West Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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Written By: Mark Guinn

I’ve been livin in this city too long.
got to get back where I belong.
She never really knew me and she’s so darn cold.
I got to get back to my country home.

I’ve got my bags packed.
City lights in the rear view
I’ll find a Country girl if it’s the last thing I do
One wearing skin tight blue jeans and cowboy boots

Manicures, pedicures, designer clothes.
I want a girl that aint’ into all that.
One that takes a little and gives something back
One that knows the difference between a socket and a wrench

So I’m tradin stilettos for Cowboy boots.
Some sturdy Laredo’s instead of Jimmie Choo’s.
A country girl to get me back to my roots
A warm country heart to replace my city blues

As I’m drivin. I get a phone call.
It’s my city girl wondering where I’ve gone.
I tell her it ain’t, ain’t, nobody’s fault.
I just got to find my country soul.

The smell of pines, I’m almost home
Soon concrete is replaced by woods
Pick-up trucks on dirt roads, instead of hummers with shiny chrome
Girls in boots instead of pumps, boots are my roots and I love it.