Four Stories High

Four Stories High


A contagious stream off pop punk music filled with energy and excitement.


We're four piece band from Green Bay, Wisconsin who loves to play music and works very hard for everything that we've accomplished so far. In our short time of being together we've become the largest band in the area drawing huge crowds and putting on high energy shows. Forming a blend of old and new pop punk we've become one of the first Green Bay bands in a long time to break out of the local constricting scene and step into bigger things. With this happening our music has recently exploded and we've not only received a lot of plays/views/attention but also we've stepped into the national stage and shared the stage with acts such as: Boys Like Girls, Metro Station, Good Charlotte and The Maine and will be playing with Cute Is What We Aim For in August at The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We went into the studio in late July to record our debut four song EP entitled "Turn Me On and Turn It Up." Since this release the response has been explosive. With the members ages spanning from only 17 to 19 you know that these young musicians will be here for a long time.


Turn Me On and Turn It Up EP (2008)
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Set List

Current Setlist:
1. Brand New Day
2. This Way
3. Was It Worth It?
4. Destiny
5. A Little More Than Likely
6. Too Far Behind
7. From Six to Midnight
8. I've Been Waiting

Our setlist right now consists of 8 original songs but we are in the process of writing right now so more will be added. Our set generally lasts from 45-60 minutes long.