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Sheffield, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE | AFM

Sheffield, England, United Kingdom | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Pop




"BBC Introducing Sheffield"

“Pop/Rock at it’s finest now courtesy of the brilliant Four Authors”
Christian Carlisle – BBC Introducing - BBC Introducing Sheffield

"BBC Introducing - Christian Carlisle"

“They were in session earlier on today down at Shoreham street, we’re going to be playing that for you next Saturday. Make sure you’re tuned in for it, it sounded absolutely incredible”

BBC Introducing Sheffield Radio - BBC

"Spindle Magazine Album Feature"

Pop-rockers Four Authors have finally decided to release their debut album and we’ve been waiting with anticipation.

Described as the UK’s answer to Fall Out Boy, each of the 10 tracks on the full length record are all singles in their own right. Each single from the album showcases their finest work.

Some of you might be familiar with ‘Follow You’ and ‘When I Was Younger’ big standout singles from 2015 which gained them a lot of coverage.

Four Authors debut album is out now via Itunes. - Spindle Magazine

"Rad Sound Live Review"

Boasting a host of homegrown talent amongst Barnsley’s most loved locals, for one Saturday of the year, the South Yorkshire town becomes alight with booze and unsigned bands.

One band that embodies that homegrown spirit is pop-rock four-piece Four Authors. Three members of which spent eight years as part of Hitomi, it appears it was only natural to form Four Authors after the current band kept crossing paths. A name that came from “two hours of brainstorming” and the candid realisation that they are simply “authors of the story in each song”, Four Authors was born.

Buzzing from their live set, only their third as Four Authors and first in their hometown, the band chat with us to discuss the music, touring, and what the future holds for these Four Authors.

Having erupted onto the stage with a set that spanned everything from the electrifying ‘Catalyst’ and ‘I Feel Alive’, the pinnacles of the anthemic pop of debut EP Chapter I to rock-tinged covers of Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’ and closing with ‘Teenage Dirtbag’, the foursome exuded a confidence and assertion of their own sound, refreshing for a band already so experienced. They tell me the key to their success thus far is that they all bring something different to the behind-the-scenes aspects of the music, from production to promotion, everything is developed within the confines of the four musicians and their studios, making for the wholesome honesty that translates to the live shows.

Their overwhelming presence occupied the venue with such a grandeur it is near impossible not to imagine how this would triumph in a larger venue, and aptly, the band is soon to play the O2 Academy in Sheffield, quite a leap from the small capacity of this Barnsley pub. Though vocalist Andy insists he loves how the audience is “so involved” in the tiny venues, when asked how they feel about the forthcoming larger shows, they tell me the O2 is a venue that’s always been “on [their] list”, and their sound surely suggests that bucket-list moment should go down to great acclaim.

For a band so proud and invested in their most recent release, the guys are still keen to talk about what’s next for the band. More gigs? New Tracks? Plenty of them. EP Chapter II is fully written and will be produced in August ahead of some live dates in the autumn, and while Chapter II is the follow up to the debut EP, like an album split into two parts, multi-instrumentalist Liam tells me the sophomore effort will be “more indie-pop than pop-rock” an exciting direction that will be an intriguing development from the pop-rock stylings, but no doubt one that will keep their already loyal crowds enthralled. As for gigs, playing a massive FOUR shows at Sheffield’s notorious Tramlines is the band’s next feat. The band seem more than ready for this, so I ask what their tips are for both attending and playing a festival. Their response was unanimous: network, drink plenty of water, and enjoy it yourself being the rules they stick by.

Already crowd-pleasers to South Yorkshire punters (bouncy balls and party-poppers mid-set went down a treat), the Barnsley band pulled out all the stops to make it a memorable hometown gig. With everything from the pop-rock offerings of debut EP Chapter I to covers, the set manifested all the energy that Four Author’s inhibit. While their own tracks boast a refined sound- contrary to the DIY essence of most Northern bands- the band’s pop influences, everything from Maroon 5 to One Republic, make for a sound ready for the bigger venues beyond Barnsley’s humble pubs. - Rad Sound

"Deer Brains Album Feature"

Amidst a sea of pop and electronic waters sails a very sturdy rock ship, led by the Four Authors. Out on 17th June via Itunes, they release their debut album… which has an epic 12 tracks on it.

This is quite possibly pop rock at it’s finest and you can listen to it here.
Check out their massive summer tour via here - Deer Brains

"It's All Indie Album Feature"

Four Authors are a band that makes no bones about what they want to achieve with their sound. Every track on this debut album is crafted to be ink-keeping with the band's pop-rock perfect sound, and each song achieving the hooks and vibe which form the backbone of the genre.

A personal favourite of ours is 'Catalyst' a song which also showcases the band's ability to create song which progress, yet still stay true to pop-rock formula. In honesty, every song on this album could easily be single material for this band, showcasing their concise song-writing, and justifying their impressive touring schedule this year.

Keep an eye on these guys, especially if bands such as Fall Out Boy are your thing! - It's All Indie

"The Musical Outcast EP Review"

In what was a pretty unique moment for the site, yesterday was very much focused on goings on across the Atlantic, however, that doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten what brought me to the dance. Unsigned/independent music from the UK put The Musical Outcast so with that thought firmly in mind; today I’m switching the focus back home.

