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"Foxgang & Casino Brag (live review)"

One of my favourite bands in Glasgow, Foxgang. Hell, I didn't need to see them again to know how good they are. I did have to see them again though to see that they're even better now than they were last time I saw them. Already a tight band displaying a vast range of influences from reggae to grunge, a compelling front man in the David Byrne mould, and songs that are funny, insightful, cynical and tinged with social commentary, the whole package just seems to be coming together for them now. Debuting new songs alongside those I know well, standards haven't slipped, and if they were to release an album tomorrow I'd spend hours arguing over what was the best song. They're all so distinct and good. Best of all, they're a great band to dance along to. - Bluesbunny

"Foxgang Orange Ep Review"

Easy Jet EP CD Cover
Easy Jet EP
No catalogue number

Woah! What's happening here? A band that dares to step outside the indie mainstream? Yes, and their name is Foxgang and they hail from a variety of places but have ended up in Glasgow.

It's almost anarchic. "Easy Jet" launches this EP with a bizarre white boy rap by singer Ryan Denton heralding the joys of package holidays. You can see this band going down to the crossroads to make a deal with the Devil and deciding that, all things considered, it would be better to steal his wallet and make a run for the nearest bar. "Cheesewire" suggest conventionality in its rock 'n' roll pretensions or at least it would if you think Miles Davis is conventional. It's half mad but it's all good.

Equally demented is the social commentary that forms the basis of "White English" and, likewise, it is hard to deny the cross dressing, trumpet led charms of "Wor Jacky".

If you like your music to walk off the beaten track then you will find much to enjoy in the company of Foxgang. I certainly did.

Review by: Bluesbunny


4 carrot rating - Bluesbunny


I'll be honest, I didn't get Foxgang first time I heard them (on CD, not live, otherwise i'd most definitely have got it!) There was a cynicism and melancholia in their music that wouldn't normally appeal to me, but what I was missing was the intellect and the over-riding optimism, just listen to Nichola to get an idea of the Foxgang experience. Throw in insanely talented musicians from around the world, a wealth of influences, and the most compelling frontman i've seen in any local band, and you're onto a winner. If it's light indie fluff you're after, steer clear, but if you want a band with intelligence, energy and balls, get Foxgang to your party!.....................FlatBeat mg...
- Flat Beat

"Jim Gellatley BBC Radio"

By Far the most interesting music and live performance in Glasgow/Edinburgh - BBC

"Foxgang with Meursalt"

Their stuff sounds quite mod-like at times, and has a good, funky beat underlying much of it and of course, most importantly, some bloody good tunes!! Fox Gang - White English. ……………….Song by Toad
- Song by Toad


White English Krakow jan 2006
Live at Radio Krakow feb 2007
Orange EP Scotland march 2008 played BBC/ XFM Radio and BBC special podcast
My Paper Harbour Scotland july 2009 played BBC Radio/XFM


White English Tentracks release ‘Police Box 1’ Sept 2008
Easy Jet Tentracks release ‘Police Box 2’ Nov 2009


Leith Walk Tentracks first birthday release. And Skinny Birthday party
10th oct

Live as King Tuts Online indie release of footage with recording. End of Oct.



FOXGANG profile

0044 07980984632 - Ryan

The Band is here
Foxgang is a Glasgow-based 4-piece made up of Vocals, Guitar, Bass and drums. Formed 2006 by an English lyricist/vocalist and an American guitarist living in Krakow. Foxgang has been building significant audiences in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, London and Krakow as well as reaching out via the internet to America and Europe. Foxgang receives national radio play in both Britain and Poland, and have played with many hot acts in Scotland and England. The drummer is a professionally-trained percussionist from Poland who moved to Scotland to further his career, and the bassist's first band appeared on TV when he was still a teenager.
The Music is here
Foxgang's music packed with character is a clever, accessible and tight little package. It has been described as Post-punk with a funky Rockabilly beat and compared to the likes of Talking Heads and Aztec Camera. The vocal delivery is as purely honest as the lyrics are darkly humorous, ironic but life-affirming all the same. The memorable, powerful staccato bass-lines ride on that F.R. Beat and are iced with iconic stripped-down guitar. Foxgang gigs, of which there have been around 400, leave both the band and the audience exalted and ecstatic.
The Mission is Clear
After playing in Poland for a year and a half with a line-up of English, American and Polish musicians, the band decided to hit a new audience in the UK, where the lyrical and musical references would be more relevant and make an impact on a British music scene. Divided between pop and anti-pop, anti-folk by making bold but highly-accessible statements speak as much to the hardcore Glasgow rocker as to the bearded Edinburgh folkster. FG’s demographic appeal only appears to widen as a USA high school and college Pop Culture class elected Foxgang as a subject of lyrical analysis and produce a video from a song of there choice.
Scotland is where -
Foxgang, in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, have built up contacts and fans based on their music and charisma alone, with no friends or family living there prior to arrival. They have released 2 Eps in physical form since being in the UK and 3 singles through the new non-contractual on-line label which has seen releases from Bjork, Alabama 3, Broken Records and Frightened Rabbit. In the Edinburgh Festival Foxgang are received by a cross-section of Comedian’s, Writers, Actors, Festival fans of all countries and teens celebrating their exam results who swiftly emptied the band of merchandise after every rockin conert.
Krakow is There
The band was founded in Krakow by a young Geordie artist keen on taking his art across the line into music and a Country-fed American guitarist from Kansas looking for musicians from different persuasions to write and perform with. Both were looking for other perspectives in life (there just has to be another way!) and music and the singer found his home country a bit easier to write about during a stint as an outsider. Krakow, known for being a city of art, music and craziness embraced Foxgang who wrote heavily, played constantly, recorded and built up a big following quickly; a following made up of both English-speaking ex-pats, and natives who loved the lyrics, the music and understood the message. Their reputation as the best live act (packing smoky venues and playing for hours) in Krakow gave the music scene there such a kick that it attracted the attention of the New York Times in 2006. Their shortly followed a label offer and TV invites. FOXGANG profile 

Band Members:
Vocals: Ryan Denton Newcastle
Guitar: Joe Brand Cansas City
Bass: Wojtek Balawender Worclaw
Drums: Pawel Banach Poznan