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Fractured Fairytales

Band Metal Gothic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Black Belle Music"

that not every fairytale is
a pleasant little story with a blissful happy ending and twisted industrial machine Fractured Fairytales are testament to that.
- Jamie Goforth

"Fayetteville Feed"

Fractured Fairytales are on the proverbial roll. They recently wrapped up their “End Of Existence” tour and have just released their second full length album “Unvale.” - Jaymie Baxley

"Up and coming magazine"

The band's unique stage presence is causing a buzz among music venues, that have been hungry for a band with not just talent, but showmanship.
- James Jonhson


The vocals start off vith a definate Manson vibe, and continue off into a low belting death metal like growl, nice contrasts!.. the sound design is amazing, really creates a mood of destination. great mix overall, i dig this.....

Reviewed by: c0ndu1t from Burlington, Ontario, Canada - c0ndu1t @


Murmur (2006)
Unvale (2009)



On the 4th of July 2006, Fractured Fairytales unleashed their debut record “Murmur.” The bands first release quickly gained them national notoriety in the underground goth scene due to its deep, dark industrial structure punctuated with demonic out lashes
associated to the death metal scene.

In 2009 Fractured Fairytales followed up their debut release with the even darker and heavier record, “Unvale.” This album brings a new energy to the band as its contents are more aggressive and maniacal than its predecessor. Unvale is an apocalyptic concept album that represents and describes the current state of the sickened human condition that
Fractured Fairytales has entitled "The End of Existence Campaign.

Fractured Fairytales describes their hardcore fans as The Horde. Those of a darker nature enjoy and respect the manifestations of Fractured Fairytales as true
contributions to dark underground gothic culture.