Four Star Riot

Four Star Riot


Four Star Riot, from Tampa, Florida, is a power-pop quartet that plays urgent, hooky tunes with a live show that is rowdy and turbulent.


A band with influences that range from The Police, to The Stones, The Clash to The Attractions and everything in between. With a sound that’s new and old all at once, FSR is definitely authentic. Basically, they’re a stripped-down rock band with a bit of innovation and a lot of attitude. A ton o’ fun at every show, where they bring an energetic frenzy wrapped in a shit-load of hooks and melodies. FSR keeps busy with an average of over a hundred shows a year since 1999. In the past year, the band opened for a string of nationals like Lit, Sum41, Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory, Alien Ant Farm, Def Leppard, Saliva, and many others.
Since 1999, FSR has released three independent discs. All of which sold through their initial pressings. The band has garnered gracious reviews for all three discs, but especially for 2002’s The Best Things. At home, they’ve been called Best Original Band by Tampa’s Weekly Planet magazine. In the fall of 2002, they grabbed the Best of the Bay Readers' pick for Act Most Likely to Succeed. On the national front, L.A.’s Music Connection magazine (year-end special edition) called FSR’s Eponymous CD one of the top 25 demos submitted for review in 2002.

Most recently, FSR played 98Rock’s Livestock 13 Festival as the only unsigned act to play the coveted Saturday afternoon slot between Theory Of A Deadman and Trapt. The fan base is growing. Audiences are singing along more and more at every show. The band is rabid. The songs are radio-ready. Four Star Riot is exactly what it proclaims to be. See you at the rock and roll show.


1999 Disguised in Sound - LP
2001 Soul System - LP
2003 The Best Things - LP
new LP release coming Fall 2003
weekly radio play on 97X in Tampa on the Local Motion show - Sundays 11PM

Set List

Typical set is 45-60 minutes of original songs from 2 recent releases, as well as 1 or 2 varied covers for good measure