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The best kept secret in music


"Foxy McCoy creates own 'mutt rock' genre"

The members of Foxy McCoy don't have a lot in common. When it comes to artistic preferences, the five musicians take up residence in all corners of the map.

Since each of the McCoys cites different sources of inspiration, from British pop to Cuban jazz to Middle Eastern music, they call their sound "mutt rock," says singer and guitarist Bebhin Blank.

"It's a mix of all kinds of styles - world music, rock, a little bit of jazz, a little bit of punk, even a little bit of country," she says.

Bassist Troy Davis adds, "Why would a musician want to play just one genre? That's always mystified me."

The local group, which started out playing mostly covers four years ago, has honed its own sound while weathering several changes in membership. The current lineup includes two percussionists - James Asokere and Dan Baechle - and the newest member, lead guitarist Peter Underhill, who joined in January.

On Saturday, Foxy McCoy brings its eclectic sound to Jack Quinn's. The band will perform tracks from its first album, 2002's Is Your Monkey Dancing?, and new songs from a record that will be released later this year. The members have yet to agree on a title for the upcoming release, which they are recording in Davis' home studio, named Digital Renaissance Studios.

Although questions of semantics and philosophy spawn fierce debate among Foxy McCoy's members, there's one thing that keeps the band from spinning into separate orbits: "We don't live together," Underhill says, making his band mates laugh.

Well, they share an irreverent sense of humor (and it comes through in their songs), but that's not the strongest force tying the musicians together, either.

Davis gets serious for a moment.

"We all have this inherent soul desire to make music with other people," he says.

It's all about the process, Blank says: "You're creating something that's outside of yourself, but it's still a piece of you. Foxy McCoy is a person all unto itself." - C.E. HANIFIN | THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER

"20 Questions with Venomous"

1. How long have you been playing music?

I have been playing music and singing as long I have been able to carry a tune in the shower. I used to serenade my mom in the tub with the "wiener man" song when I was little. I've been playing whatever instruments I could get my hands on since I was around9 or 10.

2. What instruments do you play?

I play guitar, piano, clarinet, any pit percussion, bass guitar, dulcimer and whizzing cicada.

3. What instruments do you wish you played?

Harmonica, I wish I could play Harmonica, drum kit, and juice harp.

4. What song do you wish you wrote?

Oh wow! Umm, the jingle from the slinky commercial, NO Wait, Summer Time, No No No White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplay...Starship...Cougar Mellon Camp. Yeah.

5. What was your first musical memory?

One of my first musical memories (aside from my mom singing to me) is my dad playing "Maliguainia" on classical guitar. I remember thinking "Wow, I wish I could do that. Exactly that!"

6. What was your first album you bought?

My first album hmmmm, the "Thriller" 45 by Michael Jackson, and my first Full Album as "Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Album".

7. What was your first concert?

My first concert was Aerosmith's Get a Grip tour with Collective Soul. My second big concert was Aerosmith's Nine Lives tour... What can I say Joe Perry, Prrrrrrrrrrrrr.

8. Which curse word are you partial to?

Fuck if I know. I really like sudoswears like Chode Smack or Schmegma Felcher. But I guess Fuck is pretty standard for me.

9. If this were a confessional, what would you confess?

That I wear a size 10 shoe and my favorite cheese is swiss. Actually I would say I was a Teen Peer (Teen Institute) in high school. Wha Wha Wha Whaaaaaaa.

10. If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

X-ray Vision! Ow! Watch it boys!

11. If you were a hip-hop artist, what would be your street name?

DJ B of the O. Werd Yo.

12. What are your favorite movies, books, TV shows, and Website?

Princess Bride, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Hitch Hickers Guide to the Galaxy, Lord of the Flies. Gilmore Girls, YuGiOh, Shirt Tails., Ebay,, any place where I can read Venomous Valdez's 20 questions!

13. What was the last song you heard before you answered these questions?

"Jeremy" by Pearl Jam.

14. What is the best memory you can remember which involves the group?

I would have to say my favorite memory is that time we got Dan into a mini skirt and he shaved his.... Oh wait no, actually the best time ever was when we played this gig for a Jewish Youth Group, BBYO, in Indianapolis. Those kids were so much fun. They sang all the lyrics to all the songs, covers and ORIGONALS. (That f$*ked with my head.) It was just very cool. I think I had more fun watching them than they had watching us.

15. Which FOXY MCCOY song is your favorite and what is it about?

Tough, I'd have to say "Miss Georgia" is my favorite right now. It's about getting over the past. You know some of us chew on things, like a piece of gum, until the flavors all gone. This is my way of sticking it on the bed post. Also the harmonies are very cool and the over all rhythm of the song is very engaging for me.

16. What is your pre-gig ritual?

Smoke a couple of cigarettes, drink a few glasses of water and write the set list. I don't really get nervous, well only when I'm playing in front of a BUNCH of other musicians. Like this blues jam Peter, Dan and I played last week. Man I thought my legs were gonna break the concrete floor!

17. What should a crowd expect at a FOXY MCCOY show?

A crowd should expect something a little different in each song. They should expect Dan and James to tear it up on the drums. They tent to trance when the play. They should expect Peter to forget what he played at practice and rip off something INFANANTLY cooler. He's done such a fantastic job since he joined the band 3 months ago. They can expect Troy to Dance at every show! (Unlike Most, not all, but most bass players). A crowed can expect that we care about our music and about the people we share it with, which is everyone we meet.

