Fractal Cypher

Fractal Cypher

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Fractal Cypher is a five act Montreal based band, founded on August 2014. The band draws its inspiration through a vast repertoire with the aim to make a varied and original progressive music, combining a core of power and death metal with a touch of classic and modern rock.


Fractal Cypher exists to captivate audiences with progressive instrumentals that cut through the mesmerizing vocals yet somehow evolving; each listen provides a new perspective. Straight out of the heart of Canada’s metal scene, these Montreal metallers constantly shift their compositions with seamless transitions and theatrical interludes to keep audiences on their toes. Since 2014, ex-Far From Reality members Simon Lavoie (vocals), Ludovick Daoust (keyboard), and Vincent Bruneau (guitar) have dedicated themselves to Fractal Cypher.

The powerful quintet is just as versatile in their music as they are in their musical interests, darting between djent, death metal, and classic rock. Each song acts of their own volition almost taking control of the members and shaping a personality and energy not unlike a living entity. Ludovick is at the helm of songwriting, calculating and unlocking each melody and becoming the voice for each piece. Their debut album ‘The Human Paradox’ produced by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy, The Agonist, Beyond Creation, Neuraxis) is comprised of 9 songs, each hand picked and strategically chosen to best represent the living, breathing entity that is Fractal Cypher.  "The Human Paradox" has been released on September 7th, 2016 and it is sure to hypnotize metal fans around the globe.

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Fractal Cypher est né en 2014 de l’union de Vincent Bruneau (guitare), Ludovick Daoust (claviers) et Simon Lavoie (vocals). Ils ont rapidement été rejoints par Steven Cope à la batterie et Tommy Fradette à la basse. Le groupe verse dans le métal progressif en y incorporant différents styles musicaux dans sa composition. Du « power metal » au « death metal », du rock classique au rock moderne, le tout dans une entité cohérente. Le principal objectif du groupe est de créer des mélodies accrocheuses. Le premier album du groupe, « The Human Paradox » fut produit par Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy, The Agonist, Beyond Creation) et contient neuf pièces, chacune choisie avec soin afin de pleinement représenter la vision de ce qu’est Fractal Cypher. « The Human Paradox » a été lancé le 7 septembre 2016 et s’est déjà mérité plusieurs critiques élogieuses sur la scène métal locale et internationale. Le meilleur reste à venir.

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- The Human Paradox (Sep.7 2016)