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Foxy Shazam

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Foxy Shazam! is a loud and boisterous experimental/hard rock band that thrives off of giving people musical nonsense along with a bizzare and hyper stage show.



Deep in the vast and boring midwest, you will find a group that has carved their groove in the regional music scene, taking loud musical nonsense and turning it into art. Cincinnati's Foxy Shazam! has strived to become a band that can take a non-directional sound and make it directional; utilizing painstakingly sloppy piano, bass and guitar parts to create very organized noise which collides beautifully with a decidedly skewed pop sensibility. Foxy's unparalleled sound is compiled from a wide array of influences, from punchy, heavy riffs to 50's & 60's-style surf guitar, commercial jingles and Old-West saloon upright-piano, all balanced precariously underneath vocals that range from scathing to almost "fairytale". Foxy Shazam! is another case of a band being formed from the ashes of previous bands. Scene veterans J. Sims and Loren Turner (ex-V-MOB, dead one time) were playing with fellow longtime local vets Train of Thought, featuring Eric Nally and Skylyn Ohlenkamp, when the lineup went sour, and members parted. Within weeks, Sky White (Death-Jazz All-Stars, Labjackets) was brought in and the band's lineup was solidified.

The band are currently in the studio with Brad Stenz of MOTH, who is producing their forthcoming cd, "The Flamingo Trigger", which is scheduled for independent release June 15th 2005. More will be added as the band progresses.


NO!! Don't Shoot!

Written By: Eric Nally

he said breath in
love is good to you
I can't say the same for me though
because love is good to you

I guess i'm not the only one
Q-tips and holstered guns
sesemy seeds find your buns
and I'll acuse you
because I've been so far
and I've been so wide
now I'v seeing all these thing I never knew existed

Across the Golden Fields

Written By: Eric Nally

Messages and heels
all across the golden fields
as the wheat whistles in the wind
we forget what world we're in
and all the zig zags in my head
I'm always on the one that ends
don't do what he or she just did
I wanna be just like me
the on and only

and this is what he said
run for your life, run for your life

restless for sleep
look who's dreaming now
strength is for week
it's so much deeper than that

French Passion of Animality Opera

Written By: Mr. Nally

That concentrated gaze
you gave my eyes
I've never looked this deep into myself before
And I'm pretty sure
that I'm only human, then again I could be wrong

Sometimes I'm right
Sometimes I'm wrong
I never felt this way about anything
I am a Beast and i'm pretty sure
That there is no cure, but then again I could be wrong

The stars the stripes the godess in gold
I gotta keep a steady rythem of fashion and old
The way look the way you smell it all makes me feel

Live today but tonight
Chain me to the bed i wanna
Live today but tonight
Chain me to the bed and chain it tight

Out of control, I am a beast


2 song sampler from the yet-to-be released debut album "The Flamingo Trigger" (2005)

Set List

Foxy Shazam's set list is compiled with all original material and can range from anywhere between 20-45 min. depending on the show they are playing.

Current song list:

NO don't shoot
Wife's Juice and water tower wine
Sailors of Rhino bay
Brains of Vegas
The Creed song
Oct. surf suitcase fish
Seagulls over rhino bay 1
Seagulls over rhino bay 2
Loose was the goose
Across the golden fields
I would die 4 U (prince cover)
The French passion of animality opera
Shadow of a Shoulder Parrot

Older songs:

Moonlit lullaby
Hey how are you? fine thanks for asking.
x-mas song
glass ceiling