In essence, FRAGILE's music contrasts ethereal resonances with the drive of a steady melody. This distinction delivers a uniquely rich sound that is both strong and subtle. FRAGILE's music is like the edge of a shadow, describing the indistinct silhouettes cast when light encounters darkness.


Originally from Argentina, FRAGILE is currently based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. First meeting in Queens in 2001, Diego Vilche joined brothers Gonzalo and Pablo Zauzich to play with renowned past projects at many venues in New York including CBGBs, Continental, Don Hills, Lmaours and Castle Heights.

The recent addition of Brooklyn based artist John O'Hara (keyboards) has expanded FRAGILE's sound. Since their union in October of 2007, FRAGILE has played at a variety of venues including Public Assembly, Luna Lounge, Fontana's, Trash Bar, Arlene's Grocery, Lit Lounge, among others.

Influenced by bands such as The Cure, Siouxsie, The Chameleons and Cocteau Twins, FRAGILE's music infuses the very best of 80's style shoegaze with a post punk edge. Luscious soundscapes, ethereal vocals and a stunning live show all create a unique, post apocalyptic vision that stands in strong contrast to contemporary pop music.

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In December of 2007, Fragile entered Planetgrey Studios to begin recording the EP. Engineered by George Grant (of The Serpenteens) the self produced EP released on February 16, 2008.

1. The End
2. Next To Me
3. Aileen
4. My Mind

Set List

Our typical set list consists of original songs running the duration of approximately 40 - 45 minutes and accompanied by video projections. We currently have 14 songs that we rotate in our set list and make selections for shows based on the venue and the overall show.