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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Foxfire's "hometown" newspaper"

The Marietta-based rock band Foxfire is hosting a festival to celebrate Women's History Month, focusing on art and music from female artists. The festival is March 22 at Lenny's Bar and Grill at 486 Decatur Street in Atlanta. The purpose of the festival is to promote awareness of women, especially local women, in art and music.

Foxfire relocated to Marietta last year, when their drummer and part-time singer Kris Hale and her husband, Stephen Carrington (who plays bass guitar and sings back-up with Foxfire), moved to the east Cobb area, where Carrington grew up.

Cost is $7 and the show is restricted to those 21 and older. Doors open at 9 p.m. Contact Foxfire through their MySpace page at or Lenny's Bar at (404) 577-7721 - Marietta Daily Journal (pub. 12 March 2008)

"review from WildysWorld.blogspotcom:"

Foxfire - Early Rising
2008, Sludge Hammer Records

Marietta, Georgia's Foxfire is a classic power trio born from the early 1970's Garage Metal movement. If the Runaways got into an alley fight with Courtney Love and Hole and put together a band from whoever was standing at the end then you might have something a bit like Foxfire. Big guitar sound and structure are the key elements here; melody and composition are almost secondary on Early Rising, the band's debut CD. Vocalist Rachel Collins has a decent Rock/Metal voice, engaging the same rasp that made Janis Joplin a household name but without the same tone or color.

I've listened through this album several times now, and I struggle to find even one track that really stands out from the rest. That's not an indication that the album is bad, it's solid and fairly uniform throughout. The sound has a definite Lo-Fi flavor, sounding like it may have been recorded in one or two takes in a concrete room with minimal production gloss. The sound is true to the nature of the band, who are probably better appreciated in a live setting. In a bar, with the amps turned way up, Foxfire can create a wall of sound through sheer force. On CD, it just doesn't carry quite as well, with the music sounding a bit thin and a bit too much like so much that's gone before.

Early Rising isn't a bad album, but there also isn't anything specific about it that elevates it to memorable status. Early Rising represents solid work from a solid band.

Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Foxfire at You can pick up a copy of Early Rising at
Posted by Wildy at 5:00 AM
Labels: Courtney Love, Hole, Janis Joplin, The Runaways -

"reviews of "Maybe" from"

“Nice fat bass and energetic guitars...a fun band”

“...surprising and pretty refreshing...”

“I like that bass sound. [G]reat sounding fuzz.”

“Very punk rock...overall the tone of the song reminds me a little bit of Kyuss.”

“Gotta love that bass...”

“Quite a good opening with the bass start and the guitar crashing in...the production values were all pretty good, everything being well d[e]fined and balanced. Nice guitar tone, good attacking bass and some well played drums.”

“[I] like the begin[n]ing...oh yeah, chick singer sounds great...this kinda has like a punk edge to it which [I] like...everybody sounds really tight.”

"reviews from"

“The songs you have up sound fuckin' great!!!”

“You RAWK!!!”

“I NEED MY FOXFIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“WHEW> Yall kicked ass last night.”


“You guys definately brought the rock last night.”

“the new stuff really kicks ass!”

“Can't wait to see FOXFIRE next time i'm in ATL!”

“Kick Ass new music”

“you guy's rocked last night!!!”

“kick ass songs!”

“HI I LOVE MY FOXFIRE CD and I love the FOXFIRE trio. True musicians with a love of music, they are!”


"reviews of "Daddy's A Rock Star" from"

"Classic rawk! Is this a supergroup made up of Janis singing lead, the Ramones drummer, and Black Sabbath guitarists? Pretty cool sound guys."

"[P]ounding rock the type you need on the radio to wake up [A]mericans these days. [L]ets rock son."

" a set of lungs on her...this tune got much energy and power"

"I love to hear women belt out some rock vocals and y'all have it!!" -


Foxfire's S/T EP was self-produced and self-released in 2007; their debut full-length, Early Rising (out on their own Sludge Hammer Records) is available NOW!! Go to, or their MySpace page ( to download it instantly, and get the coolest album out now! Physical CD's (with cool pictures and everything!) also available for $10 postpaid, online, at shows...and everywhere!! Check out for more info. The currently projected release date for the as yet untitled second album from Foxfire is Summer of 2010.



Foxfire ROCKS!

Rachel and Kris started playing together in 2004, and then Stephen joined in 2006. All three have been friends for a while, and with the rhythm section married to each other, you know you get a special kind of chemistry...

Taking influences from every corner of rock music, and cooking them down to a straightforward and distinct style that is at the same time familiar and uniquely new, Foxfire's raw sound is perfectly complemented by their gritty lyrics and soulful vocals. Kris and Rachel have been involved in the Atlanta music scene for many years, but this is the first performing band for each of them. Stephen has played in several notable Atlanta bands, like Pickman's Model, Plaster, and Qualone. Find out more about Foxfire by visiting, and also check out their MySpace page at


They took a little time away from the stage to work on some new material recently...but, Foxfire is now back in the groove!! They've got a few shows coming up in Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina over the next few weeks, and much more planned for this summer. They're knee-deep in work on a new album, which will be released next year, and they'll be working the new tunes into the sets as they go along (so just about any time you see them this year, there's a good chance they'll play something you've never heard them play before).

And while they still have the same basic "Foxfire" sound--you know, that traditional "stoner punk rock" sound!--they have evolved a bit aurally...their sound is now much meaner, but far from leaner. No longer satisfied with his 600-watt/2-cabinet bass rig, Stephen now uses a 1,000-watt/3-cabinet monster to get his message across. Rachel has added another 4x12 to her set-up as well, and Kris has acquired some vicious red Vistalites, that thump and boom and crack like nobody's's kind of like Foxfire on overdrive now! Rest assured that if Foxfire is playing near you--the admission is worth the price.

Thanks for the support!