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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Youngstown Scene"

The band in question is Four Foot Francis. I caught about 4 of their tunes. They are a four-piece rock outfit that features a keyboardist. Most people think of either industrial or progressive rock when they hear the word keyboard, but that's not the case with FFT. Led by the smooth and powerful voice of singer [i don't know his name], they produced a well-rounded and full set of pop rock. The best comparison I can make to them is The Counting Crows meets power punk. They also have a jazzier edge on some tracks much in part to their keyboardist.
Solid songwriting, catchy melodies and a kick ass drummer are but a few of the reasons I'm going to check them out more often. And I recommend you do to.
- ys

"Mahoning Valley Alternation"

I must stress the fact that I am a sucker for keyboards in bands, when used tastefully. With that out of the way, I can't think of anything bad to say about Four Foot Francis. Listening to "Monkey" was like a trip back in time as well as a great example of what good music should be. Right from the get go, a cool rhythm and keyboard line grabs your attention, it immediately brought to mind bands like the Gin Blossoms. That whole early nineties pop/rock flavor is definitely present. This isn't a bad thing. Rarely since then, have bands incorporated not only great music, but good lyrics at the same time. Four Foot Francis accomplishes that and more here. The singers voice here is great, melodic but intense at the same time.
One of the key things in this song as I said before, is the keyboard. Without them the song would have this empty sonic space there that would need filling. But the keyboards come in and fill it up nicely. Along with a keys solo, there is definitely an excellent song here.
The next song I listened to was "Nitro". This song definitely has a different fell than "Monkey". A keyboard intro with single sustained notes from the bass drag you in, with a double time high hat from the drums. This song has that mellow laid-back, but we're still kicking your ass type of vibe to it. Coming in to the verses, there is this syncopated funky rhythm that comes through and you can't help but nod your head. This song comes with not only a great beat, but a cool breakdown in the middle. Great rhythm from the drummer, solid, but not too much at the same time. And once again, those fucking keyboards, they're great.
Anyway, the long and short of it. Short for some of you shameful men out there. Four Foot Francis is worth that 5 bucks or whatever outrageous cover you pay to get in to your favorite club. This is definitely some engaging music that is
well worth listening to. To download some Mp3's click on the logo up top and you will be whisked away to the Four Foot Francis Website (
- Creston


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Tim Harrigan played with several local bands and artists including Al Bright. Tim met Marc and Paul when he played with Feyd Rautha.

Mark Jamieson has more keyboards then you can shake a stick at maybe more amps too. Currently he uses (of his 20+ keyboard collection) a Wurlitzer electric piano and Roland VK-7 with Acoustic Amps. Mark has played in Collectible Heresy, MoJo Risin, and others. In addition to keyboards, he also plays bass and guitar.

Marc Miles uses a Gibson Les Paul a Vox AC\30 and any pick someone is willing to give him. He has played in a few local bands as both a guitarist and vocalist including Feyd Rautha where he met bassist Paul and Drummer Tim.

Paul Starkey uses a Fender Precision and an ampeg amp. Paul played for a few bands before f3. He was also a founding member of Feyd Rautha.