Exciting honest music. No gimmicks. No unnecessary tight pants. Heavily influenced by fast rock/ punk rock. Upbeat, energetic, fun music. Sure to get the crowd moving and the kegs flowing. 4 guys in love with music and having a great time.


Fox Trotsky started in the summer of 2003 and has since played numerous shows, put out 1 EP independently, 1 Full-Length CD on Alaska Records, and one split EP with label mates Die Benny, opened for an endless amount of overrated national bands, protested destructive urban sprawl, drank lots of Stella, and played with worthy hard-working bands like Die Benny, Wrister, Benard, Julius, The Delegates, Tenth Try, Kellys Heroes, Kama, Fifty Dollar Fine, Roundabout Drive-By, Jeanne Flight, and Zenkil. They have played birthday parties, skate competitions, pizza places, and as many free shows and all ages shows as possible.


2007 "Escape To Miller's Cave" Split LP- Fox Trotsky/Die Benny (ALK 007)
2005 "Fox Trotsky" LP- Fox Trotsky (ALK-003)
2003 "Take Back The Streets" EP- Fox Trotsky (Independent)

Set List

30-45 Minute Sets. No Covers.