Fox and The Law

Fox and The Law

 Seattle, Washington, USA

A quartet composed of four young veteran musicians, Fox and The Law exemplify the spirit of the Seattle sound. Established in early 2010, the band has developed a grimy, attitude-heavy sound that embodies the mood of the dirty clubs and dives that dominate the Northwest's coveted music scene


An excerpt from a recent review:

Fox and The Law Outfox Seattle Rock
By Sara Jayne Crow

While Seattle has historically birthed raw, guitar-driven strains of rock—the garage rock of the ‘60s, the psychedelic guitar strains of artists like Jimi Hendrix and the later flannel-laden grunge movement—the Jet City’s rock output has recently tended towards wispy, subdued shoe-gazing. So it’s something of a relief to see a motley group of four mount The Crocodile’s stage on a September night (Guy Keltner, Ryan Granger, Patrick Dougherty, and Dan O’Neil as Fox and The Law) and shimmy through a set of raw, wall-of-sound, romp ‘n stomp rock. Guy saunters and jumps about the stage as if he’s channeling Pete Townshend, strumming his guitar with such intensity that it seems the strings will break. Patrick (bass) and Ryan (guitar) mirror his licks through ever-progressing, dirty chord changes as Dan anchors in a percussive cacophony.

Fox and The Law are reminiscent of the New York no wave movement frontmen Teenage Jesus and The Jerks and Richard Hell and the Voidoids, or even Tennessee’s Be Your Own Pet. Catching a wave on a riptide of chord progressions and surfing a cavalcade of staggered time measures, the band is Seattle’s next best export.

" intoxicating Seattle band with a blues twist like a lemon wedge on the rim of an electric lemonade...For those still seeking solace in late-night, smoky bars hoping to catch a whiff of the next 'big thing', keep an ear to the ground for Fox and the Law’s future. If the EP indicates a forthcoming full-length, this band could well propel itself out of the garage."
-Performer Magazine

“Do you like ‘garage’ bands? I don’t. Do you like garage bands that actually know how to write songs and play their instruments? Let me introduce you to some friends of mine, Fox and The Law. I currently hold the opinion that they ‘rock.’ Seattle ‘garage bands’ bring your notebook…This is how it’s done right. Stop sending me crappy recordings of your boring songs. Thanks.”
-Sound on the Sound

“As a listener, I can appreciate the honesty and pure unadulterated energy compacted into their songs and it’s easy to acknowledge the allegiance they make to the rock genre. With their halting guitar distortions, animated rhythms, and forceful melodies, they sneak up on you like a wave and come crashing down on you. Fox and The Law is an assembly of strong musicians that beckons to be recognized.”
-What's Up Magazine

“...the effect was engaging...They had energy. That was undeniable. It’s surprising but there are a lot of bands that can play loud and fast and still manage somehow to lack any spirit or energy...they’re good for a high energy rock show and worth keeping an eye on to see which way they go.”
-Seattle Subsonic

“Fox and The Law’s current batch of songs are ballsy and robust, featuring Keltner’s flawless and dirty guitar playing. His music is steeped in old-style rock and blues based around simple, catchy riffs and playful lyrics.”
-Northwest Indie Music

“Hey Fox and The Law – you’ve got that certain it. You’ve got the strutting sound and talent of blues rock. Now, dear Seattle, take note and check this band out. After seeing their show at the Crocodile, I’m quite smitten.”
-Back Beat Seattle

Fox and The Law just recorded their 1st record with Producer, Martin Feveyear at Jupiter Studios. Releasing in March, the band will be touring down the West Coast to promote the project in March on their way to SXSW.


Fox and The Law - Self-released E.P. - 2010
Fox and The Law - L.P. - August 2012

Set List

We can play anywhere between 0 and 2 hours.