FourStroke Bus

FourStroke Bus

 Ketchum, Idaho, USA

Engaging original songs connect the audience with this group of musicians that love the community experience of music. FourStroke Bus covers ground from old Bessie Smith and blues traditionals, to soul/gospel, rock and funky originals.


Boy meets girl. Boy falls for girl. Boy finds out she sings and plays guitar like none other. Boy pulls girl on stage......... Wade and Lisa are now married and have been gigging since '06 while developing a growing list of captivating original tunes. The pieces of FourStroke Bus have been coming into place over the years and the 5 piece band is now running on all cylinders. Lisa grew up in Tennessee harmonizing with her sister to the Judds and Dolly Parton. Wade grew up with his fathers album collection of Willie Nelson, Eric Clapton, Merle Haggard, and countless others before discovering the Georgia jam band Widespread Panic. There is no denying their southern heritage and sounds of gospel mixed with good ol' rock and roll. Lisa's tenure in New Orleans further cemented her blues, funk, and brass band influences and now she has a band that can help her write the songs dancing in her heart and head.

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Set List

A FourStroke Bus show can be a stripped down acoustic thing or full on rock band til the wee hours. We can easily do a 3+ hour show with a mixture of originals and obscure covers.
Originals: Glad To Go, Passing, Safely Home, Delicate, It's Your Life, The One, Love, Slow Train, GA, Going Away, How Many Things?, ......
Covers: Blues traditionals, Bessie Smith, Buddy Holly, Talking Heads, Ani DiFranco, Widespread Panic, Willie Nelson, Wilco, Neil Young, Bob Marley, Taj Mahal, etc....