Four Volts

Four Volts


Noisy, brutish, yet fragile and sensitive, Four Volts combines the best of brit indie, pop, punk and shoegaze - all with a modern edge. (Formerly Bunsen Honeydew)


Being threatened by a muppet is a huge kick at first, but those bastards are a force to be reckoned with. And we’re not talking about the wide-eyed, messy-haired, soccer-jerseyed sap slouching off the bar stool next to you, we’re dealing with a genuine strings, rods and hands up the nifter felt puppet named Bunsen Honeydew. On Bunsen’s behalf, the Henson Corp. sent cease and desist orders (and keep in mind these lawyers had to act with the utmost sincerity while defending the character of a muppet), forcing the band to change its name from Bunsen Honeydew. As a result of this legalized insanity, and a Fellini meets professional wrestling surrealness to it all, the band is now billed as Four Volts. Band members are: Danny Tieman (guitars vox, noize), Lisa Cuomo (bass, vox), Brian Rayman (guitars, vox, keys), and Theo Cateforis (king kong drums).

Nomenclature aside, this foursome quickly lassoed the attention of Blur guitarist Graham Coxon leading to a 12 inch release of 3 of their early and bombastic energy infused recordings on his Transcopic Records. The band toured the UK and headlined the first ever Transcopic night in London with a solo set by Graham. The NME press from that showcase states: “taking cochlea shredding noise as their starting point, they proceed to smack the living crap out of any ‘nouveau-shoegazer’ slurs…when their frazzled melodies take shape they can be shockingly beautiful, but tis’ the danger and thrills and urgency of the live show that makes the impact.” Other rollers Four Volts has shared bills with include: British Sea Power, Graham Coxon, yeah yeah yeah’s, and the Beastie Boys, to name a few.

Four Volts has also graced the pages of Vanity Fair, resting next to Beck’s head (see photo for scandalous details), was given **** stars in NME single review column, was critics choice in Time Out London, was featured in Rolling Stone, and made the air-waves via Mr. John Peel. Besides gaining international attention in as far away places as Japan, Greece and Australia, Four Volts has also become a NY buzz band. The NY Post pegged Four Volts as one of the bands to keep your eyes peeled for, and if yer wise, ear plugs close at hand for (a local NY paper stated that one of the band’s monstrous live shows was a direct result of the infamous Coney Island High clubs forced closure). In 2003 Four Volts was asked to include a track on the NY: The Next Wave compilation which highlighted other up and coming bands such as: stellastarr*, Elefant, the Fever, Mommy and Daddy, and the Flesh.

Currently Four Volts is busy recording their full-length debut LP with producer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Cibo Matto, Bordoms) to be released on Kanine Records in the US this summer (2004). Four Volts is also touring the UK this April 2004 to promote their upcoming LP with a promo single in one hand and an axe to grind in another…


Debut LP due September 2004 (Kanine)
"Rearrange Me" CD Single (Kanine)
"NY: The Next Wave" compilation track
"Didn't You Used to Be Invisible?" 12" (Transcopic Records)
"Modern Gal" 7" Little Teddy
"Transistor" 7" Bumblebear Records