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The best kept secret in music


"Midpoint Music Festival Preview"



(Louisville) Punk Pop

This Pop/Punk outfit has the energy of a 2-year-old on Red Bull with
rapid-fire riffs accompanied by clean vocals and snappy high-hat hits.
With influences like Saves the Day, The Ataris and Jimmy Eat World,
there's a lot of melody in their Punk fire, as showcased on their
radio-ready, 17-song long-player, Overdue.

Dig it: Green Day, Zebrahead, Saves the Day (Jacob Richardson)

- City Beat (Cincinatti, OH)

"Six Flags Music Festival Preview"

Local Music
Wild Kingdom
The Thirsty Melon festival is bringing 200 bands to Kentucky Kingdom
By Chris Quay

Seibert, who also serves as the executive producer for LMIA, said the festival serves a couple of purposes.

To offer a great music festival and to showcase a number of bands in front of a crowd to which they may not be accustomed to playing.

"It gets them in front of a new demo," Seibert said.

Music lovers should be able to hear something they like on either day, Seibert said, as 10 stages scattered throughout the park will have all kinds of genres with rock to punk to urban to country to blues represented.

Four stages will be in the front of the park with the other six situated toward the rear, Seibert said. But the proximity of the stages shouldn't affect the sound as start times for each band will be staggered in 15 minute intervals.

A lot of the bands are recognizable local names such as the Acoustipimps, Bryan Hurst, High Noon, Four, Magnetic Flux, East 146, Breckinridge, Between Two Lions and High Road Crown, but there are a number of regional bands also playing.

"We wanted to do a 50/50 split with half of the bands being local and half being from outside Kentuckiana," Seibert said. That way, a "music network" could be started with local bands having connections outside of Louisville and vice-versa, which could lead to better gigs.

A sure bet for a good time at the festival should be a full-blown luau at 8:15 p.m. Saturday at Hurricane Bay. Seibert said the luau will feature 20 of the showcased bands playing some of their favorite covers. But another attraction could be watching a real pig being roasted on a spit.

"They are actually going to dig a pit in the water park," Seibert said.

Thirsty Melon Music Tour
Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
200 bands on 10 stages
11:45 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturday
12:45 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Sunday
$25, or $32 for two-day pass
Tickets available at Lynn's Paradise CafôU984 Barret Ave., or via

For a complete list of bands and times, go to

- Velocity Weekly (Louisville, KY)

""Four Chords, No Waiting""

Four Chords, No Waiting
Overdue (Independent)
By Kevin Gibson

Chris Meece is apparently on a mission - to revive rock at any cost, one song at a time. This Louisville rocker and his band Four, with new release Overdue, aspires to live out this rock 'n' roll dream through lots of chunky, sustained guitar riffs, singable hooks and accessible melodies. Frankly, it's a pretty good starting point.
I would quickly point to track four, "Wendy," as an illustration. There aren't many better songs for putting the top down on your convertible on a June afternoon and hitting the highway toward rock 'n' roll salvation. The sustained guitar crunch and Meece's earnest vocal carry it for miles on a fun ride that really only lasts three minutes, 55 seconds. Bandmates Vinny Flick (bass) and Ian Bottomley (drums) seem more than enthusiastic to be along, adding another element of fun to Meece's toe-tapping composition.
This is one of those rock albums with song titles like "Saturday," "Far Away" and "Civic Girl" (any pop-punk record worth its salt needs a title with "girl" in it, as well as one with a female's name and one with pained longing). Such a disc also needs a couple of tunes that are familiar without going too far toward being reworkings...But it's not over the top, nor is it a rip-off. It's just a rock record and a pretty good one at that.
"Happy" steps in with an acoustic-based emotional turn, riding on Fick's bass line and given final life with Bottomley's drumbeat that sounds like a cross between a waltz and a march. Absolutely smile-inducing.
OK, before we go farther, let's cut through some obvious criticisms: Yes, this is an indie record to the core, perfect fodder for skater boys, the kind of stuff a million other bands are playing in a thousand other towns across the U.S. If these guys stepped on stage in a sold-out arena, with Green Day heading the bill, you'd never stop to think twice - and for some, that's less than a compliment. But this just in: Rock 'n' roll can still be fun and Four exemplifies that as well as any band I can think of. Sure, it's been done before, but so has ... well, just about everything.
So sit back, turn up the volume and let Four take you on the ride of the summer with these sixteen tunes. I, for one, can't wait to see where it goes.

- Louisville Music News

""Louisville band pushes pop-punk boundaries""

Caffeine Magazine...Louisville/Lexington/Cincinatti

December 02nd, 2005

Next Sounds
The Region's Rock

Louisville band pushes pop-punk boundaries
By david taylor

The Louisville music scene is currently experiencing the sound of punk rock with shades of modern pop rock mixed in, creating a fresh pop-punk sound. The band known as Four is cutting a new hole in the music scene as they’ve already received great accolades from fans and the music community in general.

Four first caught listeners’ attention in 2004 when they released their 17 track LP, "Overdue", that started getting played by local radio stations. There's no doubt that "Overdue" help Four to be named one of the top three punk bands in Louisville in the LEO’s Readers’ Choice Awards. The bands’ success seems to have no limits: they were the only unsigned band to play on stage at the Van’s Warped Tour spin-off, the Warped Jr. Tour, where they played with such bands as Sugarcult and My Chemical Romance.

Formed in 2002, the band has been playing around Louisville and other neighboring regions ever since. The band is comprised of Chris Meece, who plays guitar and does vocals; Aaron “Vinny” Flick, who plays bass; Caleb Sunderman, who plays guitar and sings; and drummer Ian Bottomley. When asked how the group is handling their very early success, Chris Meece said; “We have been very blessed up to this point but nothing matters if we can’t continue to grow and reach out. I want to be the best band that we can be, and when we get there; I want to push harder to get to the next plateau.”

