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The best kept secret in music


"Blown Away!"

Everyone who knows me knows how I like my country music. I like the traditional stuff. To me, there’s nothing better than a good old ‘my old lady just left me and my dog died so I’m crying in my beer and vomiting on her boyfriend’s front yard’ type tear-jerker. Call me old-fashioned, call me what you will, that’s just the way I am. Knowing this, you can imagine my apprehension as I looked upon the website of a hot up and coming band from Texas called Four Feet Deep. There they stood, earrings and bleached hair, toting an electric guitar on the back. Yes, I said an electric guitar. As tepid as I was, I decided to give them a fair try. “Never judge a book by its cover” is a saying that I came up with a few years back.

I popped in the demo disc the lead singer had sent me as I was cruising along in my truck on a gorgeous fall afternoon. The leaves had turned from their usual green to bright and vibrant colors that twisted in the wind. I was in no mood for pop rock country, I can tell you. The first song was called “Outta My Head.” It was upbeat, but not overboard and I started to dig it. The lyrics spoke of a new love that you couldn't stop thinking about; I could handle that. Then came the chorus. My speakers exploded with music, fast music, and believe it or not, I was still digging it. Without meaning to, I was singing along quite loudly with Four Feet Deep's catchy words of excitement; I wonder if they meant to write a song you couldn't get out of your head with a title of the same name. “This is a hit,” I said to myself and that is the story about how “Outta My Head” became my new favorite song.

Just when I thought I had sampled all I needed to preview, I decided to listen another track. Generally one tune gives me all the feel I need for most bands. But these guys left me wanting more. The next track, also known as “I Wake Up,” almost made me pull to the side of the road. It was one of the best ballads I have heard this millennium. Okay, I know that’s only four years, but still, it‘s a great song and these guys do it wonderful justice. I was blown away. The singer has the most incredible pipes, the band is tight and dead on with this record. I played it as many times as I could before I was finally forced to stop off at the Quik Sack for a carton of suds. Man, I love those power ballads. And that’s the story of how “I Wake Up” became my new favorite song.

Overall, I give Four Feet Deep two thumbs up. The guys performances of “Outta My Head” and “I Wake Up” warrant that award on there own merits. Is Four Feet Deep a traditional country group? I would have to say not quite. Have they converted me to the ways of new-age country? Perhaps. Do I like their music and think they are going to be country music superstars? Absolutely. Congratulations guys, you have a new fan.

- B. Sabatini, WorldSpace Satellite Radio

"... Wake Up Call"

Four Feet Deep is a group of 20 something Texans who are determined to make their mark on music row. This group is an awesome mix of vocals and melody, pop, rock and country.

Four Feet Deep comes hard out of the gate with its first single, “Outta My Head,” a tune that shows the band’s talent and depth in immediate fashion. “I'm Coming Home” and “I Wake Up” are other upbeat, catchy songs that these guys do extremely well. The band is not all flash and glam, however, and they showcase their country roots by doing kick ass covers of Hank Williams Jr.'s “Why Can't We All Just Get A Longneck” and Brooks and Dunn's "Can't Take the Honky Tonk 'Outta the Girl."

So strange as it may seem, the country music has new style of pop rock infused country and believe it or not they fit in just fine. The guys from Four Feet Deep are a refreshing addition to a live music scene that could really use a wake up call. I think that once country fans get a taste of this fresh, new flavor they will keep coming back for more.
- P. Lemieux, XM Sattelite Radio


August, 2004 - "Beautiful, Beautiful"


Feeling a bit camera shy


A work ethic the size of Texas goes a long way toward explaining the guys of Four Feet Deep, a young group that got its start in the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas. Nothing will make or break a band like Austin, and few have been forged in that fire as fully as Four Feet Deep. “It’s what you’ve got to do,” remarks singer Larry Durham matter-of-factly. “With a million and ten bands in the Central Texas area, you really have to set yourself apart. Just being real good isn’t good enough. You gotta be real good and real unique.”

The boys came together through a myriad of different connections. After a near breakup in 2003, the group really came together and brought on a few new faces to fully create the niche’ sound they are best known for. “I consider these guys as talented as any musicians I’ve ever run across, but talent will only take you so far. What made this work was the willingness to put our heart and soul into it and hit the road and play till our fingers hurt,” says lead guitarist Joe Alba.

With a style that draws from multiple genres, Four Feet Deep has become magically unpredictable while maintaining a distinctive sound. Their ability to put as much power and emotion into the ballads as they put into their most upbeat songs is what really has created such a fan following for these young guys. “It’s all about connecting with the audience,” chuckles Larry. “When you show up and give the fans a good time, the rest doesn’t matter. If the speakers go out, I just climb on top of ‘em and sing louder. It’s just all about good music and good times!”

With Austin having very strong roots in Texas country music, where the band got their start, they constantly had to compete with negative stereotypes. “We heard the ‘You’re not country enough’ line all the time. But when people hear our stuff and see us perform, they realize we are serious musicians who care a lot about the integrity of our music” notes drummer Greg Clark.

Making country music with a very mainstream and pop feel to it, Four Feet Deep still considers themselves a country band first and foremost. “Country music fans are the best in the world,” raves bass guitarist Brian Vose. “It is the most humbling thing in the world that these people come out to see us perform and allow us to share our passion in making music and performing with them.”

Four Feet Deep is without a doubt, a very fun, very progressive, very high energy group of guys. But they are still very country at heart. This band has indisputably found a way to reflect all aspects of themselves into their music, leaving every single fan walking away with a song they just can’t stop singing along to.