


What do you get when you combine an intense metal guitarist and bassist, a brooding keyboardist, a tenacious drummer, fronted by a stunning female vocalist with a powerful voice? Fountain of Tears! This epic band has taken the music scene by storm with songs that hit people on an emotional level.

The Philadelphia based band was formed in 1995 by Erik Ney (Bassist) and Jeff King (Keyboardist). “This is the style of music we’ve always dreamed of creating with the most talented musicians,” boasts Erik Ney. All you have to do is check out one of their performances to know that he is exactly right! The combination of energy, talent, and precision this band displays is captivating. All of the musicians in Fountain of Tears carry impressive resumes, packed with the kind of experiences most musicians only dream of.

In 1989, Mike DiDonato (guitarist) and Erik Ney played together in a thrash metal band called “Sacrament” that came together and got signed to REX Records within 6 months. They toured for the next 3 years and played in front of crowds numbering into the thousands. Mike DiDonato describes the excitement
of live performances, “Even as I wait back stage, I find myself allowing the energy from the fans to power me. The real reward is seeing people really get into our music and knowing that they are on the journey with us!”

Joe Daub (drummer), formerly of the band “Believer”, released their first album with REX Records and 2 albums with Road Runner Records that sold over 50,000 copies. They toured the US and Europe from1988-1992.

Vonnie King was signed to Motown records with her former band, “R Angels” and had successes that include a video on MTV and had a song and video as part of a movie soundtrack.

The backbone of the band is keyboardist, Jeff King. “He’s the one that usually comes up with the main theme of a song and we all add our own parts to it. It always comes out sounding more amazing than we thought it would,” states Ney.

It’s so rare to see a band with so much chemistry. You can actually see how they compliment and inspire one another. The band is releasing their first full-length CD, entitled “Fate”, on February 13, 2007.


Self-Titled EP - 1999 (Out of Print)
Fate - 2007 - Full Length Album, To Be Released February 13, 2007

Set List

Sets from 1/2 Hour to 1 1/4 hours in length.

All original material.