Hailing from Barnsley Four Authors are Andrew Hodgkinson (Lead vocals) Joshua Ingamells (Guitar, bass, piano, vocals) Liam Linley (Guitar, bass, piano, vocals) and Jacob Ingamells (Drums, sampling). The band was formed off the back of band members from other projects coming together and locking themselves away in a studio at the back end of last year and Four Authors. Chapter One is the band’s debut EP and if I’m being perfectly honest, it is absolutely brilliant.

Opening track Follow You served as the lead single from the project and was also the first song that I heard from the guys and it is a fantastic summer indie-pop single. Actually scrap that, it’s a fantastic tune full stop. The melody is great and the vocal from Hodgkinson is flawless. The chorus is the stuff of radio programmers’ dreams, and speaking of dreams… that note that Hodgkinson hits in said chorus is something I don’t think I’ve ever been able to get near!

The thing about this EP is that you could take pretty much any of the songs off it and it would make a really good single. Monsters is another track which is heavy on melody and that coupled with the chorus, this song has got ‘pop anthem’ written all over it. That doesn’t mean that the track or the band come off as cheesy though. Nothing sounds forced, they just seem to have one hell of knack of write cracking pop tunes.

I Feel Alive bursts into life with great tempo and the track as whole has got this brilliant zip and bounce about it. I know that’s a bit of a rubbish description but it will make sense when you hear the song I promise. Here the band move back towards the more Indie end of their spectrum, a move which is cemented with an unexpected but always welcome short but sweet guitar solo. These guys aren’t really a ‘guitar solo’ band, which is why it caught me by surprise a touch, although there is a kind of solo on the opener too. Either way it’s another string to the band’s ever impressive looking bow.


Penultimate song Catalyst finds the band stripping back a little bit with an acoustic and more straight up pop sound. Once more the song centres around a great chorus which delivers on every level once again. My only criticism here is that the songs ending felt a bit abrupt. It felt like everything was in full flow and then it just stopped. It’s not enough to put me off the song but that did niggle with me a little bit. But in all honesty that’s probably me nit-picking more than anything else. (I can be a grumpy sod)

Closing track Find Out features a piano intro and melody which drops in and out throughout the rest of the song. I think that this is something which the band could potentially make more use of in the future; it just suits their sound so well. Overall I’d say that the song is more solid than spectacular as it didn’t grab me as much as the other tracks, but it still definitely works. It’s a great tune to end on.

As I have made blindingly obvious throughout this review, I am massively impressed with Chapter One and Four Authors as a band in general. I LOVE a good pop record! Seriously nothing will put a spring in your step like a well put together pop tune and with Chapter One you can take your pick. I don’t often say this as regular readers will know but this record is nigh on flawless. Couple of tiny niggles, if that. Honestly, if you’re into indie-pop bands check these guys, and this record.

This could be the start of something very special. - The Musical Outcast

"WJ London Album Feature"

Pop-rock band Four Authors are set to release their debut album this week, and fans can hardly wait!

The album takes elements of the band’s back catalogue, reworked into ten pop‐rock anthems showcasing their finest work. “We’re absolutely loving our sound at the minute. People say we sound like a British Fall Out Boy which is pretty cool as they’re one of the bands that we all listened to growing up and still do.” (Four Authors)

You may be familiar with the band from their singles, “Follow you“, “When I Was Younger” and “The City“, which gained them a huge number of miles while touring the UK throughout 2015 and this year.

Have a listen to the album in full below: Words: Corrie Parris - WJ London

"Louder Than War Album Feature"

Ahead of their appearance at Tramlines Festival this weekend, indie-pop four-piece Four Authors are streaming their self-titled debut LP in its entirety. Having earned comparisons to more-recent Fall Out Boy, the album takes elements of the band’s back catalogue, reworked into ten pop‐rock anthems showcasing their finest tracks to date. You can stream it in full below: - Louder Than War


Four Authors - Debut Album - 17th June 2016


1. Follow You
2. Monsters
3. The City
4. This Time
5. Catalyst
6. Irreplaceable
7. When I Was Younger
8. Find Out
9. I Feel Alive
10. Rule My World

Fire Fire - Single - 21st October 2016




“Pop/Rock at it’s finest now courtesy of the brilliant Four Authors”

Christian Carlisle – BBC Introducing

“I don’t often say this as regular readers will know but this record is nigh on flawless.” 

The Musical Outcast

“Their overwhelming presence occupied the venue with such a grandeur it is near impossible not to imagine how this would triumph in a larger venue”


Four Authors began their story in October 2014, rising from the remains of former band Hitomi. Brothers Joshua and Jacob Ingamells joined bandmates Andrew Hodgkinson and Liam Linley and, through their own recording studio Big Sky Records, created the unique sound you hear today.

Soaring vocals and their own blend of catchy pop tunes make Four Authors a welcome addition to the UK's indie music scene, with their strong live shows making them worthy of your attention.

Four Authors have clocked up thousands of miles touring the UK supporting globally renowned artists such as The Hoosiers and Heaven 17, as well as sold out home-town shows and festival slots.

Their DIY approach has them writing, recording and producing all their own music, as well as directing and editing their music videos to a quality bigger bands would be envious of. They're working hard to get their story heard. 

Four Authors are gearing up to release their next single, Fire Fire, on 21st October 2016. The single marks a fresh chapter for Four Authors, writing about the trials they've faced as a new band and overcoming them by taking matters into their own hands.

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