BandHip HopPunk

A 20 year old punk who performs on over twelve instruments to bring a sound, destined to make it's impact on the youth.


This young artist's style contains many elements of music such as: Hip-hop, rock, Emo, Drum N' Bass, Turntablism, Industrial, Punk and even Reggae. YEs it is hard to believe that one artist in his teenage years can pull this off "It's quite revolutionary, and groundbreaking so to speak." Attempting to compare Four2one to another artist is hard because there are so few artists in the world with the same sound and capabilities. Especially considering, he's young and independent. Take interest in this guy now while you have the chance!
Similar Songwriting: Sublime, Lil' Jon, Atmosphere, Outkast, Beastie Boys, Unearth


Nocturnal Science 12'' EP (2003)
All The Players - CD (2004)
Politics For People Who Don't Give A FuCk - (2004)

Set List

Typical set list range from short and sweet , power packed 30 Min. To 1:30 sets that showcase all Four2one has to offer. Four2one is available for both DJ and/or Artist sets.