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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
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"My New Music Obsession: Foxxglove"

People. Check out this band, Foxxglove, and tell me if my friend Bevin Hamilton and her bandmate Lisa Donnelly are not the hottest things ever?

After watching their video, I just want to run off to Barstow and find me a cowboy. Sort of like how, upon seeing Legends of the Fall, I decided that Montana must be filled (filled, I tell you!) with sexy horsemen who looked just like Brad Pitt. (Before he went crazy and started scalping people…or tried to start a small village with Angie in real life.)

Anyhow, Bevin honed her kills on tour with Motley Crue last year–badass!–and now Foxxglove is playing this Friday July 23rd at the Viper Room in LA. 11pm. Be there. I certainly will! - Nadine Jolie

"Foxxglove "Better Days" Official Video"

Foxxglove is the female country rock collaboration between Hunnypot artist Lisa Donnelly and Bevin Hamilton. Hailing from Kansas, these two solo artists have now moved to LA to begin recording their Debut EP.
Hunnypot is the first to share with you the Official Music Video for their single “Better Days”…Enjoy! - John Anderson/ Hunnypot Radio


Foxxglove (EP) 2010
Check out our Video for the Single: Better Days



Born out of a mutual love of music and songwriting, Foxxglove formed in the spring of 2009. Bevin Hamilton and Lisa Donnelly, both from Kansas and both solos artists in their own right, reconnected and started writing songs together.

Bevin and Lisa met when they were fourteen years old in the trenches of theatre camp. They formed a special bond and a lasting friendship and they kept in touch throughout their high school years. Through a twist of fate, both girls ended up transferring to Kansas University their sophmore years, and both formed bands and began exploring songwriting. Lisa formed a blues/funk band with top-notch local musicians, and Bevin was the singer in a rock band called Local Out of Town. Soon thereafter, Lisa went to live and study in Spain where she continued singing and writing, and Bevin moved to Los Angeles to begin her career as an actress and musician. As fate would have it, they reconnected once again, this time in the city of angels, and they shared their stories of life, adventures, and heartbreak through their music. An organic collaboration was born, and Bevin and Lisa started writing songs together, workshopped songs at south by southwest, and collaborated with other songwriters.

Foxxglove recently kicked off the celebration of the release of their EP at The Mint in Los Angeles.