Fourth of July

Fourth of July


A dynamic three piece made up of soaring melodies, tense arrangements, and explosive subtlety reminiscent of the ghosts of Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith.


Fourth of July is a guitar and vocally driven three piece from Chicago, Illinois. Fronted by a singer reminiscent of Jeff Buckley, Neil Finn, and Thom Yorke; Fourth of July is both dynamic and catchy. Fourth of July is a merger of American and British pop rock in that it is both accessible to the listener, while always remembering the need to challenge at the same time.


E.P. "If the Dinosaurs could see us now."
Assume Normal
Watch Your Step
We Speed Light
Your Love Is Now
The Matter is Lost

Set List

She Has My Back, Who Has Yours?
Assume Normal
Trapped on the Tarmac
Watch your Step
Curtain of Stars
Our set is 45 minutes to 1hr. and 15 minutes.