18. What is the one thing you would change about the local scene?

I would make sure that all the really great acts in Cincinnati always had a good crowd to play to. I hate seeing a really good band playing to an empty room. I want Cinti to be a city where people come to see music, like New Orleans, Chicago, New York or L.A.

19. Name a few of your favorite non-Cincinnati Bands.

Geez: Moxy Frovous from Canada. By far the best Barbershop quartet rock Dr. Suess singin moose lovers Ever! (I hope they get back together soon) Howlin' Maggie of Columbus (also recently defunct), Justin King (from Oregon I think) I really wish I could play tapons like that. Wow! Blind Brian Lee from New Orleans. More mainstream, Steadman from accross the pond, DJ Shadow, Tom Waits, Aerosmith, STP, Dada, Pixies, ect... ect... ect... I could go on forever. (I have over like 300, 400 cds easy.)

20. Name a few of your favorite Cincinnati Bands.

HA! Homunculus (though I think they're originally from Indiana. Help me out here Ben, Kevin.) Black and Tan Carpet Band. I mean Common "what the fuck towe truck" 'nuff said. Jake Speed and the Freddies, Ass ponys, Moth, Whitney Baricklow band (she's spunky! I Love it), Bluegrass All Stars, Gregg Morris! I really do believe all of these people, and many others around here are all very talented! Ya'll whip the llama ass!
Website: - Venomous Valdez,

"Foxy Debut"

Eclectic local group Foxy McCoy has released its debut album, Is Your Monkey Dancing? The title -- taken from the theme-song like track, "Monkey" -- is representative of the group's dynamic brand of jovial, humor-laden music, which expands on a Pop/Rock base and contains elements of Jazz and World music. "Monkey" is one of the album's more unique tracks, riding a wave of percussion and a ropy bass line, with jazzy horns giving it an old Latin Swing vibe. The six-piece group rotates male and female lead vocals, which adds yet another dynamic to the album and makes it feel like a different band on almost every track. While that can be hard to pull off for some artists, Foxy McCoy succeeds by the sheer playfulness of it all: It really sounds like they're having a blast while playing (which suggests an entertaining live show as well). Other highlights include "Little Bit Lonely," a lazy summer song that floats on a saucy, strutting backbeat, and "Stick of Destruction," a more straightforward track that showcases Bebhin Blank's endearingly soulful vocals and the band's more melodic side.

Foxy McCoy plays at the BarrelHouse at 9 p.m. on Thursday. The show is free. The group will also appear Sunday at Fountain Square starting at noon as a part of the "Sundays in the City" series. For more on the group, check - Mike Breen, CityBeat


Is Your Monkey Dancing? (LP)
Budweiser / WEBN Cincinnati's True Rock (Compliation)
Rock Star Cincinnati 2004 (Compilation)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Foxy McCoy was conceived in late July of 2000 on a couch in North Side, Cincinnati. After 3 days Foxy McCoy started rigorous rehearsals, working on originals and covers alike. Their music has been called playful, soulful and melodic. From a review in Cincinnati's CityBeat:

"Eclectic local group Foxy McCoy has released its debut album, Is Your Monkey Dancing? The title -- taken from the theme-song like track, "Monkey" -- is representative of the group's dynamic brand of jovial, humor-laden music, which expands on a Pop/Rock base and contains elements of Jazz and World music." - Mike Breen

Bebhin (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) is a lean mean singin' machine, with ground effects and hydraulic vocal chords.  Her turn-ons include long walks on the beach (as long as she can throw fruit at people from behind the dunes), candlelight dinners (where the waiters and staff end up wearing more of the food than she eats), and phat azz guitars.  "Mmm Mmm, my kingdom for an SG". Though having declared that she would like to be a fire truck when she grows up, she'll settle for paid musician or down-to-earth Diva. Her musical influences include Carole King, Tracy Chapman and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Troy Davis (bass guitar, backing vocals) amuses himself with computer programming by day, but still entertains fantasies of rock-stardom. Troy recorded and produced the first Foxy McCoy album, buts has aspirations of only being an assistant engineer on the second disk. His bass guitar influences include Victor Wooten, Bootsy Collins, Les Claypool and Billy Sheehan. Troy also has a fondness for Indian ragas, thinks Bhangra is a bunch of fun, and likes modern Arabic and African pop music as well.

Dan Baechle was born and raised in Cincinnati. Responding to his uncontrollable urges to beat things with sticks, dan took up the drum kit at age twelve. A man of many styles, as well as wise cracks, Dan has played every genre from blues/rock to orchestral. His major influences include John Bonham, Matt Abts, Buddy Rich, Greg Slone and Kermit the Frog.

James Asokere is a drummer from Nigeria who has travelled all over the world for music. Playing drums since he was two years old, he's toured Australia, Germany, England, France, Switzerland, Jamaica, Grenada and Singapore as well as the US. James is a big soccer fan, but has no favorite team, and he loves to dance and choreograph. But music rules his life from the moment he gets up in the morning.

The members recorded their first album in Troy’s home studio, released in June of 2002. Bebhin and Troy are both graduates of the Electronic Media program at the University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music, making the band heavy on production knowledge, but also wary of overproduction. The band is currently recording a second album, with over a dozen new songs slated for release in the Summer of 2005.