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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Duo Rock Art Rock




"Song of the Week: "In White" by Fox Grin"

Get ready for an unexpected banger by your new favorite band, Fox Grin. This Nashville-via-Atlanta band knows how to bring the heat when it comes to seamlessly melting the best parts of art-punk, psych-rock, and dream-pop. With a sound that is influenced by not only The Shins and Vampire Weekend, but ELO and T. Rex and a discography dating back to 2012, Fox Grin are making well-seasoned genre-bending music. Their most recent single, “In White” off the their forthcoming full length release, Dusk, employs cascading harmonies and an unrivaled bass line by David Bean.

The easiest and most accurate way to describe “In White” is full. The lyrical content rounds out an instrumental backing that feels like you’re listening to a full orchestra in a symphony hall, while a motion picture of vivid colors dances in front of you. The drums, keys, and everything in between harmonize with Thomas Chapman’s voice in an irresistibly satisfying way. The color white is a reflection of all other colors and that’s a metaphorically perfect way to describe how this song sounds. Instrumentally, it reflects peace, chaos, light, dark, night, day, and all things that could be considered gray. Its purity is blinding, just like a fresh blanket of snow under early morning sunlight. It’s a great listen for whatever mood you’re in, but especially when you need something to lift your spirits.

Dusk will be out on March 22 and Fox Grin will be playing some shows in March around Tennessee, Ohio, and Georgia. Keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see when they’ll make an appearance in Seattle!

-Haley Parsons - Distinction Music Management


Must admit that ‘Broken Watch’ had me getting all warm inside because it pushed those vintage Fiction Factory buttons, an electro pop number with a gravitas and heart that just underlines what an important act Fox Grin are. Without irony I will say it actually made me tick. Thomas Chapman and David Bean are the kind that can softly hoist their melodies upon the listener and by extension make them feel them good inside. It’s a rare gift and one that marks out this Nashville based duo as among the best on the indie circuit today. And yes, it ‘Feels Like Heaven’. KH - Mp3 Hugger

"PREMIERE: Fox Grin’s new clip for Shangri-La is a slice of psych-pop heaven"

By Molly LaskerPremieresFox Grin
PREMIERE: Fox Grin’s new clip for Shangri-La is a slice of psych-pop heaven
Shangri-La (ʃaŋgrɪˈlɑː|) • noun: a place regarded as an earthly paradise, especially when involving a retreat from modern civilisation, not dissimilar to Utopia.
The definition seems fitting for the Fox Grin‘s new clip of the same name. The fuschia hues are otherworldly, the vocal harmonies, euphonious. It is not all too often that a band is so pleasant sounding that it almost feels too pure to listen to.

Nashville-based art rock duo Fox Grin deliver an otherworldly new clip to accompany their euphonious single Shangri-La.

Fox Grin have carved their own sonic path. Members Thom Chapman and David Bean experiment with pop formula song structures and arrangements, and, with their live band in tow, their performances undeniably increase in energy.
“Shangri-La is about the escaping feeling of contentment and enlightenment,” Fox Grin said of their song, “The never-ending reach for satisfaction and gratification, the self-awareness surrounding the duality of feeling lost while also being grateful for the idea and concept ‘Shangri-La’ provides.”

The band cite an eclectic range of musical inspirations and find it difficult to categorize their individual sound as anything less broad than art-rock. Shangri-La finds its footing in dreamy psych-rock soundscapes.
Shangri-La is an earworm; listeners become easily transfixed by the combination of harmonious vocals and euphoric melodies. It is texturised by glittery guitar riffs and a subtly celestial string section and features perfectly executed layers of rhythm.
The fuschia-hued forest in which Shangri-La was filmed is the perfect backdrop to their otherworldly single. Check out the video below:

The video was created by Solar Cabin studios and followed the single, which was released back in June.
The band have no plans to travel to Australia anytime soon, but if you’re based in the US, keep your eye on Fox Grin. We think we’re on to something here… - Happy Mag

"A Fresh Take on 90s Rock Styles"

Fox Grin – “Black Tree”
-For the 90s comp here, I’m thinking of a band like Garbage. Maybe some critics would scoff at that, but it’s where I’m at with this one. The understated opening vocal is really appealing, though, and the glowing guitars bring a fresh new update to some of those older sounds. I find myself smiling on the inside to some of the electric guitar runs. How do they even make it sound so crisp? It’s an altogether cool vibe that’s more uptempo than it seems, keeping your foot tapping as you listen closely for the message. - Ear to the Ground Music

