American muscle cars, nachos and margaritas, Mardi Gras. This is Foxhunter's sound. It's classic rock with just enough spice and funk to make it groove.


Not a single word is spoken between these four guys. It's unnecessary, even cumbersome while they jam. However, one nods, the other smiles. His eyes are shut tight. That one is obviously laughing although you can't hear it over the music. The music; it just grooves. It smiles and nods and laughs right along with them. The transitions are seemless. The dynamics are perfectly synchronized. My impression is that they have worked on this tune for some time. However, when they finally take a break, I learn that what I have just witnessed was an improvasational jam. As we continue to talk, the members of Foxhunter admit that every song of their twenty song, all-original set began as improv.
"We don't go into the studio and decide to write a single. We go into the studio to play music because it's what we love to do. And our hope, as a band, is that our love of music shines through in every groove we play," explains Peter Acker.

"And it's about blending styles like Led Zep and Jimi Hendrix did to give a respectful nod to Rock'n'Roll's roots. We take each of our influences and toss them into the pot. What we hope to deliver is music that shows our respect for Rock's history," says Casey Guillot.
For me, as an objective listener, I believe Foxhunter would be at home sharing a stage with Pearl Jam or The Black Crows. While the material on their self-titled EP certainly leans closer to rock than funk, their current soon-to-be-released material takes a road trip to New Orleans and has a few drinks at Tippi Tina's. Clearly, these guys are musician's because they love what they do. For the music lover in all of us, we love what they do too.


Foxhunter, EP

Set List

Our set list is comprised of twenty all original songs which can last close to 90 minutes. Occassionally, we will do an improv'd tune or two which will take the set into 120 minutes.