Torino, Piedmont, ITA

From the very beginning our purpose is to distribute and performe our music abroad, because here in Italy you have few chances if you have a spyglass and look for images beyond the Alps or Sicily.
We wake up in Polynesia and it is a very shining day, we have lunch on the top of Himalayas. At 5:00 o' clock we have a cup of tea in St. James and after having dinner with Bedouins in the desert we get lounge on a leaves bed, waiting for the dark.
We'll do all of this in absolute Concord.


After their debut album "Concordia", that was released in May 2012, an Italian tour of 70 shows in which they were the opening act for The XX at Traffic Festival and Peter Hook in Turin, and the participation in other important festivals such as Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, May 2013, Foxhound have just come back with a new LP, entirely self produced, called "In Primavera", released on March 21st 2014. New inspirations, directions and frontiers explored, the album has been critically acclaimed and the band has been nominated for  "Best New Generation" at MTV Awards 2014.

A live show that has nothing to share with other emerging bands, that has a different destination, far away. Wake up in the shining islands of Polynesia, at noon they're on top of Himalaya, then cup of tea at St. James in the afternoon and, after having dinner with the Bedouins in the desert, they go to sleep on a bed made of leaves, waiting for the dark.Most important, Foxhound remind us that it's not necessary to categorize everything that we listen to.


CD - Concordia - 11th May 2012