Hamburg, Hamburg City, DEU

We just do what we love, sitting together, playing music, writing lyrics about things which are touching us and love to share the feeling we have, while we are playing together, with as many other people as possible: WE ARE A BAND! Listen to our songs and you will know what we mean!


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... the magic, that gives you the opportunity to use the facettes of every individuum, to discover differences and to accept them and derive andvantage from them to walk the way together and to create an artwork out of it all.

The Band FOUR COLOURS was formed in 2011 by Arne Tonner (Bass-Guitar), Christian Fründt (Lead-Vocals, Keys, 2nd Guitar), and Julian Gerritzen (Lead-Guitar, Backing-Vocals). Later on in November 2011 Joe (Drums) joined the band. The guys have made several experiences in other Bands/Projects before.

The Band-Name FOUR COLOURS adverts to the chance, that differences of every individuum can cause great possibilities and a lot of creative energy if those would be used in an association.

>>"Everyone of us keeps his very own colour in hisself and together we try to create our little artwork out of it: our music ... and this music works only if all of our four colours are included in it."<< (Four Colours)

The awareness, the guys couching with their Band-Name, is reflected in their music. Even if their caracters are so different from each other, they have createt a very tight and harmonious sound with chamelonic facettes which captures the spirit of the age.

Genres like Indie-Rock and Alternative-Rock can be discovered in their music, the vocals come with a lot of dynamic and emotion!

"We are trying to build bridges between meditativeness, melancholy and dancible rythms. We have been compared with different bands like Beat Beat Beat, Foals, Editors, ... for shure here and there you can find stylistic elements from bands which give discinction to us and which we like to listen to. We try to combine styles with each other and discover which is the best for us and our music. In short words, we are writing the music we like and every time when someone lets us know, that he/she likes it too we are very happy! (FOUR COLOURS)

>>"As the last but one band FOUR COLOURS from Hamburg are announced. By now you can notice that it is part of the festival concept to give great new talents the chance to get on the stage. The very young group from the hanseatic city doesn´t have the big name by now, but their music sounds very big and for shure in the future it is something for the very big stages. " << (INTO THE BLUE FESTIVAL 2012 - free translation)

>>" ... powefull and impulsive but also full of thoughtfull and lovely lyrics and melodies their music walks straight ahead, in your ears and legs. ..." << (Radio Energy 97.1 - free translation)


upcomming single "PAPER STREETS" - June 2012!!!!