Four Square Jack

Four Square Jack

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

A band with two doctors and a nurse, Four Square Jack may just save your life.


For Booking: Contact John Miller at 513.400.4111 or at

Let's be honest. Every band fills in this area with something clever or witty in an attempt to sell the reader on their idea or a concept of music. Well, here's the deal...Four Square Jack isn't a concept, we're not an idea; we are a band. We play rock and roll. Sure, we have our own style and we have our influences - all of that comes together and is amplified through the music we play.

Like this bio, our music is honest. It can be upbeat and fun, it can be slower and reflective. In either case, it's from the heart. It speaks of real situations and perspectives on life and that were born from the experiences of our singer and rhythm guitar player, John Miller.

John hails from outside of Philly but sounds like Southern California - seven years with your toes in the San Diego sand will do that to a man. Add in the eclectic surf-mod renaissance of Doug Olberding on the lead guitar and you're a step closer to hearing the whole sound. However, FSJ's sound would not be possible without the rhythm section. Mike and Rob D come together to lock it down, provide the foundation and the groove to shape the sound of FSJ. Finally, Whitney's wonderful voice adds to the overtones of the songs through her harmonies - she adds accents to the tunes with just the right touch on the keys and aux percussion. She's the color in the band... she keeps us in check and makes the songs sound complete.

This is Four Square Jack. Five people who love music. No mystery. No pretenses. Rock on.

FSJ regularly plays with Cincinnati staple, Goose and has opened for Cincinnati's own Fozy Shazam.

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More information on John Miller as a solo artist can be found on Facebook or Reverbnation.