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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Pop Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Styles Media"

"I like the feel of the band...I think the band could do a very good job" - Keith Allen, Director of Programming Panama City


"Nice Song (Gasoline). Sounds a little like John Mayer but warmer after I heard it." - Joel Denver, President/Publisher

"L.A. Music Awards'"

"One of the best live shows I've seen in 2006"

Four Way Free:
Winner of the LA Music Awards'
- Al Bowman, Executive Producer / LA Music Award

"Music Connection Magazine"

"...this quintet has a sensitive, organic optimism that at times reminds us of John Mayer and Dave Matthews." - Demo Critique, Issue 14, 2004

"Next Media"

"I've listened to this song (Gasoline) a few times and I like it more each time...I'd like to hear more from the band." - Don Parker, Former National Program Director

"Southbound Beat Magazine"

If you're a lyrics person--and I am--you'll find fourwayfree's Live at Club Lingerie 5.29.04, well worth a listen. The disk is packed with words you haven't heard put together a million times before: 'putting a lampshade on a lighthouse' or 'I'm a sucker for a pretty face, but it's usually painted on a head case' or the childhood memory of a sweetheart who smelled like cinnamon rolls.

But it's not just the lyrics that are good. The CD is comprised of quirky indie pop with just that edge of roughness one likes in a live album. The name Club Lingerie fits the best material. My favorite track, 'Rebound' is radio-friendly and high-libido, bearing the mark of destiny. If it hits national radio, expect universal appeal.

Be warned: the first sounds you hear, voice and flute, are not exactly representative of the album. Keep on to track two, the half-reggae highly likable 'Higher Ground'. At times, you get the feeling-- from the flute, cello, and unique, seemingly non-instrumental sounds-- that Brian Eno had a hand in the production. But fear not; this isn't one of those 'we only want two listeners and one of them is us' kind of albums. Precious little info is included on the CD but on their four-track EP, all songs were written by Genji Nakano and published by Fill-in-the-blank Publishing (BMI). Check them out at

- L.A. Madison

"Deeper Album Review"

Drawing from the energetic acoustic scene created by Dave Matthews Band, Four Way Free brings us a unique, fun approach to acoustic rock on its latest album, Deeper. Finding their strength in live performance, these California musicians showcase this talent right from the start on their self-produced sophomore effort. Constructed just like the great live show, Deeper starts with “Introductions,” a song complete with a catchy acoustic guitar riff and the lyric hook, “Everybody’s got a rhythm.”

As Four Way Free moves into the next song, the title track “Deeper,” the band reveals a tight rhythm section led by Larry “Boody” Boodman. His style and nuances instantly hearken the work of DMB’s Carter Beauford as complicated beats are mixed in with splash cymbals. Boodman’s solid drum work is complimented by frontman Genji Nakano’s memorable lyrics, like those showcased in “Gasoline:” “If my desire is a fire / then you are the gasoline.” What sets Four Way Free apart from its contemporaries is the personal touch Nakano gives the project – he does a remarkable job of focusing the music around the lyrics.

On “Higher Ground,” the members of Four Way Free break into a very impressive a cappella bridge, adding to an already high-energy and exciting song. Incorporating a personal and fun attitude into its music, the group effectively mixes memorable lyrics and positive feelings here with Deeper. Though Four Way Free is not necessarily a jam band, its members sure know when to jam and when to sing.(Self-released)

-Dave Boodakian

- West Coast Performer Magazine

"CD Review- "Deeper""

Wildy's World - cd review
Fourwayfree – Deeper
2008, Fill-in-the-blank

Let's get this out of the way up front: Yes, there is a definite Dave Matthews vibe going on here. Fourwayfree has the same sort of easy-going sonic chutzpah as early DMB, where the songs just take on a life of their own. Yet Fourwayfree is musically more intricate and lyrical than DMB ever attained. Lead vocalist Genji has a mellow every-man approach that makes the songs exceedingly accessible, and the songwriting is amazing. The musical architecture is atypical for rock music, and the lyrics are pure poetry. Deeper is a stunning success.

Gasoline is one of the most interesting tracks on the album. It's a song written to an insecure significant other, and is striking for the reality of the conversation(s) it portrays (You said, "When I'm in focus I'm still hopelessly a blur" / and I said, "I can't help it, that's my favorite color") Done is another must-hear, as "I'm out of here" song if there ever was one (Maybe I'll slip/slide down on my face / at least I'm out of this place). This blues/funk rocker opens with a riff reminiscent of Clapton or Hendrix as their down-and-dirty best.

I am not going to sit here and synopsize each song, although Deeper probably deserves such treatment. Fourwayfree is a musician's band; a lyricist/poet's band; the whole package. From simple ballads to lush, layered musical constructs to intricate guitar work, the songs brought forth by Fourwayfree on Deeper are musical gems. Deeper gets the highest recommendation Wildy's World can give: Yep, it's a Desert Island Disc folks! Don't hesitate. Check out Fourwayfree's Deeper, and anything else of theirs you can your hands on.

Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Fourwayfree at, where you can purchase a copy of Deeper!

Posted by Wildy at 12:03 AM
- Wildy's World

"Album Review- "Deeper"" Album reviews
FourWayFree - Deeper

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

With a strong John Mayer vibe, combined with a dash of Paul Simon's soul, FourWayFree is hitting the ground running with their sophomore effort, Deeper - and it promises to be a good one.

Tracks like "Done" do the best job of highlighting the band's quirky, jazzy sound. It's organic and plucky with just a touch of Southern sensibility thrown into the mix with the indie vibe. "Come Over", at the other end of the scale, is a slick, soulful and (dare I say) sexy look at the poignancy of love's highs and lows. The seamless transition between the seemingly divergent sounds is just one of FourWayFree's great strengths. For a more pointedly soulful sound, there are tracks like the shadowy and stealthy "Mistake" and the melancholy "Opposite of Empty".

With vocal stylings strongly reminiscent of Sting, a lyrical attentiveness that is all too often lacking these days and an acoustic pop-rock sound that skillfully combines the accessibility of the pop sound with the passion of rock and the organic soul of the blues sound, FourWayFree develop a sound and sensibility that stands apart from most of the indie rock pack - the moods that they call up are, quite simply, deeper.



"March 09 House of Blues Show Review"

House of Blues
West Hollywood, CA

The Players: Genji Nakano, lead vocals, acoustic guitar; Larry “Boody” Boodman, drums, percussion, backup vocals; Jeff Nunes, electric guitar, backup vocals; Cameron Scott, bass; “Cuz’n” Steve Nakano, saxophones, flute, clarinet,
percussion, backup vocals; David
Joseph, trombone, backup vocals;
Rafael Rodriguez, trumpet, backup
vocals; Laura Montoya, backup

Material: The band members of
FourWayFree all hail from California
and the group can be described as an indie-pop band with obvious influences from Dave Matthews, Paul Simon, John Mayer and even the BareNaked Ladies. Their songs are mostly upbeat in a musical and lyrical sense, with positive messages and fun stories. A good illustration of their lyrical humor is “77,” a song about finally finding love at age 77. FourWayFree: Top-notch players with upbeat songs that are both artistic and commercial.

Musicianship: These musicians all
have a high performance aptitude.
Bolstered by guest music-ians (including backup harmonies and
horns), they are reminiscent of
bands like Earth Wind & Fire. Genji
Nakano is a natural frontman with
clear lyrical intonation. The guitar,
bass, rhythm, horn and backup
vocals are all performed by topnotch
players who have obvious years of training and experience.

Performance: FourWayFree’s performance was fun and laid back. The sound quality was perfect for the venue, and each instrument’s dynamics were on the mark. The entire band gelled on stage and were having a great time, but it was Nakano’s charm and rapport with the audience that stole the show. The band’s performance of “Higher Ground” was exceptional and
backup singer Laura Montoya’s vocal rendition of Smokey’s Robinson’s
“Groovin’ Together’’ was a highlight.

Summary: Simultaneously artistic and commercial, FourWayFree have a
strong set of songs that are unique yet mainstream. This act will appeal to audiences who are fans of Dave Matthews and John Mayer.
––Anne O’Neary - Music Connection Magazine-July 09


411 EP-2011- Independent Studio Recording

STUDIO 13 SESSION- 2010- Independent Live Studio Recording

DEEPER- 2008- Independent Album

TREES TO CLIMB ON- 2005- Independent Album

FOURWAYFREE EP- 2003- Independent EP



Based in southern California, fourwayfree was formed in 2001 by Genji, the lead singer and songwriter, and Boody, the drummer. They invited Peter, a cello student at USC, and a few other musicians to turn Genji’s quirky and catchy songs into something special and over the next few years fourwayfree somehow survived the various pitfalls and band member losses that destroy fledgling bands. In 2005, they released “Trees To Climb On”, a compilation of live tracks and studio recordings, four of which were produced by Don Gehman (John Mellencamp, Tracy Chapman, Hootie & The Blowfish). Joined by Jeff on electric guitar for their first national tour in 2005 and Cameron on bass in 2008, fourwayfree is currently promoting their brand new self-produced second album titled “Deeper”, often joined onstage by Peter who now performs with the Louisville Orchestra in Kentucky, and Genji's cousin Steve (who lead his own jazz quintet) on horns.

When not on tour, fourwayfree plays often throughout the state, most recently at the House of Blues in Los Angeles and San Diego, The Roxy, The Key Club, numerous county and state fairs, and even a few times at The Playboy Mansion. The band has a strong online presence, including healthy digital and hard album sales through iTunes and CDbaby.