FourPlay String Quartet

FourPlay String Quartet


"Forget anything you ever thought about string quartets. This is the future." DrumMedia "The next phase in the evolution of the string quartet is here." MusicNetwork "There's no escaping the fact that FourPlay have as much attitude in their playing as Jet, AC/DC or Coldplay..." The Australian


The Bio

FourPlay started life as a classical string quartet, originally made up of friends from the Australian Youth Orchestra. Inspired by the Kronos, Balanescu and Brodsky Quartets blurring of the boundaries between classical and rock music, they began playing rock covers for friends. FourPlay use two violas as opposed to two violins (as a traditional string quartet would use) to produce a thicker, deeper sound.

In 1995 they bought pickups and distortion pedals, and transformed themselves into an electric string quartet. In 1998 they released their first album, Catgut Ya Tongue? which sold out of the first 1,000 copies in 3 weeks... with no distribution or label in place. In April 2000 they released their second full-length album, The Joy Of... to glowing media coverage (now re-pressed an estimated 6 times — and even more for the first album).

FourPlays double remix album Digital Manipulation came out in 2001 to rave reviews across the nation. Produced and distributed independently, this uniquely designed double CD is an amazing compilation of 25 Australian electronic artists remixing FourPlays material, from B(if)tek and David Thrussell to Machine Translations and Deepchild. An album of new work fusing the electronic with the acoustic.

FourPlays live shows are unlike any other string quartet in the world. The energy and sound created is more like that of a rock band, as is their on-stage presentation and banter. A FourPlay gig is an affair not to be missed.

FourPlays repertoire includes arrangements of diverse artists such as the Beastie Boys, Radiohead, Nina Simone, Jeff Buckley, Charles Mingus, Depeche Mode and Metallica together with a dash of contemporary classical music, and their own originals, inspired by wide array of genres such as dub, klezmer, electronica, post-rock, improv and avant-garde.

"They are like cinema for the ears" — SBS Television

"There are parallels with the taught propulsion of Philip Glasss music and with the ultra modern and sometimes quixotic Kronos Quartet. They spit in the eye of classical romanticism, chain-sawing into these songs and then throwing them together in new shapes" — Rolling Stone


Now To The Future | Cat# SP004
FourPlay 3" trilogy parts 1-3 | Cat# SPS001-003
Digital Manipulation — the FourPlay remix project | Cat# SP003
The Joy Of... | Cat# SP002
Catgut Ya' Tongue? | Cat# SP001

Set List

Anything from the following;
* Originals: Corrosion — Peter Hollo/Chris Emerson [4:48]
* Languid, Yet... — Peter Hollo [5:31]
* August — Lara Goodridge [4:12]
* Meshugganah — Peter Hollo [4:05]
* Lilli Pilli Drive — FourPlay [5:02]
* Gypsy Scream — Veren Grigorov [3:33]
* Evolve or Decay - Lara Goodridge [4:48]
* Downtown Nudnik — Peter Hollo [4:33]
* You've Changed Your Tune — FourPlay [4:26]
* Trust — Lara Goodridge [3:48]
* Now To The Future — FourPlay [6:10]
* Bollyrock — FourPlay [8:22]
* The Hunter — Lara Goodridge [4:57]
* Appalachian Relation — FourPlay [?:??]
* Appalachian Jam — FourPlay [8:27]
* Everything Was Going Fine — Peter Hollo [3:14]
* A Grain of Truth — FourPlay [6:00]
* Where The Sun Don't Shine — FourPlay [4:25]
* Rudd-a-dub-dub — FourPlay [6:50]
* Venice Under Water — FourPlay [4:40]
* Requiem For a Democracy — Shenton Gregory [4:10]
* Poker Face — Lara Goodr