Fractured Existence

Fractured Existence


"unique and heavy like a vol4 type modern day sabbath"


Fractured Existence was formed in 1988 by Ken Hill (Lead Guitar), Bruce Bogad (Rhythm Guitar) and Dave Ashworth (Bass).

Armed with a revolving door of singers and drummers, the band played extensively in their hometown of Richmond, Va. and surrounding areas for the next four years.

Playing their own unique brand of heavy rock/metal,
with the focus on original material, they released several demos. Good reviews and word of mouth landed them an opening slot for fellow Richmond natives Gwar, but within a year the band split up. Bruce, Dave and Ken moved on to other bands but always stayed in touch.

Now the time seemed right to give it another try.With Ken taking on the lead vocal duties, the band are finally ready to release their first official album in 2006 and judging by the feedback, it was worth the wait.


EP - Fractured Existence - 1991

LP - Electric Universe - 2006