"A Work-Week Detox Playlist"

“Broken Watch” – Fox Grin

What we have is a wonderful indie rock gem. The added pop tones add a depth I enjoyed. His voice is gentle and glossy, full of life and love. Musically, the drums are slick and the added synth makes for a very subtle but delicious depth. The song feels like a journey… as if you’re going on one and they are the soundtrack to your movements. It’s not fast, it’s not slow, it’s just right. The perfect pace, rhythm, sound, and track to lead the way. - Ear to the Ground Music

"Introducing: Fox Grin"

Nashville-via-Atlanta outfit Fox Grin return to the fold in March following a period of hibernation with new album Dusk; a colourful, kaleidoscopic explosion of bright indie-pop, dreamy psych and vibrant art rock edges.

Primarily based around the pairing of Thomas Chapman (vocals / guitar / keys) and David Bean (bass / backing vocals), the new record follows 2018’s King of Spades, and is sparkling with colourful innovative ideas, strong grooves and pop goodness. Take ‘Broken Watch’ for example. It is an elegant and dreamy slice of sparkling indie-pop, rich in melody and dripping with sunny vibes it dazzles with lush pop orchestration and gorgeous vocal harmonies. This is radiant pop par excellence as Chapman’s hushed, heartfelt and velvety tones are wrapped in a warm, hazy and colourful psychedelic swirl. ‘Skull Candy’ meanwhile, offers a different side to their innovative formula. Glistening guitar lines, chiming keys and annular riffs race and run in tandem with meaty bubbling bassline and propulsive post-punk/krautrock groove to deliver a driving yet dreamy slice of psychedelic-pop peppered with powerful melodies and sweet harmonies. A mesmerising blend of lush pop, dreamy psych and jerky art-rock delivered with an abundance of charm and warm, hazy vibes.

Listen to ‘Broken Watch’ & ‘Skull Candy’ below and if they are to your liking, why not check out new album Dusk, here? - Barry Gruff

"Unsigned Spotlight: Fox Grin"

Unsigned Spotlight: Fox Grin
Fox Grin exists at the intersection of art-rock and indie-pop; blending complex synthesized soundscapes with a foundation of alternative-rock guitar and drum arrangements, punctuated by strong vocal melodies and pop-inspired harmonies.
Please list all of your band members and their roles in the band.

Thom Chapman (vocals, guitar, keys)
David Bean (Bass, backing vocals)
Mike Cap (Keys, backing vocals)
Ben Jackson (drums)
Josh Horne (guitar)

For starters, what bands were you guys a part of prior to Fox Grin? How long has the band been around?

Thom Chapman was in a couple Atlanta bands - Rabbit, Verlaine
David Bean plays with Nashville’s Jonny and the Jumpmen
Mike Cap and Josh Horne are in Nashville band B0lth, as well as a Beatles Tribute band
Ben Jackson has played for Nashville’s The Burps

What’s the origin of that name and have you changed the band’s name before?

Thom and David were part of an Atlanta Artist collective called Pack Life, along with a band called Wolves and Brotherhawk. Thom used to make street art of Cheshire Cat Grins in Atlanta, so “fox” was chosen in keeping with Pack Life, and “Grin” was chosen in reference to the street art.

Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs and do you think these topics will change over time?

Thom writes most of the songs, usually dealing with existential themes like death, depression, love and enlightenment. Every song tries to convey a positive mantra. Who knows where the subject matter might lead?

What bands are currently inspiring the music that you’re making?

Bands all over the spectrum... Beatles, ELO, Zombies, Bowie, Pink Floyd, T.Rex...60s Pop, 70s psych rock/pop, late 80s punk, 90s Nirvana, Elliott Smith...some contemporaries we’re into include Tame Impala, Dungen, Kishi Bashi, Jacco Gardner, Deerhunter, Melody’s Echo Chamber, etc...

Was there a particular band/artist or concert that inspired you to start a band?

Reading Kurt Cobain’s autobiography in the 3rd grade.

