four foot francis

four foot francis


four foot francis is a collective gathering of musical talent that, when combined, creates a sound that makes your feet move, while stimulating your mind and soul.


Tim Harrigan played with several local bands and artists including Al Bright. Tim met Marc and Paul when he played with Feyd Rautha.

Mark Jamieson has more keyboards then you can shake a stick at maybe more amps too. Currently he uses (of his 20+ keyboard collection) a Wurlitzer electric piano and Roland VK-7 with Acoustic Amps. Mark has played in Collectible Heresy, MoJo Risin, and others. In addition to keyboards, he also plays bass and guitar.

Marc Miles uses a Gibson Les Paul a Vox AC\30 and any pick someone is willing to give him. He has played in a few local bands as both a guitarist and vocalist including Feyd Rautha where he met bassist Paul and Drummer Tim.

Paul Starkey uses a Fender Precision and an ampeg amp. Paul played for a few bands before f3. He was also a founding member of Feyd Rautha.