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Four Stories Has...The Look, The Sound, The Talent, & The Chemistry To Be The First Monumental Rock Band Of The 21st Century. Listen & See For Yourself.


In 2006 Four Stories released their self-produced debut album “Finding the Key” to a PACKED HOUSE of 400+ at The Canal Club in Richmond, VA with enormous success. Shortly after the release of the record they won The 2006 Y101.1 Rock Off! The competition was held over 8 weeks and featured the best bands from the area. Four Stories went the distance and were crowned champion receiving $6,000 in musical gear from Sam Ash music.

Following the success of the competition Four Stories entered the Ernie Ball Battle of The Bands and was selected among 11,500 bands to perform on the 2006 Warp Tour at the Verizon Virginia Beach Amphitheater in Virginia Beach! In early 2007 Four Stories beat out 30 bands over the last 6 weeks to win the only other Major Competition in the Area- 102.1 The X’s Chili Cook Off Concert Battle of The Bands! Four Stories is the only band EVER to win both Richmond Rock Radio Station’s Competitions Back to Back! The band performed on April 7th, 2007 with national acts Buckcherry, Saliva, Flyleaf & More at the 2007 Chili Cook-Off Festival at the Richmond Classic Amphitheater in front of thousands! Recently, Four Stories was selected out of 184 East Coast bands to perform at the 2007 Bamboozle Festival along side My Chemical Romance & Linkin Park!!! It was an amazing opportunity that allowed the band to grow their fan base exponentially. Four Stories has already shared the stage with several national acts including: 30 Seconds To Mars, Crossfade, Shinedown, and others.

“Before You Go” has been featured every week for several months on the Y101.1 Program “Community Service.” “Mistakes” has recently made regular rotation on Rock 106.1’s “The Specialty Show,” in Savannah, Georgia which allowed the band to open in front of a Sold Out Crowd for national touring act Shinedown in December 2006. Four Stories continues to receive Five Star Reviews on CD for “Finding the Key” while the band tours around the East Coast growing their fan base and doing what they love most; performing.

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Save Your Eyes

Written By: Nick Tierney

Verse I
Three Years Ago in This December
Walking Downtown I Remember
Snowflakes Falling Gently in Your Hair

And Now The Season's at an End
You Bought Your One-Way Ticket And I'm Not A Part of Your New Plans

So Turn Away, Away From Me
And The Best Thing You Ever Had

Save Your Eyes And Fall Asleep Against The Window Pane
Save Your Eyes There's Something In Your Mind It Radiates
Save Your Eyes And Even Though
This Heart Is Breaking I Watched Your Airplane Taking To The Sky
Say Good-Bye

Verse II
Empty Closet Empty Bed
My Empty Heart My Empty Head
I Wish I Could Tell You This Is Wrong And Even If He Motivates You Contemplates & Calculates You
I Wish I Could Tell You But Your Gone


When The World Gets Colder And You Lay Your Body Down And You're Sound Asleep Again, (Go To Sleep, Go To Sleep, My Little One),
Did Somebody Tell You
I didn't Love You They Were Wrong


Before You Go

Written By: Nick Tierney & Patrick Verdi

You're everything I do not miss
Your every touch & every kiss
Has set me free but now I am alone
This broken arrow of cupid failed
A perfect train now wrecked derailed
Engulfed in flames the ashes float away...

Before you go
Your heart seems to want to stay
Did you ever love me
After all everything must end

So I send smoke signals to let you see...
My cry for help but you have turned
from me...

Before you go
Your heart seems to want to stay
Did you ever love me
After all here's the fall of man


Four Stories Debut Album:
"Finding The Key"
Release Date: April 29th, 2006

Set List

The band is constantly changing the set and is capable of playing as an opening act or headlining.

Recent Songs Performed Include:

1. Broken Free
2. Save Your Eyes
3. Mistakes
4. Among The Stars
5. Hourglass
6. Before You Go
7. Landslide
8. Suddenly
9. Tonight
10. On The Ground
11. Started Out
12. Gone For Good
13. It's Over
14. Bet
15. In The End
16. Hallways