What do you do to prepare for a show? Any flexing, exercises, etc…

Practice, Practice, Practice. Maybe a beer right before.

What has been the biggest highlight of the band’s career so far?

Playing Audiotree and Mile of Music were such a blast!

If you could tour with any bands, past or present, who would they be and why?

Beatles, Led Zeppelin, ELO, Tame Impala, LCD Soundsystem, Dungen...we’re fan boys.

Anything else you wanna add?

Our new album, Dusk, comes out on March 22nd. It’s a vibrant indie rock tale sparkling with art-pop orchestration and gorgeous vocal harmonies. - Kill the Music

"Song We like: Fall Into You by Fox Grin"

Song We like: Fall Into You by Fox Grin
March 2, 2019 Cinnamon album review, album reviews, featured, fox grin, holy crap records, holy crap records album review, rock and roll, rock and roll reviews, song review, song we like, underground music, underground music album reviews, unsigned bands, unsigned bands album review

This song is indie-indie music. (Indie-indie is a term that we just made up. You’ll know it when you hear it.) And this song right here is the apotheosis of indie-indie music. We adore it. (Featured on our #42 podcast) - Holy Crap

"Album Review: Fox Grin – Dusk"

Art rock and indie pop intersect on Nashville duo Fox Grin‘s forthcoming album, Dusk. It is the band’s third full-length, slated for release on Friday, March 22, and marks another strong, shimmering record for the band, full of smoky vocals and catchy guitar riffs.


Dusk opens with “Awakening”, a minute-long synth track that serves as an appetizer for the rest of the album. It glistens, despite the occasional electronic element peppered throughout, and there is an almost telestic quality to the track.

And the rest of the record certainly does not disappoint. “In White” is catchy, with poppy melodies and smooth vocals, and it is somehow light and airy without losing its alt-rock features. There’s a gritty, fuzzy guitar solo in the bridge that holds it all down, grounding the track to prevent it from floating away entirely. Tracks like “Shangri-La” maintain that deft, light tone, and frontman Thomas Chapman’s cool, husky vocals are almost reminiscent of The Shins.

There is another instrumental reprieve with “Follow The Rabbit” halfway through the record, with what sounds like a choir in the background. It is, once again, shimmering and ethereal, and it provides an excellent palate cleanser before the duo moves into the next half of the album.


From there, the band doubles down, though tracks like “Slow Motion” are a little heavier than before. Its guitar is more substantial, but vocals still feel weightless, and the guitar lick is melt-in-your-mouth sticky. Later, “Skull Candy” centers more on the drums, which push the track into a faster tempo and feel like a steady heartbeat throughout.

“Eclipse” is hazier than ever, though, and there’s a thick layer of what feels like sonic smoke muffling the music. It builds in intensity toward the chorus and bridge, but instead of catharsis, the release is melancholy and slow as Chapman croons, “Nothing really matters.”

The album ends on two more instrumental tracks, both sharply contrasting: “The Hunt” is grungier and grittier, which doesn’t line up with the gauzy second half of the record, but the simplicity of piano and synth on “Rain” closes out the record with levity.

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 8.20.29 AM-1.jpgOn Dusk, Fox Grin seems to have carved out a specific corner of the music scene for itself, and it works. The duo is confident and polished, blending art rock and indie pop effortlessly to create unique, ethereal tracks that are somehow catchy and light and intense all at once without overwhelming listeners. Dusk is slated for release Friday, March 22, so check out the band’s website for more information and to listen. - Indientry

"AA Indie Song of the Day - Fox Grin - "In White""

The Indie Song of the Day comes from Nashville-via-Atlanta duo Fox Grin. The song we're featuring is called "In White" - it's a vibrant indie rock with art-pop orchestration and plenty of harmonies.

Fox Grin is Thom Chapman (vocals/guitar/keys) and David Bean (bass/backing vocals), the band came together around Chapman's solo music. That started in 2012 and they've been going strong ever since. "In White" is the first single off the band's upcoming album that will be released early this year. - Alternative Addiction

"Album Premiere: Dusk by Fox Grin"

Nashville-via-Atlanta outfit Fox Grin returns from hibernation this early spring with Dusk, a kaleidoscopic explosion of sparkling indie pop and vibrant art rock soundscapes. Officially arriving on March 22nd, it marks the band’s third full-length album and second in two years following 2018’s excellent King of Spades.

