Fox & Bear Band

Fox & Bear Band

 Long Beach, California, USA

Fox & Bear Band is an instrumental two-piece bass and drums math-rock/life metal band. Their virtuosic playing can at times be daunting or confusing, however their melodic sensibility draws in even the least musically inclined. When playing live, these two have a near psychic connection and, with the drop of a hat, change sections or expand jams as they see fit. They are not a band, they are an experience.


Fox (Dan Birker) and Bear (Adam Barnes) met in 2008 at Cal State Long Beach. After a long discussion of common musical interests, including Hella, Lightning Bolt, The Bad Plus, Kneebody, and a general love for creating interesting music, they joined forces to create a band that would blow away the bland norm that has become rock and roll. Using a combination of melodic ideas, dissonance, and odd meters, The Fox & Bear Band’s sound is mind-blowing.
These two began jamming on the last day of 2009, and in between their creation and their first release in May of 2009, Fox & Bear Band – The Tape, they played a string of shows at McWorld, before its tragic close, and other LA and Long Beach warehouses and art galleries. Through 2010 they worked their way up to becoming a staple of the Long Beach music scene, playing regular gigs throughout the bar circuit including Di Piazza's, Blue Cafe, Que Sera, Prospector and more. In January 2011 they recorded at The Compound studio in Long Beach for their second release, Fox & Bear Band – The CD, released November of 2011.


S/T Tape - 2009
S/T CD - 2011