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everywhere, Not Applicable, Ireland

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F.J.B.H recently released this single which is taken from their upcoming debut album The Devil in music.

From Limerick, this band are a bit of a hybrid where genres are concerned. Suffice to say, they create hair raising, dark but delectable music. Quite addictive, each song has charm and because of the lone Cowboy style that tends to come through in lead vocalist Ronan’s delivery, there’s something about this that people are drawn to.

With a string of dates countrywide, F.J.B.H. are continuing to accumulate popularity and an enormous fan base.

Ronan Mitchell-Vocals/Piano/Guitar/Banjo, Morgan Nolan-Vocals/Guitars/Bass and Shane Serrano-Drums/Percussion, are the members of F.J.B.H.

Beginning with a long, rhythmic intro, this number involves a choppy beat, interesting discords on guitars and is followed by a melodramatic verse. Chord combinations are superb and the chorus appealing.

Melody line has a weary feel to it, with harmonica lending to the lazy attitude of Ronan’s vocals. Lead guitar does a lovely solo with screaming notation and a similarly down in the mouth style to it.

The lads join in doing backing vocals for the chorus and the harmonica performs a wailing riff. Deep and gritty, Ronan’s voice is perfect for this laid back type of song. Six or seven pints, and we’ll see each other in a different light. is my favourite line.

An unstoppable force, this band have been highly acclaimed by top radio stations and appeared on R.T.E’s Dave Fanning’s The 11th Hour and Under Ether.
They have also shared stages with the likes of Ham Sandwich, Givamanakick, Dave Gerraghty and Ojos Rojos.

My guess is that they have some ingredient in their music that just won’t let go once it grips you. I’m victim to this, finding those eerie guitar solos, chords that can’t be named and a way about them that makes you want to run to the nearest bar for a fix or a cure, somehow pleasant and satisfying.

Needless to say, the cover art of this wonderful single depicts a warm cosy chandelier on the wall of what must be a pub judging from the wallpaper. I smell my favourite tipple already!

Review written by: Angela Macari O’Looney -- -

Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters are a three-piece from Limerick you're going to hear a lot about in the very near future.

Like the horrendous offspring of Alice In Chains, Nick Cave and the Bade Seeds, Pavement and Nirvana, their second EP Congress Of Oddities delights and frightens in equal measures. Even though it has an odd circus freak vibe, we've been playing it since it arrived in the office. It's all fab distorted guitar riffs and horror harmonies, and track 4, Firefly, actually has us worrying that our speakers wouldn't be able to take it. Love it. - Irish News Of The World

Limerick Natives, Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters have delivered their second EP "Congress Of Oddities". Straight off the bat, it has to be said that this is an utterly powerful and enthralling listen. The EP conjures up nods to Tom Waits, Mark Lanegan and most notably, early Queens Of The Stone Age.

The first track "Walking With The Dead" is an immersion into a world of swamp-like bluesy rock. The following tracks share this swagger of grit and dirty soul. "Care To Play?" is a particular highlight that builds lush female vocals into the release of monstrous riffs that are sure to make audiences tremble.

As an EP, it is very consistent and that must be admired. A lot of EP's try to hammer out a few ideas which more often than not lead to an unmemorable listen.

This truly is a bloody good record. - Limerick Event Guide

This Limerick trio walk in the role of musical outlaws, scalping all manners of genres - from the delta blues through alt. country and onto grunge, with a music hall detour along the way - to create the six-track collection of limb-trembling, blood-boiling brilliance. There's an element of Seasick Steve's rickety blues in 'Homeward Bound & Gagged', whilst 'Cornelius T. Ampersand' sounds like that old rascal Tom Waits rattling about a creepy fun fair. Elsewhere, 'Care to Play?' conjures up Mark Lanegan at his foreboding best and 'Darker Shade Of Blue' summons the troubled ghost of Jeff Buckley. The percussion is supple, changing from quicksand sludge to lightning quick as the song demands, whilst the guitar riffs morph from heavy-lidded to high-octane. Majestic. - AU Magazine

Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters are from the badlands of Limerick and they're back with a new EP 'Congress Of Oddities'. 'Walking With The Dead' sounds like Nick Cave soundtracking a Stephen King horror pic. It has 'undead' vocals, graveyard screams and an evil heaviosity in the guitars. 'Homeward Bound And Gagged' goes a little Deliverance on us, with banjo, scabrous vocals, wall-to-wall mongrel riffola and a leaden atmosphere. 'Cornelius T. Ampersand' starts off as a jolly waltz, but soon reveals that it has all the charm of Ted Bundy. These guys are even scarier than Crystal Swing - don't listen to it with the light out" - Hotpress Magazine

From Limerick City, this uniquely entertaining band have emerged, capturing the attention of music critics and gathering a large fan base throughout Ireland.With their strange but fabulous Rock/Punk/Blues sound, they have caused quite a stir and this E.P. is dark, ghoulish and hair raising. However, there’s no denying the musicianship and awe inspiring talent, that is hidden in the depths of each memorable dirge and after a couple of listens, you begin to really enjoy the six tracks.

Members of FJBH are Ronan Mitchell-Vocals/Piano/Guitar/Banjo, Morgan Nolan-Vocals/Guitar/Bass and Shane Serrano- Drums/Vocals/Clarinet.Congress of Oddities is the band’s second E.P., released in ’09. Their debut self-titled E.P. received momentous critical acclaim and they have gigged extensively across Ireland, Germany and America since their formation in 2006.

A piano intro in choppy style opens up the first track; Walking with the dead. Discords are used to give it creepiness and it explodes into a grunge soaked blast of guitars. Spine- chilling, distortion-packed chords and anAdams family- style riff throughout add to the morbid melody line.

Ronan’s vocals take on a Zombie tone, as he sings the lyrics in a deep bass. A key change before each chorus lends dynamic and a riveting drum break also gives socks to this masterful composition.

The guitar solo is elaborate, sounding like the wailing of a banshee at times and the way the pace alternates just before the final chorus, is yet another change that adds to the charm of this imaginative number. Not for the faintheared!

Homeward bound and gagged is a bluegrass type song. The beat alternates, with a stop start effect that is catchy. This track involves a trickling banjo and the lads all seem to be singing on it, with quite effective harmony coming through.

Cornelius T. Ampersand

A wonderful carnival-style intro and excellent chord combinations and lead guitar are for me the highlight of this song. From a sweet three four tempo, with the vocals deep, it suddenly turns into a bashing crescendo of drums, glaring defunct guitars and ear splitting vocals. But it returns to the lovely trickling guitar again. The complex notation, disconcerting changes and strange happenings make this number more of a rhapsody than just a song.

FireflyA three four tempo accompanies Ronan’s mournful verse for this song. Backing vocals lend depth to the chorus. This track is short and very memorable, with minor chords used throughout. This seems to be a key ingredient in FJBH’s songs. My only criticism is that they put this track next to Cornelius T. Ampersand. The two three four tempos so close together make them sound very samey. However, this is only a minor glitch. I like both tracks immensely!

Care to play?

This song begins with a weird, out of tune piano intro. I adore the way it then bursts into life, with revving, heavy guitar chords. Harmony is brilliant, with a sense of drama in the melody line. Vocals are dreary, but delicious. A quiet guitar break comes along, with haunting ahs contradicting the earlier grunginess.Suddenly, in comes an explosive, distortion-packed chorus, with a surprising array of minor to major chord combinations and a sense of hope in it, the choral style vocals amazing.It returns to the morose minors, bending guitar notes and dramatic mood from earlier, winding down this way.

Darker Shade of Blue

Ronan performs the verse of this bonus track with passion. With a trickling guitar accompaniment, it’s a mournful number with delicious harmony in the chorus. His vocal ability is demonstrated, when he goes from bass notes right up to a falsetto. The sound gradually builds up, till soon you hear bashing drums and guitars, filled with drama and vitality.It returns to the laid back mood for a while. But after the sorrowful chorus it becomes crazy again, with a powerful blast of drums and guitars. This is an excellent finish to the E.P. , where all the stops are pulled out.

