Four Wilson Drive

Four Wilson Drive


Guitar driven Pop/Rock, packed with catchy hooks, memorable melodies and vocal harmonies. You'll be humming their finely crafted tunes after the first listen.


The Four Wilson Drive Story…

Four Wilson Drive was born several years ago from the most humble beginnings. While spending their Summer weekends basking in the sun in Long Island, NY's Hamptons, Mike and Johnny Soler found themselves performing impromptu acoustic gigs almost every weekend. Traveling from house party to house party, they would play a wide variety of music, test out new original songs, eat, drink and break a backyard deck or two. The crowds would always ask: "What do you guys call yourselves?" Since it was just for laughs, they'd just say: "We're the guys from 4 Wilson Drive" the address of their summer rental. Eventually, the name stuck.

The brothers eventually added their friend Nick Pinto to the mix - they had been playing together in nightclub bands for years and the chemistry was too good to pass up, so they began writing together.

Since Nick, Johnny, and Mike have been together as Four Wilson Drive, they have written a wealth of catchy, hook-filled, pop/rock songs that stick in your head long after the last note is played. Their self-titled (and self-produced) debut CD contains 11 songs - many of which could easily be heard on Top 40 radio. The CD has been very well received by fans and critics alike, as well as by music industry professionals.

"Terrific pop melodies, good lyrics, nice production and playing - well done guys!"

- Janis Ian
Grammy Award Winning Songwriter

Their ability to faithfully reproduce their music and vocal harmonies at live shows wows even the most critical listener, while their on-stage antics and dynamic presence keep their constantly growing fan base entertained show after show.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Four Wilson Drive (besides the music) is their relentless pursuit of a common goal - to play and write good music. After spending years perfecting their craft, playing thousands of live shows to crowds of up to 2000 fans - including an opening slot for Columbia Recording Artist Pete Yorn, and recently being featured on VH1, they are definitely ready to take their music to the next level.


Four Wilson Drive - "Four Wilson Drive"

Summer 2002:
"Pop Song" gets spins on NYC / Long Island area's premiere Modern Rock radio station 92.7 WLIR. In addition to being played regularly on the local music show "Tri-State Sound", 4WD's "Pop Song" was played several times during the morning and afternoon drive!

Set List

Four Wilson Drive typically plays a 6-12 song set (25-45 minutes) of original music with the occasional cover thrown in for laughs.

The members of 4WD are in three cover bands and could easily play a night's (or week's) worth of cover material if absolutely necessary, but prefer to play their original music exclusively at 4WD shows.