Fountains Of Youth

Fountains Of Youth

 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CAN

Heart & Soul // Rock & Roll


Thick grooves, swirling keys and huge guitars create an epic backdrop for powerful vocals and transcendent lyrics. Saskatoon rock group Fountains Of Youth have just released their debut album entitled "Flood Season". The album, comprised of 12 tracks, takes listeners on a ride as the band ventures into rock, blues, folk, and psychedelic jams. Lyrically introspective, their songs conjure up images of the expansive nature the band calls home, and tells hopeful stories of love, loss, and triumph from the view point of today's youth. Somehow splitting the difference between each member's diverse musical background, including rock, blues, punk, jazz, soul, and roots, Fountains Of Youth create a sound that is at once modern and timeless.

The band was formed in July of 2011 by singer/songwriter and guitarist Paul Kuzbik. He began demoing new music for what he thought would be an eventual solo effort. Long-time friend and fellow musician Finn Day-Wiggins was jamming some of this new material with Paul, and some friends heard about it. The duo quickly began performing at house concerts and backyard parties in Saskatoon through out the summer of 2011, and met up with bassist Jesse Dawson at one of these jams. Finn and Paul had played in a previous band with Roger Mercier, and the first time the four memebers jammed was the last time anyone thought of it as a solo project. Fountains Of Youth was born.

All experienced players, each Fountains Of Youth show is something unique, and the art in their performance keeps people coming back. They have played everything from living rooms to metal concerts, hip hop festivals to country music showcases, and almost everything in between, and continue to win over fans everytime they hit the stage.

From Canadian Magazine "The Rooster" (April 2012)
"Although Kuzbik maintains an awareness of his future in music, he and the other members of Fountains of Youth are incredibly (and nearly exclusively) excited about the finished product they now get to show off. The album, in my opinion, ranks with some of the best albums we have ever heard out of Saskatoon and for me, satisfies my love for great musicianship and honest lyrics. From the first Wurlitzer-produced note to the final strum of the acoustic guitar, the album takes you on a very deliberate journey. It includes some gentle grooves and some absolute rockers - all the while following frontman Paul Kuzbik's search for self-awareness in dealing with a difficult period in his life."

From Saskatoon Music Arts E-Zine "Ominocity" (April 2012)
"Kuzbik is a talented musician and lets you know it with endless ripping guitar solos. Fortunately he also knows when to show restraint, and any given song on Flood Season thankfully never treads the line of wankery.
Easily a contender for summer jams – be sure to check out “Along These Lines”."

From Saskatoon's "Starphoenix" News Paper (Dec. 2011)
"Fountains of Youth can probably best be described as soulful rock music. It’s guitar-driven rock and roll but there are lots of whirling keyboard leads, which give it a definite hint of psycadellia. But the with the diversity of their individual musical backgrounds, Fountains of Youth sometimes doesn’t sound like anything you’ve heard before".


"Flood Season" - April 2012

Set List

1. Sometimes
2. Flood Season
3. White Moth
4. When You're Alone
5. One In A Million
6. Ain't No Sunshine
7. Owner Of This Heart
8. Fix Myself
9. Along These Lines
10. Back In The City
11. The Veil
12. Do It In The Road
13. January Blues
drum&bass improv
14. Floating On Hope
15. Spoonful
16. Good Intentions
17. Don't Owe You A Thang
18. Cortez The Killer