The band is after more than just a recording contract, however: Four wants to break thr ugh the musical genre labels and show listeners that they are more than just a pop-punk band, but in fact a versatile group with a wide range of musical ability. This mentality shows in their music, as Four delivers a fast-paced, quick guitar riveting performance with “Wendy,” while changing pace and producing an upbeat and catchy melody with “The Glass is Half Empty.”

When asked what the band thought about their pop-punk status, Chris Meece said: “I don’t think the term is used correctly in most cases, but I can see how we fall in that category. I just want to push the walls of whatever genre someone tries to box us in with. There’s no use of sitting in the middle when you can try to fight your way out.” Meece’s words ring very true when listening to the bands’ music as pop-punk is their style, yet is being redefined within their songs.

For those who want to know what’s next for Four, the group plans to return to the studio to record their new record, which will feature even more diverse songs that will be comprised of both hard-hitting sounds and slow-paced melodies. The band also has two upcoming shows in Louisville at Headliners; they will play at a Toys For Tots benefit on December 16 and will return to play a New Year’s Eve show. Four is not only proving that more success is in their future, but also that their music is not just for pop-punk or rock fans, but for everyone who loves music. This not only makes Four a successful band, but shows why they should be number one.

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h - Caffeine Magazine

"Staff Picks 1/31/04"

Staff picks

Saturday, Jan. 31 Four CD release party
Local quartet Four will unleash their new 16-track CD Overdue at a special release party at Jillian's on Saturday ($5 cover/doors at 8 p.m.). But wait, it gets better: In addition to Four, four other hometown bands - Waterproof Blonde, Jet Lawrence, Magnetic Flux and After the Panic - will perform, and designer Vanessa Price will present "Fashionably Loud," a rock 'n' roll style show. "We just want to be on the road and play our songs.
-Jay Ditzer

- L.E.O. Weekly Louisville, KY


Every Night-11 song EP released in 2002
Overdue-17 song EP released in 2004
Three songs (Every Night, Leave Me Out, This Time) off of Every Night were played on 10 different radio stations for about one year.

"You're Amazing" off of Overdue was the single and gained airplay on commercial stations in Louisville (WLRS, WTFX), as well as Cincinatti, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Albany, Nashville, Memphis, and Columbia. It received airplay on 73 college radio stations (for complete list please visit website).

We will be doing promotion runs this summer with Tinderbox and Bryan Farrish, more details as they come.


Feeling a bit camera shy


“Chris Meece (and four) is apparently on a mission - to revive rock at any cost, one song at a time...If these guys stepped on stage in a sold-out arena, with Green Day heading the bill, you'd never stop to think twice...”
Kevin Gibson
Louisville Music News
“Overdue” Record Review

Forming in 2002, four is lucky enough to have been one of the biggest contributors to the Louisville music scene in the recent past. Named one of the “top three punk bands” in Louisville in the LEO (Louisville Eccentric Observer) Reader’s Choice Awards of 2004, they are one of only a few regularly working indie pop-punk bands in the region.

With influences like The Ataris, Saves the Day, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, and Elliot, they are able to form a tight mature sound that embraces the energy of punk with the melody and hooks of power pop. In 2004 they released their full-length LP Overdue, a 17 song record transitioning the band from kids who loved to play fun music to musicians who had something to express to anyone willing to lend their ears. The record was critically acclaimed by the local press and received radio play on local stations WLRS and WTFX as well as stations in Knoxville, Memphis, Cincinatti, Indianapolis, Albany, Charlotte, and several College Radio stations. It also spawned a spot on the Vans Warped Tour spinoff that came to Louisville, Warped Tour Jr., which featured national acts My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, Thursday, Sugarcult, Flogging Molly, Yellowcard, among others. In fact, four was the only unsigned band to play the main stage at the event.

In December of 2004 four returned to the studio once again to rework arrangements for several of the songs off of Overdue and also begin recording their new material. The first session saw new versions of “You’re Amazing,” “Wendy,” “The Last Thing I’ll Say to You,” and “You Never.” The songs have been treated to fresh arrangements with an emphasis on achieving true growth. The new songs “For My Brother,” “The Glass is Half Empty,” and “Hollow Shell,” showcases the aforementioned growth as the band pushes the limits of traditional pop-punk as far as they can go.

2005 promises to be an exciting year for the band. They plan on releasing another LP in late spring followed by an extensive College Radio Promotion with Tinderbox Music and/or Bryan Farrish Radio Promotions, and an exhaustive tour in any city offering a venue to showcase the band’s ability. God speed.

...the band...
chris meece-lead vocals/guitars
ian bottomley-drums/vocals
vinny flick-bass/vocals
caleb sunderman-guitars/vocals

Recent Accomplishments
Warped Tour spinoff-Louisville, KY
Showcase Spot-Midwest Music Summit, Indianapolis, IN
Showcase Spot-Six Flags Rock-N-Ride, Louisville, KY
Opener-Breaking Benjamin, Yellowcard, The Spunks, Peter Searcy (Initial Records, formerly of Squirrel Bait), Tantric, Simple Plan, Thursday, Sugarcult, Flogging Molly, David Banner, Hawthorne Heights, My Chemical Romance, Emmanuel, Senseless, Days of the New.
Top 3 Punk Bands in Louisville-LEO Reader’s Choice Awards, Louisville, KY
Three show previews in local daily Courier Journal-Louisville, KY
Performance on local FOX (WDRB) Morning Show-Louisville, KY
Local Radio Play-WTFX, WLRS, Louisville, KY
306 Breckenridge Lane
Louisville, KY