Primarily a duo comprised of Thomas Chapman (vocals/guitar/keys) and David Bean (bass/backing vocals), the band’s sound is characterized by innovative song formulas, classical yet contemporary arrangements, strong rock grooves, and powerful melodies peppered with vocal harmonies.

The Big Takeover is mighty delighted to host the premiere of the full LP right here. A drifting and brief instrumental opening sets the stage for next song “In White”, a shining indie rock tale that dazzles with art pop orchestration and gorgeous vocal harmonies. The leads into the lush and radiant “Shangri-la” that reverberates with mellifluous guitar lines, pulled strings, a supple, lower bass line, an active drum beat. Chapman sings in a velvety soft, slightly hazy tone as the track begins to swirl to psychedelic heights.

“Broken Watch” is a dreamy slice of nocturnal-dream beauty, while “Follow the Rabbit” delivers pastoral folk with acoustic instruments and wavering flute notes. The indie rock track “Slow Motion” rises on burning guitar lines and exclaimed vocals, while that dreamstate feeling continues to flow. Power popper “Eclipse” successfully merges melodic, hushed vocals and harmonies with orchestral touches.

The kinetic indie rocker “Skull Candy” propels forward with a forceful drum beat and running bass line. Chiming guitar notes and dashed off piano plunks keep the atmosphere buoyant. Restlessly loping instrumental “The Hunt” adds a darker tone to the proceedings, with a hurried tempo and emphatic almost-metal guitar push. The last track, “Rain”, is spare and quieter, focusing on echoed piano notes, a tapping beat, and winding synths that fade out at the finish.

Says Fox Grin founding member Thom Chapman, “We love when albums have a full and complete concept. With Dusk we wanted the sonic palette to reflect bright and colorful songs at the beginning of the album and slowly transition into darker thematic and sonic territories. By the end of the album we really wanted to convey a feeling of night-time and darkness.

THUR 3/21 – Nashville, TN (The Five Spot)
THUR 3/28 – Athens, GA (Georgia Theatre Rooftop)
FRI 3/29 – Knoxville, TN (Scruffy City Hall)
SAT 3/30 – Elizabethtown, KY (Flywheel Brewing)
FRI 7/12 – Atlanta, GA (Fernbank’s After Dark Music Series) - The Big Takeover

"PREMIERE: “In White” is a dreamy, indie-rock anthem from Fox Grin"

Fox Grin exists at the intersection of indie and art rock, blending together complex synthesized soundscapes on top of a foundation that consists of alternative rock beats, tied all together by strong vocal melodies and pop-inspired harmonies.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Fox Grin currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee and comprises of Thomas Chapman (vocals/guitar/keys) and David Bean (bass/backing vocals). Back in 2012, the band solidified around Champan’s solo effort while he was a member of Pack Life Collective. Late-2012 saw the band release their first EP, W-Magic, with their debut album, Animals, following in 2013.

​Currently, Fox Grin is gearing up to release their new album, Dusk, on March 22nd and today we have the exclusive premiere of a new single called “In White.”

“‘In White’ was a song that wrote itself quickly. We had gone in to record ‘Shangri-La’ and ‘Skull Candy,’ and it happened to be a last-minute edition. Our bassist David came up with the bass line on the spot and everything fell into place naturally. It’s always refreshing to create something in that way,” explains Chapman.

Fox Grin will be performing a few shows this upcoming March. Check out their upcoming tour dates below, and keep up with the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Upcoming tour dates:

THUR 3/21 – Nashville, TN (The 5 Spot)

THUR 3/28 – Columbus, OH (Spacebar)

FRI 3/29 – Knoxville, TN (Scruffy City Hall)

SAT 3/30 – Elizabethtown, KY (Flywheel Brewing)

FRI 7/12 – Atlanta, GA (Fernbank’s After Dark Music Series) - Substream Magazine

"[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Art Rock Duo Fox Grin Return with Dreamy New Single “Broken Watch”"

We first introduced you to local art rock duo Fox Grin last year, when we premiered their great EP Dawn, before checking back in at the start of 2018 with the debut of a new single, ahead of their most recent, critically-acclaimed full-length, King of Spades. Since then, the Atlanta transplants, Thom Chapman and David Bean, have continued to build buzz around Nashville and throughout the region, along with crafting a swift followup LP, Dusk, set to arrive in early 2019. As we eagerly await that album’s release, we’re beyond excited to once again premiere a new single: “Broken Watch.”

