Fractures of...

Fractures of...


Different... we know alot of people say that so we decide to let our music do the talking. It is a culmination of many distinct influences that ends up sounding strong, emotive and epic whilst still rocking out.


Fractures of… a bio

In December 2006 two old school chums, Julian Caddy (vocals) and Damien (too many guitars) Greenwood decided to start something…

And what fun it has been!

JC and DG wrote. And then wrote some more. And then they wrote some more…

After months of demos, ‘Fractures of’ recorded a 5-track EP in May of 2007. With the help of Matty Gio from ‘Underground Studios’, Damien and Julian gained the services of old band members and friends, Paul Maguire and Steve, to assist in recording what became the bands first release ‘This City’.

Following a long period between recording and releasing ‘This City’, Paul Maguire (drums), Steve (bass) and another old friend Paul Mckay (guitars) joined the band to start work on a live show worthy of the first release that the band had produced.

Fractures of played their first show to group of dedicated friends and music lovers on the 7th of May 2008, at the Rosemount hotel, North Perth.

On the back of the EP they have played support shows Perth rockers ‘Calerway’ to launch their album on May 10th 2008 and one of Perth’s biggest acts ‘Birds of Tokyo’ on May 16th 2008.

In early September guitarist Paul Mckay left our shores to dominate the UK for a few months. In this time Fractures of recorded and demoed new material awaiting his return in early January 2009.

Fractures of is back with a new lease on life and a new bass player, John Horner (formerly of Evening at Elmwood). And things are looking up.

They have recently played shows with eastern states bands ‘The Mission in Motion’
and ‘City Escape’ fresh from the Taperjean label and are set for many more shows this year.

Fractures of failed bands, relationships, lifestyles and families coming together to make music. Sweet music.

Songs of choice- This City, Busker, Stunning Design.

Influences- Deftones, David Bowie, Karnivool, Captain Beefheart, At the Drive In, Jimmy Eat World and your mum.


This City

Written By: Julian Caddy

This book is beginning to bore me (and I am so sick of reading)
So I will create a crease at the highest point (for my reference) and return when I’m good and ready (and the time is right) have your knives out- we are a product of our city...So isolated!

I know persisting in turning these pages may cut my finger if I’m not cautious.
...And there's a whole lot of pauses.

And if dancing helps me deal with this city then that's what I will do.
Entertainment with nothing to prove.
You'll get no change out of this- this is as real as it gets.

I know existing in these shadows may soften me may make an artist out of me.
But they will sort me out; they will watch this battle from the highest point and then kill the survivors.
I know resisting each of these stages will lend us unfair dismissal from these booze-hound ridden cages.
And I’m not sure that it's worth it.


There is a reason for being here

So isolated...

I can see the network crashing it's bleeding and hobbling just because…
There's not enough legs to carry the weight of entertaining us all.

I am loving most of this city but the other part is tearing me in half.

How can i just sit here peaking with so many knives out...
And so many of you just waiting for something to happen.

It's time to create, network and crush!


Written By: Julian Caddy

I’ve been weary of your contact- it’s so close to a curse
Complete nervous overload.
And the nerves contain a hint of red.
Re-check and Re-charge
Though you’d be safer to stay @ home
And Re-check and Re-charge
I’m sure you’ll meet me @ the spot
For you respect my request- I’m sure this is best

If we leave now there will be contact in 30 minutes.

You are my favourite pastime and I pass time.
Could not fit inside this core

I’m watching you slow blinking- saying goodbye to the night
Proof to y’all that I’m not all about politics and fiction
I’m about a girl- she’s about 6’2”- Spotlight eyes

She’s going to make me earn this
She is more than just a pastime- I’m sure she’s perfect
ATM-I pass time but I fix the game so I win either way

Why does she always say “ATM it’s just too hard”- She’s selling me lies
It’s never that hard.
She should destroy the moment if it keeps us apart.

You are my favourite pastime
And I pass time
I’m trying hard to make a fit so that some time I might.

It’s been three days without contact now
And I am felling fine
I will not wait for this core to destroy itself and I will not arrive.

You would let this love run out?
You will let this love run out!

The Box

Written By: Julian Caddy

We are privileged to make it this far
Not making a sound
Just crushing and crushing
If it comes to the cut
The same mistakes will not be made- no pressure at all
Till it comes to the cut

I informed the incisor- make the incision and then make for the Kimberley’s
Don’t hit 26!
It will leave a scar

Cannot go round it- it will take to long
So we burrow- hands before, hands before our faces
Someone shouts contact
Explosions! Explosions! Then turn and scatter

How can you act so wise- you’re as lost as we are
This better keep you occupied
It’ll be the last you’ll get for a while
Cause if he wakes from this sound it will be about time to duck

I misinformed the incisor- power positioning
Now there’s grace and soft light surrounding me
Don’t be here it’ll make you sick
You’ll be green like me

And I creak out of a conscious clause to be here
It’s just corrupt out there. It’s just so corrupt out there
So I’m hiding in here- waiting for the walls to crack
Just telling my friends that it’ll be ok
Everything will be just fine

I… make a sign- a gesture
Hide in the bushes
And (believe me) I shudder
This is the cold setting in
I am so apologetic

You should gun for Capricorn
But put the box down

I know your weary but now is the time where you’ll do nothing but listen
Fix your blisters and get ready for the long haul

1015 the cut will come
Savage and… fuck it… no fuck it just savage bliss.
Don’t get caught up in this.
You wind up praying to him and for him

Phase Two

Written By: Julian Caddy

Each of these remarks of love will have to be replaced.
I’ve considered all of the options and decided this is here to stay.
Strategy reset- A shred of delay.
You’ll take the time and then you’ll realise …
And you’ll deliver an awkward sigh.

And at the breakdown
This situation would be better at best- but I enjoy this mess
We’ve both choked at the breakdown.
And now it’s time to reassess.
I’ve not even begun begging- still you know you’re right.
We should both take 5 to get ourselves in line.

Complacent and frightened-
Waiting for the perfect moment.
This core has divided.

Now it’s time to lay it on the line.
Listen hard and you will hear.

Screaming with grace I plead-
You should be the one who brings the game to me.
It’s not a chore and there’s some indication…
The outcome will please you.
Lady- lets make a Woman out of you- You say its time to progress
So now I’ve made the move.
You’re out of touch and frustrated by a core that was pulling you under.

Distance not the issue anymore.
Delay is bringing us the time.

Now it’s time to lay it on the line.
Listen hard and you will hear- the answer to the mess we’re in.
It’s a cruel mess we’re in.

5 more minutes of this and I might actually cave in.

This situation should be given a rest but we both enjoy this mess.
We have both choked at the breakdown.

My impatience has 7 ways to make it clear that this situation has slipped through your fingers.
But I will need just one.


This City- EP 2008

Set List

Stunning Design
Phase Two
Traffic Lights
The Box
This City

Approx. 35 min