Fox and the Grapes

Fox and the Grapes


Original indie-folk-rock trio on guitar, bass, harmonica, vocals & drums. The music is serious without being pretentious and can be fun without being annoying.


Fox and the Grapes is a tiro that plays original indie-folk-rock.

Michael Blumberg writes the songs, plays guitar, harmonica and sings, while Justin Voss plays the drums and Zack Friedman slaps bass.

Fox & the Grapes tries to channel (and attempts to not make carbon copies of) many of their influences - Dylan, Band, Buckley, VU, Zevon, Wilco, Van Morrison, Floyd - into soulful and melodic original tunes. The sound is original in its tone and easy to listen to, while still evoking real feelings of nostalgia, love, confusion, carelessness and thoughtful contemplation.

Live performances usually attract 40 people, depending on the night of the week and time of show. Typical concerts will include mostly original songs with a cover or two thrown in for good measure.

Michael has been playing in bands and as a solo act for about 10 years and has played as a regular in many bars in Peoria and in venues in Chicago.

Justin is a formally trained drummer and percussionist who’s roots are in Chicago and delta blues. Justin and Michael played together in a Peoria-based band called Knifey Spoony which set the Peoria scene ablaze with classic rock covers.

Zack has played guitar and bass in several gigging bands for many years and brings along with him the wisdom of the road.

Come by and see us sometime!


In the Night

Written By: Michael Blumberg

I'm drowning in the street tonight
And I just thought you might
Want to show me
Where a man can get a scratch
Or pour a cold one down the hatch
Can you show me?


In the night she wonders why everything just didn't turn out right
And when no one is watching she cries and thinks of times
When voices whispered in the night

She's a radical a diamond girl
Who's laughs and smiles forever swirl
Around me
And when she breathes across my chest
And tells me that I was the best
She blinds me

In the Night

Sirens on the Sea

Written By: Michael Blumberg

Way out on the sea at night
Where the water meets the earth and sky
And the rise and falling of the waves
Sets the pitch and time

I will be sailing home to you

I'll be back by the early morn
When the breezes blow soft and warm
And San Diego is awaking to the sights and sounds of dawn

I will be sailing home to you

If I should fall or I should lose my way
These words and notes to you I pray
And the sirens blowing in the night are begging you to stay

I will be coming home to you

Psychosis NOS

Written By: Michael Blumberg

When will you sing to me again
I know it's not the time
To write to you in rhyme
But I don't think I can bring myself
To say th words in languages

How close will you be to the edge
I'd rather see you there
Curled up in a chair
Than have to see you mumbling
Alone of mountains crumbling

What was that shadow in the dark
It's moving from behind
Just put it out of mind
You've got to know it's just a thought
That shows itself in colored dots

Look, we found a remedy today
Just take this little pill
Don't worry 'bout the bill
It makes the voices disappear
So you can think so very clear

Phillip the Butcher

Written By: Michael Blumberg

Stop me if you've heard the one about the butcher's wife denise
It seems she spends a lot of time getting into other people's grease

And Danny is the butcher's son he loves to run around all day
He's been living in another world dressing up like Doris Day

But the butcher doesn't mind to much he's been a real sport
He's hanging out at pier 16 docked outside the port

He's got a lot of friends down there who like to call him "Phil"
There isn't much he wouldn't do to catch a little thrill

He's a nutcase and a loon
He's a 6am cartoon
And he plays this little tune

Last Night in Spain

Written By: Michael Blumberg

The road at midnight sends me
Riding high on summer air
Cries of fortune in my eye
Picturing your yellow hair

Running upside down in circles
Bending to bridges of courage below
Slipping deep into a slumber of years
That sets to paralyze my bones

Drifting up quickly I see her inside
Smelling the leaves that have dried since the rain
I said to her "Honey, you know now's not the time"
She said "Oh, come on, it's our last night in Spain"

And with her last word she drew back the curtain
The soft light did shimmer in the whispering night
In the satins I loved her as she was my friend
The smoke cast the shadow portrayed by the light

And in the next morning I found in the haze
She sat there awaiting for my to arise
I said "good to see you still here in the morning"
She said to me "Honey, I was also surprised"

Them Who Are Called They

Written By: Michael Blumberg

From high above they’re watching
Waiting for a sign
To come to California
To take what they can find
Don’t for get to pack your bags
And head towards the train
To kiss the feet of royalty
Of them who are called they

The prickly pear is cracking
And bursting from the strain
Of armies marching eastward
To fight a battle vein
Somewhere in the aftermath
The night will turn to day
And you’ll be in the company
Of them who are called they

Roll away the silent eyes
Of uniforms in drag
Sit beneath the Juniper
And shuffle through your bag
To try to find the documents
That turn the sky to gray
In archer’s pose I see the toes
Of them who are called they

Hotel Monico

Written By: Michael Blumberg

She walked into the Hotel Monico
Sunglasses in her hair
She looked as cold and tired as the night

Her skin was old and ravaged
By the Califormia sun
Her hair was tossed and tattered from the flight

Honey darling can't you see
There's nothing left inside of me
That wants a thing to do with you

Please be gone before I wake
This was all a big mistake
I'll be looking for somebody new

She slipped into her overcoat
Put out her cigarette
And finished her Manhatten in the car

The night was dark and dusty
She faded off to sleep
Parked out on the street behind the bar

You shouldn't be embarrased
By the way things have turned out
Just know that it was you and only you


Written By: Michael Blumberg

I took a train to see the Lord
Got off at the Belmont stop
He was there rotating tires
Down by the old muffler shop

He was singing about Eliot
And a dragon made of stone
Ans I was singing with him
So that he would not feel all alone

We took the bus to see her
I paid my way in change
That fell out of his pocket
And baby writ onto a page

"The Bible" he once told me
"Was my way of singing blues
And Moses was my brother
I put the sand beneath his shoes"

And when we got to see her
She stared in disbelief
Among the skies and pastures
Which echoed my relief

And she said "Babe it's good to see you"
As I handed her my coat
"And who's this traveling with you?"
And then he handed her a note

It read "Me, I'm God Almighty
And you're of my design
And Mike is just a passerby
I taught him how to rhyme"

"And now I'll leave the two of you
You've got much to discuss
If I'm to make it home by dawn
I'm gonna have to catch my bus"

Toe Liner

Written By: Michael Blumberg

Up in lights, but always on the bottom
Once again, I can't believe you brought them

I've always been a toe liner
I can never climb above the lights
I'll always be just a toe liner

Casting calls and nothing ever changes
Bring your book but never turn the pages

Rock & roll is just for recognition
Baby, who can charge the highest for admission?
Where's the man who never left his mother?
Writes a song but never charge a cover


None thus far, but working on it.

Set List

In The Night - Original
Sirens on the Sea - Original
Psychosis NOS - Original
I Think I'm Going to Kill Myself - Elton John Cover
Wheels - Original
Alberta #4 - Bob Dylan Cover
Sad Song - Original
Down in the Valley - Original
Phillip the Butcher - Original

This list is only a sample of the dozens of songs that we play. Typical sets are about 50 minutes long, although can certainly go longer.