Four Thirty Four
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Four Thirty Four

Staunton, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Staunton, Virginia, United States
Established on Jan, 2019
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



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Four Thirty Four Review

Four Thirty Four’s music is a raw and unbridled ride. It has the spirit of the Black Flag/Henry Rollins, sermon infused lyrics of amazingingly cynical observations. I enjoy the rawness of the recordings. I am a huge fan of doing stuff like this. This presentation of songs demonstrates what got me hooked on the “Early days” of the punk rock/thrash metal movement. The DIY spirit. Fuck the industry. Fuck what you think. I will go out and do this and show you a raw and uncut, in your face “look at what I have to offer you.” That’s the spirit of a real band full of real mother fuckers. Do everything on your own terms.

I love this group because these guys are a sick band, at times even reminiscent of Clutch with their grooviness. I love the sound of this collection of songs because I get to hear a band being a band and doing what they do best... tearing it the fuck up.

Songs like “Thirty Minute” gives you a look at their influences with early punk rock, funk fused metal of the 90’s underground thrash, and at times, their riffs have remnants of Tool from the “Undertow” era.

“Eat the Sun” with its cheeky and insightful lyrics give you a sense of Mike's perception of this doomed era of advertising influenced zombies that live for the next wave and the superficial nature of human behavior in this modern silicone induced age of digital narcissism. The breakdown is sick as fuck. I love that we interrupt this program part and let you know, karma is watching you, don't eat the sun!

“Energetic Opposition” has the amazing, haunting introduction that serves up a sinister choir of a guitar chorus so Mike can give you a street sermon on the low down’s of our middle class existence and our need to make a difference and revolt/rebel against societal norms. Don't be afraid to speak out , as he tells us.

“High Roller” has a cool, southern rock style intro that leads you into a bitchin’ fuzzy riff that would give Clutch a run for their money.

I am looking forward to hearing more from this band in the future. Be sure to catch a show coming up and buy their music. If you are an independent music fan and love a great Stooges style, raw power kinda band, this is sick; SON.

Bryan Blake
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"Rockin for Recovery Show"

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An American Hard-Rock band from Staunton, Va. Cementing their cast in late 2019, Four Thirty Four quickly hit the scene in February of 2020. Complete, with a captivating sound and energetic stage presence, Four Thirty Four’s blend of original, alternative Hard-Rock is performed with ‘intent to infect’ every watcher and listener!

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