Foxhole Etiquette

Foxhole Etiquette


Experimental rock, odd time, ranging from halftime to near-punk frenzies.


We've been together for years, originally a three piece that became five. Our songs are well rehearsed and plentiful. We've all got strong theory backgrounds in music and as such the songs have come together in a patchwork consisting of several strong egos and good ears. I imagine the thing setting us apart from other bands is that we're humble and not one of us owns a studded belt.


We've got a number of recordings but have not "released" anything in the traditional sense.

Set List

Our set list:
1. Our Side
2. Nothing
3. Breakbee
4. Jenobly Flops
5. Burger
6. Cataclysm
7. Puppets
8. Out of the Loop

We've got 8 songs in our set, it's about 50 minutes. We can play up to an hour and a half, easy. We don't do any covers at this time.