Boasting the band’s familiar, dreamy, harmony-laden, Beatles-esque sound, “Broken Watch” feels like a welcome continuation of the same formula we’ve come to expect from one of Nashville’s coolest acts on the rise; a refreshing and unique departure from much of the indie and garage rock we’ve heard so much of in the local rock scene. With layered instrumentation and synth flourishes, the tune is immediately hypnotic and timeless, and you can hear it right now below before it officially drops tomorrow!

For even more of a Fox Grin fix, be sure to watch the group’s recent Audiotree live session, and keep an eye out for a new music video coming soon. While there currently aren’t any local dates on the books, we imagine one will announce sooner than later; we’ll keep you posted! - No Country For New Nashville


Shangri-La is a distant, imaginary place, one where everything is pleasant and you can have everything your heart desires. Nashville-based art rock duo Fox Grin brings that idea a little closer with their new and appropriately-titled single “Shangri-La,” a tune from their forthcoming album Dusk, due out early next year.

“‘Shangri-La is about the escaping feeling of contentment and enlightenment,” the band says of the song. “The never-ending reach for satisfaction and gratification, the self-awareness surrounding the duality of feeling lost while also being grateful for the idea and concept ‘Shangri-La’ provides.”

With its groovetastic landscape texturized by shimmering guitar, brightly-executed riffs, and dreamy vocals, “Shangri-La” provides a short escape from and injects a little psychedelic sunshine into the daily grind. Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Shangri-La” by Fox Grin: - East of 8th

"[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Fox Grin Gets Zen With Art-Rock Track “Que Sera”"

Nashville art rock band Fox Grin premiered their EP Dawn with us in early 2017, and since then the outfit have been playing plenty of live dates and steadily building buzz towards the release of their third album King of Spades. The duo celebrate the full length’s release at The East Room on Friday, Jan. 19, and we’ve got an exclusive first listen of single “Que Sera” streaming here at No Country ahead of the official release.

“Que Sera” kicks off with an ecstatic synth line and dreamy vocals before settling into a spacey groove that strikes us as a nod to Time To Pretend-era MGMT. By the track’s end, listeners should definitely be in a zen mood. Fox Grin says the track “was inspired by the Latin saying ‘Que Sera Sera,’ which means ‘what will be, will be.’”

Catch Fox Grin at The East Room this Friday, Jan. 19 with Uncle Knuckle, The Burps, and Chloe Kat. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are $5. Until then, listen to new track “Que Sera” below! - No Country For New Nashville


Thom Chapman and David Bean made some wonderfully lush noise during their tenure in Atlanta, and while the duo may now claim Nashville as their base of operations, they certainly haven’t lost their knack for constructing warm, dreamy pop. Fox Grin’s latest is the shimmery, beguiling “Black Tree,” the first single from the group’s upcoming King of Spades LP, which finds the pair expanding on their love for radiant grooves and Beatles-esque hooks. It’s a moody number, sweeping yet meditative, but what makes the cut standout from the group’s catalog is its prog-ish detours and psychedelic flourishes. Fox Grin have never been afraid to abandon formula and weave a few left-field turns into their airy dreamscapes, but here those twists are more pronounced even as they maintain and accentuate the song’s ambient flow. Priority number one has always been an alluring and generous accessibility, and on “Black Tree” that mission is admirably maintained. - Immersive Atlanta

"Premiere: Fox Grin – Memoria"

Nashville-by-way-of-Atlanta duo Fox Grin choose to refer to themselves as “art rock”, and who am I to correct them? Mind you, when I think of art rock I usually think of Yoko Ono or Roxy Music, David Bowie perhaps?
Having only this song to go by, I’m going to keep an open mind as I follow their travails & I’d encourage you to do the same. “Memoria” is the second single from their album King of Spades (due January, 2018). In some ways, “Memoria” is probably a more of a clever re-imagination of Rachmaninoff or Tchaikovsky. When the voices of Thom Chapman and David Bean come in, though, the song veers into a psychedelic love ballad. As an aesthetic foray into blissful, synthetic dream pop, it’s a welcome introduction to their music of which I hope to hear more. - Loudersoft


Details. For songs that go heavy on them, that are rich in layers and sound, there is a subtle but critical difference between getting lost in them or losing yourself to them. Fortunately for Fox Grin’s latest single, the end result conjures the latter. The new cut squares itself firmly in the lush dream pop that Thomas Chapman and David Bean are known for creating, but there are significant advances both in the subtleties of their performance and the quality of the production.

