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Foxtail Somersault

San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE

San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"You’ll just have to see them live for yourself"

Foxtail Somersault thrust me into an early 90’s flashback, bringing up thoughts of the Happy Mondays et al. With a sound like theirs, it’s often easy to overlook the musicianship involved, especially when listening to a recording. Seeing them live, I couldn’t help but latch onto the sonic landscapes painted by guitarists Seiken Nakama and James Spadaro. Never overpowering the rest of the sound, they found the pocket early and filled it just right. Elizabeth Anderson’s vocals were like an aural conundrum. They were light and wispy yet rich and full, all at the same time. The texture they brought to the room evades any possible written description on my part, so you’ll just have to see them live for yourself. - The BayBridged

"Lush, Cocteau serverd with Verve"

San Francisco quintet Foxtail Somersault carry on an unabashed love affair with the gauzy, dreamy, spacey British rock that sprang up in the late '80s/early '90s. Foxtail's music—featuring Elizabeth Anderson's enchantingly dulcet vocals—is a Lush Cocteau [sic] served with Verve. DAVE SEGAL - The Stranger

"Foxtail Somersault, reminiscent of an analog Massive Attack"

San Francisco based Foxtail Somersault play good, chill music. Their songs are multi-layered and cinematic, with soft doses of percussion and beautifully airy vocals; it is reminiscent of an analog Massive Attack. - Seattle Show Gal

"Foxtail Somersault Dares to Dream-Pop"

Led by the ethereal vocals of Elizabeth Anderson and Nakama's expert production, Foxtail Somersault shoegazes with the best of them, and on its new release, Reflection, the band has injected the dreaminess with some heaviness. - SF Weekly

"Strong Wall of Sound"

Foxtail Somersault, a San Francisco based five-piece who has only released one EP so far. “Motionland” is the second track on their EP “Fathom.” I have only been able to get my hands on “Motionland” but the band do have a long rooted past in the realms of shoegazing and post rock. Vocally, Catherine Howland's vocal would fit in well on a My Bloody Valentine record and Seiken Nakama's guitar texture weave in out and out of shoegazing and post rock. The track finishing off with a strong wall of sound. It sounded a little to subdued but it was still effective. Foxtail Somersault have a classic sound that does pay homage but that doesn't come out sounding to similar to past artists.

"Foxtail Somersault is bringing back the pretty"

Foxtail Somersault, "Motionland"
From San Francisco, Foxtail Somersault is bringing back the pretty, etheral sounds of the early-90s shoegaze movement. For fans of Slowdive, Pale Saints.
- Rightround Music

"Ear plugs not included"

Earplugs not included: I can listen to fuzzy walls of noise until my hearing decays to the point that even everyday sounds come across like droney shoegazer songs. And so Foxtail Somersault is a perfect match for me. The San Francisco five-piece lists Slowdive, Explosions in the Sky, and My Bloody Valentine as influences, and on their demo they pull off a surprisingly well-crafted mix of those acts. Guitars twitter and build up songs humbly and quietly until they swell and reach epic heights. Each song is heavily processed in a reverb wash that makes it sound like the band is playing across a mile-wide, emptied orchestra hall. Yep, a perfect match, for sure. - Sean Patrick Maylone - SF Bay area Guardian

"layers of opalescent electricity"

Five cards dream pop directly from San Francisco. E cinque anche le firme in calce alle sognanti immagini sonore: Seiken Nakama (chitarre), Catherine Howland (voce), James Spadaro (altre chitarre), Brian Anderson (basso) e Mark Dungey (batteria). And even five signatures at the bottom of the dreamy images sound: Seiken Nakama (guitars), Catherine Howland (vocals), James Spadaro (other guitars), Brian Anderson (bass) and Mark Dungey (drums). I Foxtail Somersault non nascondo le proprie influenze musicali: Slowdive, Lush, Here e anche i più attuali Asobi Seksu. The Foxtail Somersault not hide their musical influences: Slowdive, Lush, Here and even the most current Asobi Seksu. La voce di Catherine carezza le forme sinuose delle canzoni mentre le chitarre costruiscono uno strato di elettricità opalescente dentro il quale si distinguono con diffcoltà tutti i particolari, mentre emerge sempre con chiarezza la struttura ritmica portante. The voice of Catherine caress the sinuous forms of songs while the guitars build a layer of opalescent electricity within which differ with diffcoltà all the details, while always emerge with clarity the structure rhythmic backbone. Si viaggia a stretto contatto con il tetto della troposfera nel magnifico finale di “A Love Song part 1”. It travels in close contact with the roof of the troposphere in the magnificent final of "A Love Song Part 1". -

"4/5 Owls - We Say: Buy the record"

Fathom, the EP from the San Francisco based band Foxtail Somersault, is a lot like summer love. It's not particularly deep, but it's intense, captivating, exciting, and, most importantly, it's fun. With simple, dreamy melodies that slowly but surely crescendo into frenzied and distorted walls of sound with healthy doses of reverb, Fathom makes the perfect soundtrack for lounging on a hot summer night. The album's final track, "A Love Song Pt. 1," is especially proper, and fans of Explosions In The Sky will appreciate it in all its wordless majesty. Unfortunately, Fathom also shares that quality of summer and love that we like the least: it ends all too soon, and we're left wanting more.