I find this band impressive and extremely entertaining, but I would like to hear them doing an occasional upbeat song, to break the dowdy atmosphere that’s constant in each song. A clown smiles out from the cover of the CD, but he seems to be the only cheerful thing about it.

The three lads are planning their debut album for 2011, which is sure to be as successful as this and their debut E.P. and hopefully they’ll include one or two songs with a happier mood in them. Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters have had regular airplay on top radio stations and seem like an unstoppable force and I look forward to seeing them live, when they are in Dublin.

Review written by: Angela Macari O’Looney --

"...Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters have emerged from Limerick with a piledriving sound that could curdle milk at a hundred paces.... 'Delorian Obsession' is a triumphant punk metal anthem with sinister vocals and some great shouting too, and we need more shouting in records. The arrangement keeps you on the edge of your sanity and it builds to a great climax... music played with passion and conviction but without losing a sense of fun. We need more of it..."

-Jackie Hayden - HOTPRESS

"...Who knew that a rain stick and a didgeridoo had a place on a punk and blues record? Limerick's Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters aren't afraid to sprinkle their jagged sound with uncommon instruments ... it's fun to listen for the eclectic elements hidden here and there..." - HOTPRESS

" ...very impressive... polished and confident... for a band that has been playing less than a year, they have certainly pushed themselves to the limit... determined to give their all..."

"...Big Black Cock Of Death is the best song name EVER!..." - GREEN & LIVE, LIVE 95 FM

" sounds like these guys have a great love for old school grunge rock and plenty of stoner rock elements... the odd track calls to mind the current sounds of acts like queens of the stone age or fu manchu with others hinting at the older sounds of the likes of soundgarden or even early nirvana and mudhoney..."

"...a sense of fun is what defines this trio who mantain that rockin' and rollin' and punkin' out should be done with more aplomb..."

"Hope for 2008: Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters ... worthy of worlwide attention ..."
- LIMERICK INDEPENDENT / JOE CLARKE (Director of Trinity Rooms, Limk.)

"...This grunge rock sound has some interesting, catchy and lively moments ... a very energetic feel to the recordings..." - MUSICREVIEW.COM

Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters released their debut EP back in April on Manga Boy Records. I've had this on the back burner ever since, keeping it in mind to review, so lets set the record straight and finally get in the mention here.

Best pitched as Soundgarden with a smirk, Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters mix shades of dark imagery and heavy sledding, but relieve us from too much weathering with dollops mockery and a good sense of fun to boot. Reviews of the EP in the music press have been quite positive all round, and I'm not going to stand in their way here either. I will pick out different highlights however, with Little Black Marble, which opens with a haunting intro that evokes images of deathly western showdowns before lumbering through its menace, being the stand-out track of the EP as far as this listener is concerned. However, Darker Shade Of Blue, a lament not far from some of Nick Cave's material, also deserves particular mention, and not just for reasons of diversity. Elsewhere we descend into near-daftness with echoes of Funbobby, their former band, but the EP is worth suffering the lows for its stronger points. We are also treated to two bonus tracks, including a demo of the much lauded Delorian Obsession, which makes the EP an 8-track offering in total, with over 30 minutes play time. At that length, we have a release which some more mercenary labels would pitch as an album, double the price, and halve the worth. Fortunately for Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters sake that has not happened. As it stands as an EP, this is a 7/10, and recommended for those who appreciate a piledriving rock/punk-metal crossover, where the browbeating is almost always served up with ample cartoon buffoonery, and roughest textures are left unchewed.

POSTED BY TK, Tuesday, July 17, 2007 - FREQUENCY IRELAND (Jul '07)


Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters EP (self titled)
self released
March 2007


'Homeward Bound And Gagged'
June 2009


'Congress of Oddities' EP
self released
October 2009


'Thread The Needle'
Jan 31st 2011


'Hatch Sixteen'
Apr 15th 2011


'The Devil In Music'
LP - self released
May 20th 2011


'Strip The City'
Sep 19th 2011



As seen on RTÉs 'Dave Fanning's The 11th Hour' and 'Under Ether'.


Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters debut album 'The Devil In Music' is OUT NOW!
Available on iTunes and in all good music stores nationwide (Rep. of Ireland Only).

With two EPs under their belt, this band has left a sense of anticipation in the air with their live shows as of late, with fans always wanting more. 2010 saw the band return to the studio to record their debut album with long time friend Owen Lewis, who has worked with such acts as REM, Flogging Molly, Hole, Snow Patrol, Paulo Nutini & more. Now after months locked away behind closed doors, perfecting every last second for the armada of songs that is their debut album, entitled The Devil In Music.

Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters from Limerick City, is made up of four gentleman; Ronan Mitchell (vox/guitar/keys), Morgan Nolan (guitar/b.vox/keys), Shane Serrano (drums/b.vox/clarinet) and Sean O’Mahony (bass/b.vox). Despite their ages, they have many years experience in the world music scene, churning out music to the masses, from punk rock and metal to traditional Irish. In late 2007, after years of touring with their past bands, they found themselves together in a practice room, collectively-minded, agreeing that they had exhausted their current projects.

Undefeated and heavily inspired, they created Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters; a rock and roll band with a seductive and gloomy sound, ignoring all trends of the current music scene. A band with a long and varied list of influences that blend and create songs from unstoppable head bopping to horror harmonies and sublime silence.

Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters are pretty much a well oiled machine by this stage. From being fresh out of the studio at the beginning of the year, they have since released 3 singles, released the highly critically acclaimed debut album 'The Devil In Music', embarked on countless tours across Ireland including a quick string of dates in London despite the apocalyptic riots! Many festival appearances including being added to the Main Stage at Indiependence Festival to share the boards with Editors, Ash, ASIWYFA & Therapy? They were added to the lineup of Guinness Arthur's Day 2011 performing to a sold out crowd at Limerick's Big Top. They have had their music picked up by Becks Vier for a TV advertising campaign, featured on a special edition flip cover of Hotpress Magazine, Ireland's premier music magazine, featured on the Jagermeister Freezer Sessions Compilation CD and Tour, was invited on the IMRO Showcase 20th Anniversary tour, 'Album Of The Year' nominations, countless amounts of airplay, music video broadcasts, radio sessions, interviews, reviews and made many new fans made along the way, most notably 2FMs Dave Fanning, Dan Hegarty & Cormac Battle. The list goes on and on... And their year isn't even over yet.

Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters released the long-awaited LP 'The Devil In Music' on May 20th 2011.



“(The Devil In Music) A serious contender for album of the year!”
- Alan Jacques LIVE 95FM

"a record that's diabolically good in many respects ... its complexity ensures that it is most certainly an opus that rewards the listener ... clearly the devil really does have all the best tunes"

"The music has a deep growl, and dirty backdrop and you can almost imagine the wildness and humidity of New Orleans, and the polarised and confused religious fundamentalism being drowned out by the Devil’s best tunes ... From start to finish, the album oozes quality"

“True hidden gems ... seductively gloomy sound in a league of it’s own ... will both mystify and satisfy”

"An Utterly Powerful & Enthralling Listen"

"Blood-Boiling Brilliance ... Majestic"

"Very sly, slick and mischievous ... A band you NEED to check out!"

"Jaw dropping ... a resonant, haunting, melancholy sound ... seducing audiences to be led into temptation ... FJBH are professional, well-honed and resonant, with the ability to combine elements from a plethora of musical influences. A modern band with an old soul they have the potential to carve out a long term presence beyond their domestic success in Ireland. All in all, a band with bite."

"Gloom rock it may be, but damn it is addictive … enchanting and mysterious ... quite unlike anything else out there at the moment ... the future looks very bright for FJBH."

"(The Devil In Music) Arguably the best Irish debut of the year"

"They’re dark and gruesome but still leave you panting for more"

"An unstoppable force ... they have some ingredient in their music that just won't let go once it grips you"