Although “Jack Quick” was recorded, arranged, and performed by Fox Grin, it should be noted the song was written by Matt Debusschere (Freak Out, ex-The Futurists) and John Lindsey (Bell Breakers, The Futurists, Brain) back when the pair were in The Futurists together. Without ever having heard the original, it’s impossible to do a comparison, but I can state that Fox Grin’s version is decidedly generous, full of immaculate textures and melodies that are almost soothing in their meditative calm. It’s a pensive track that tackles existential questions about the nature of being, but it’s such a joy to listen to, it could just as easily be about kittens or rainbows and I’d still keep hitting repeat. Still, calling this headphone candy, while true to some extent, is to miss the point. “Jack Quick” is as much about finding yourself as it is letting go, and with it Fox Grin have delivered their finest moment yet. - Immersive Atlanta

"[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Art Rock Duo Fox Grin Unveil New EP ‘Dawn’" - No Country For New Nashville

"Fox Grin - "Ocean Nocturne""

Since their first release as Fox Grin in 2012, Thomas Chapman and David Bean have developed a knack for layering lush sounds over simple harmonies. With “Ocean Nocturne,” they drift further way from organic indie rock into an atmosphere of warm, effortless dream pop.

This isn’t a drastic step for the band. In fact, it is as much a change in production as it is in songwriting or structure with Fox Grin replacing the experimental flourishes of previous releases with glittering synth hooks and endless waves of reverb.

Chapman, Bean, and studio drummer Neil Kapoor demonstrate their skill by not overplaying, thereby letting the sunny simplicity of the song flow until it fades into oblivion. Though the emotional peaks and valleys of the song are microscopic, these tiny dynamic changes lend the track a natural quality, like a hand-drawn line lazily traced through the soundscape.

Though simple songs may seem like a waste of such obvious talent, “Ocean Nocturne” is Fox Grin at their most refined, stripping away excess in favor of a sun-drenched cocktail of haziness and clarity. Listen below. - Immersive Atlanta

"Latest Disgrace"

Filled with a bevy of surging grooves and infectious melodies, the debut album from indie rockers Fox Grin should turn a lot of heads this summer as lead fox Thom Chapman has shown he has a knack for writing exuberant hooks that come at you from a wide variety of musical angles. - Guillermo Castro

"Dropping the Needle"

Mellow tunes with strong vocals...perfect! - Christina Abdelnour

"Stomp and Stammer"

Fox Grin is an Atlanta trio that does a slickly-produced brand of mainstream rock, heavy on synths, guitars, and breathy vocals. Animals is their indie CD, available via antiseptic sound-delivery facilities throughout metropolitan Alphaville, or at least next time they play the Star Bar. Which is Oct. 24th. - Jeff Clark


"Dusk" LP 2019

"King of Spades" LP 2018

"Dawn" EP 2017

"Animals" LP 2014

"W-Magic" EP 2012



"Fox Grin is a psychedelic dream pop and indie art rock band who write catchy tunes with swirly, kaleidoscopic soundscapes."

Characterized by innovative song formulas, classical yet contemporary arrangements, strong rock grooves, and strong melodies with occasional harmonies, Fox Grin creates painting-like soundscapes while maintaining a pop song sensibility.

Fox Grin is Thomas Chapman (vocals/guitar/keys) and David Bean (bass/backing vocals). After meeting as members of the Pack Life Collective and while Chapman was in art school, the band released their EP "W-Magic" in 2012 and their debut full-length album "Animals" in 2013. Following a relocation to Nashville the band then released "Dawn EP" in 2017 and "King of Spades" in early 2018. Currently the band are touring and working on another release slated for early 2019.

Recommended if you like Tame Imapala, MGMT, The Flaming Lips, Queens of the Stone Age, Deerhunter, The Beatles, ELO...

Band Members