- Jan Andres
- The Owl


Fathom EP (Vibraphone Records) released in March 2007.
Divingboard featured on Ant Show Compilation, April 2007
Slim Shady cover featured on Indie Translations of Eminem (Vitamin Records) Sept 2007
Motionland Featured on Paste Magazine Sampler March 2008
Divingboard Featured on Apple iTunes U Fall Mix 2008
Reflection EP (Vibraphone Records) Releases on July 22nd 2010

Reflection EP
Regular Rotation on KUSF, SomaFM, Strangeways Radio, PirateCatRadio, and East Village Radio

Fathom EP
Regular Rotation On: Mondo Blu, City of Glass, SomaFM, M3Radio, Radio Free David,, Upstage Radio, Radio Crystal Blue, Insanity Radio

Specialty Spins On:
KDHX/St Louis-
KPNT/St Louis
KQRA/Springfield, MO
KSWI/Atlantic, IA
KTRU/Houston, TX
Waitt Radio/Syndicated
WFMU/New York
WNYU/New York
Divingboard: Top 20 single FMQB



by Maria Halyna

Don’t hate San Francisco shoegaze band Foxtail Somersault because of great qualities. The band has a colorful composition style that can be compared to Blonde Redhead. While they’ve been on the college radio scene for a few years, throughout their evolution, the shoegaze band has explored instrumentation that is both cinematic and ambient. They compare with My Bloody Valentine, the Cocteau Twins, and Slowdive. Among the delightful great qualities and influences of Foxtail Somersault that transfix listeners is that same unexplainable feeling you get listening to the peculiar brew chemistry of Blonde Redhead. That feeling emerges out of Foxtail Somersault’s unerringly harmonic melodic landscape and unlimited composition. Not caught in a time capsule when it comes to influences, the band continues to add new contemporary musicians to their sonic library.

A little about the band:

The founder of Foxtail Somersault, guitarist Seiken Nakama, replanted himself from LA to San Francisco in the late 90’s and has been playing various instruments since he was eight years old. While their 2007 record fathom was completely composed by Seiken, with time, a more collaborative process led to the production of this year’s recording Reflection. The songs are tasteful like his fashion preference, which includes an allergy to neon and extremely colorful clothing outfits.

Committed to an ever-evolving collaboration with the other band members, Seiken looks forward to growing old with his mates, swearing by Fender guitars, Dava picks and Lindy Fralin pickups. While Brian Anderson, the bass player, is ridiculously proud of his new Vespa, joining Foxtail Somersault was his first foray into shoegaze. He cynically expects two more EPs will be released in the next five years. Lead guitarist James Spadaro jokes about growing old with Seiken and says that it’s more likely that they might become broke down junkies and be made fun of on VH1, if all goes well. But with the second part of their name being conceived after the ’04 Olympic Games in Athens, a more likely future involves plenty of collaborative music making and exploration to keep their sonic edge from turning into formula indie.

Drummer Mark Loftin and lead guitarist James Spadaro were formerly in Morning Spy before joining Seiken in Foxtail Somersault.. In the meantime, the authenticity of the new line-up is tasty and by knitting together an ever-changing collection of ambient pop influences, Foxtail Somersault can be doted on for their great quality timbral explorations.

Newest vocal addition Becky Uline might be subjected to the band’s tight-knit years of playing together, but if there’s one thing that she also notices, it is the connection they share musically among themselves and with their audiences. The new line-up to her is a great opportunity to show how the band has evolved. While maintaining the original feel of the vocals found on previous EPs, she delivers the songs authentically, and encouraged by her connection with the band, stays true to her own style.


While they’ve shared the stage with Vibraphone label mates Astral, Tomihira, Halcyon High, and Vir, they’ve also enjoyed sharing the stage with The Rosebuds, Stripmall Architecture, Holly Miranda, and Menomena. Foxtail Somersault has played a sixth of their live shows with latest vocal addition Beth Anderson. They feel more chemistry than they have ever felt before.

In the spirit of Oscar Wilde’s quote, “an inordinate passion for pleasure is the secret of remaining young,” fans of Foxtail Somersault indulge in recapturing the youthful thirst for something new and often ask band members, “what do you call this style of music?” Interactions with fans always lead to a genuine nod to their creative innovative sound that digs into the pleasurable depths of sonic inventiveness.

Vibraphone Records released the band’s follow-up EP, Reflection, this year, three years after releasing the band’s debut EP, Fathom.