Four Points Of Longevity
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Four Points Of Longevity


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IV Points:
1. IV Soldiers
2. Demented
3. Strange Village
4. Feeling Right
5. Growing Pains
6. True Essentials
7. Fragile Relations
8. Man Hood
9. Reflections
10. Not Here

IV Points : Pressure Points
1. Shut EM Down
2. Come Into My Mind
3. At All Times
4. Our Time
5. Funds
6. No Excuses
7. Word Play
8. Injustice
9. Amnesia
10. Runnin' Ur Lips
11. Drink 2 Much
12. Unforgiven
13. Cold Hearted Man
14. Envy
15. It's All On You
16. Cry Myself To Sleep



It started with one vision, with one idea, and 4 individuals with the passion to make music. Each person coming from a different background, with a different outlook on life. All combined together in the Navy to make history. Something that hasn't been done before. 4 POINTS OF LONGEVITY.

Vincent Joines a.k.a. Meta-Nova at the time gathered this group together. It took place roughly two years ago on a boat out in the middle of god knows where. Sitting out at sea for 3 months already, doing the same routine. You have to do something in your spare time, why not use it wisely? So we collaborated on some tracks with the MP7 backing us up. Wit these little
speakers hooked up in a fan room that was damn near a hundred degrees. In there for hours COMPLX, META, PAZZAZ, and NICK BUTTA. Just piecing lyrics together. We would stay up for hours; get off of work at like 8 p.m. then work on music till 2 a.m. It became part of our routine. We stuck to it though. We had fun doing it. Just getting to know one another, putting this music together. We had this little buzz going on around the boat. The name floated around, and lingered like we was stars already after a couple of months. So we invested in some equipment. A microphone, recorder, even a mix board. T-Sloan the old head in tha group would hook up the equipment and
show us how to use it. Before we knew it we were laying down tracks in the middle of the Pacific. Every night we were down there sweating till 2 in the morning. Hours never changed. Nick Butta the man representing the south fell off, so we cut him loose. Now we were one short. We had the North the East and the West but no South. But no stopping us, Sloan introduced us to Hastyle. Another producer (and could flow) for the group but he was also from the west. But he was nice so he got down with the 4. He showed he was hungry and ready. Pazzaz then brought Boobie down to the "studio". Boobie like what he heard, and we liked what Boobie had. He was the tightest man on
the boat from the south or from anywhere. City Mellz kind of slid his way into the group. He would come down every night and just vibe off the music,
then out of no where he wrote this hot ass verse for one of our club joints. He's been on ever since. For 6 months we practiced, wrote, recorded, became friends, became family. We recorded over 15 songs on the boat before we pulled in from our 9-month deployment. Drop a three-track single for the cats on the boat. We was burning cd's and buying cd's every port we stopped. Along with handing them out. It was a wrap. 4 POINTS was doing it. We had and still do have a lot of support from others. From people making CD covers
for us to making t-shirts and posters to websites. As soon as we pulled in from deployment it didn't stop. We set up shows. Put an album together. Set
up our own studio just as we did on the boat. Researched techniques to get us out there more, sold 1000 units in 2 weeks. Went through up's and plenty of downs. No matter what though the 4 have always stuck together and always will. We still the same energy and passion as we did the first day we wanted this dream. Just now more knowledgeable and more ready with each step we
take. It's time to "SHUT 'EM DOWN"