Power-pop-punk...a tight mature sound that embraces the energy of punk and the melody and hooks of power-pop.


“Chris Meece (and four) is apparently on a mission - to revive rock at any cost, one song at a time...If these guys stepped on stage in a sold-out arena, with Green Day heading the bill, you'd never stop to think twice...”
Kevin Gibson
Louisville Music News
“Overdue” Record Review

Forming in 2002, four is lucky enough to have been one of the biggest contributors to the Louisville music scene in the recent past. Named one of the “top three punk bands” in Louisville in the LEO (Louisville Eccentric Observer) Reader’s Choice Awards of 2004, they are one of only a few regularly working indie pop-punk bands in the region.

With influences like The Ataris, Saves the Day, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, and Elliot, they are able to form a tight mature sound that embraces the energy of punk with the melody and hooks of power pop. In 2004 they released their full-length LP Overdue, a 17 song record transitioning the band from kids who loved to play fun music to musicians who had something to express to anyone willing to lend their ears. The record was critically acclaimed by the local press and received radio play on local stations WLRS and WTFX as well as stations in Knoxville, Memphis, Cincinatti, Indianapolis, Albany, Charlotte, and several College Radio stations. It also spawned a spot on the Vans Warped Tour spinoff that came to Louisville, Warped Tour Jr., which featured national acts My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, Thursday, Sugarcult, Flogging Molly, Yellowcard, among others. In fact, four was the only unsigned band to play the main stage at the event.

In December of 2004 four returned to the studio once again to rework arrangements for several of the songs off of Overdue and also begin recording their new material. The first session saw new versions of “You’re Amazing,” “Wendy,” “The Last Thing I’ll Say to You,” and “You Never.” The songs have been treated to fresh arrangements with an emphasis on achieving true growth. The new songs “For My Brother,” “The Glass is Half Empty,” and “Hollow Shell,” showcases the aforementioned growth as the band pushes the limits of traditional pop-punk as far as they can go.

2005 promises to be an exciting year for the band. They plan on releasing another LP in late spring followed by an extensive College Radio Promotion with Tinderbox Music and/or Bryan Farrish Radio Promotions, and an exhaustive tour in any city offering a venue to showcase the band’s ability. God speed.

...the band...
chris meece-lead vocals/guitars
ian bottomley-drums/vocals
vinny flick-bass/vocals
caleb sunderman-guitars/vocals

Recent Accomplishments
Warped Tour spinoff-Louisville, KY
Showcase Spot-Midwest Music Summit, Indianapolis, IN
Showcase Spot-Six Flags Rock-N-Ride, Louisville, KY
Opener-Breaking Benjamin, Yellowcard, The Spunks, Peter Searcy (Initial Records, formerly of Squirrel Bait), Tantric, Simple Plan, Thursday, Sugarcult, Flogging Molly, David Banner, Hawthorne Heights, My Chemical Romance, Emmanuel, Senseless, Days of the New.
Top 3 Punk Bands in Louisville-LEO Reader’s Choice Awards, Louisville, KY
Three show previews in local daily Courier Journal-Louisville, KY
Performance on local FOX (WDRB) Morning Show-Louisville, KY
Local Radio Play-WTFX, WLRS, Louisville, KY
306 Breckenridge Lane
Louisville, KY



Written By: Chris Meece

four o'clock in the morning...i'm wondering what you're thinking...and who's on your heart now...if everytime a bell angel gets it's wings...then what happens to the abgels whose bell can't sound...cause i think i'm him now
i'm spinning around and around her head
she loves me not she loves me twice
to just love once would be nice and
it's getting kinda hard not to care
cause her smile makes me cry
and wendy's never looked so good as when she walked in tonight
i hope you like the pictures...i hope they make you smile...cause the polaroids last forever much longer than us all the while...and i'm not sure what i did...i don't think i as much as lied...but i can't be your dylan and i will never try so i guess this is goodbye
(repeat chorus)
and i've spent all my life wondering
where girls like you come from
cause heaven and hell won't take you
i hope i'm the only one

i could love you if you'd only let me
(i hope i'm the only one)


Every Night-11 song EP released in 2002
Overdue-17 song EP released in 2004
Three songs (Every Night, Leave Me Out, This Time) off of Every Night were played on 10 different radio stations for about one year.

"You're Amazing" off of Overdue was the single and gained airplay on commercial stations in Louisville (WLRS, WTFX), as well as Cincinatti, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Albany, Nashville, Memphis, and Columbia. It received airplay on 73 college radio stations (for complete list please visit website).

We will be doing promotion runs this summer with Tinderbox and Bryan Farrish, more details as they come.

Set List

Civic Girl
You're Amazing
Be This Way
I Am
The Last Thing I'll Say to You
You Never
Far Away
For My Brother
The Glass is Half Empty
Hollow Shell

1 set, 45-60 minutes depending on requirement.