Taryn Davis

Taryn Davis

 Austin, Texas, USA
BandSpoken Word

The FACES OF WAR speakers are service members or their loved ones who have served our country during times of war. The FACES OF WAR lecture is encouraging young people, regardless of their political views, to put aside their differences and come together to be educated and inspired.


Growing up, Taryn searched for a passion that would help her find the drive to become a better person. She wanted a soul mate to share her life with and contentment in the road ahead.

Taryn met Michael, a senior trombonist in her high school marching band. What began as puppy love blossomed but when college began Taryn and Michael went their separate ways. Nearly a year later, they reconnected due to a decision Michael made to join the United States Army. The pair communicated through daily letters and nearly six months later Michael proposed to Taryn. After their wedding and ten months in Alaska, Michael was called to active duty in Baghdad, Iraq.

Taryn returned home and found herself not only a full-time college student, but a full-time Army wife with a deployed husband. Life was different compared to her peers and issues they faced. Taryn’s days were filled with concerns of Michael’s job as a combat engineer which included clearing roadside bombs.

On May 21, 2007 Taryn woke up like any other morning to talk to her husband on instant messenger. Little did she know that less than two hours later her husband would be killed by multiple roadside bombs. Her day went on like any other, but a phone call from a neighbor brought her home to find two men waiting to announce the words that would forever change her life, “The Secretary of Defense, regrets to inform you…..”

At 21, she stood at a podium and read her husband’s eulogy. As the days turned into weeks the support drifted away. Taryn spent night after night researching support services and looking for others who shared the same tragedy in a time of war. Feeling lost and alone, Taryn reached out to one of the widows whose spouse died in the same incident as her husband. What started with one widow, inspired her to travel across the country to hear other women’s stories of love, tragedy and survival. In hearing their accounts, she hoped to learn more about the title that had been given to her--that of a military widow.

What began as her own personal journey has expanded into a documentary film and The American Widow Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to the new generation of military widows. She has grasped on and embraced her new life with all the enthusiasm and passion she had when Michael was still alive. Inspired solely by the willpower and strength of the women “in her shoes” she has found that true love is eternal, that the lessons and things her husband said and did still run through her veins and that she is not alone.

Taryn has found her passion--to carry on a hero’s legacy, empower widows, share the other side of the sacrifice being made by those supporting our troops and to follow her heart and dreams. Taryn hopes to reach out to her generation by making them aware that sacrifice and survival takes place on a daily basis. Today, each student carries the responsibility in writing the history and remember their peers who have served during times of war.



The FACES OF WAR lecture includes:
- an informative conversation on the facts and figures pertaining to specific issues within the war.
- the speaker sharing their emotional and eye-opening story and realities of bravely serving our country.
- a MOMENT OF GRATITUDE which provides the opportunity to share messages of thanks, support and love to veterans, including those who did not come home.
- the VOICES OF VETERANS workshop for schools committed to engaging and supporting current and future student veterans (additional cost).
- time for questions and answers creating a dialogue with the students.

Hope's Voice provides each school with:
- FACES OF WAR handouts.
- the GET FEEDBACK report collected from surveys distributed at the event.
- a glossy and eye-catching electronic FACES OF WAR poster, available to print, to promote the event.
- the opportunity to order FACES OF WAR t-shirts (at discounted rate) for the programming board.