Fragile Utopia

Fragile Utopia

 Verona, Wisconsin, USA

It's hard rock the way it should be: driving riffs, in-your-face vocals, screaming solos, and soulful harmonies. Equally comfortable on stage and in the studio, FU is ready to rock at all times.


Fragile Utopia brings raw power combined with silky vocal harmonies to breathe new life into the hard rock genre. Following in the footsteps of Godsmack, Breaking Benjamin, and Alice in Chains while still claiming a sound that is uniquely their own, FU both embraces and defies categorization by bringing out the best of their myriad of influences. Claiming the airwaves of radio stations across the nation such as 94.1 WJJO, 91.7 WSUM, 1560 KSCR and 91.7 WSUW has spread the fans of Fragile Utopia far and wide.

Live, the band fires on all cylinders and leaves a trail of melted faces and busted guts in their wake every time they play. Flailing hair, darting eyes, mosh pits, and copious amounts of headbanging are all to be expected at a Fragile Utopia show. By combining rock, theatrics, humor, and more rock, the band effortlessly captivates audiences night after night.

The riotous energy of FU’s live show carries over to their albums as well. Their sophomore effort, “Alive”, has shown a more mature sound and broader view of what this band can do compared to their self titled debut. With the haunting lyrics of “Skeleton”, the raw intensity of “Stand My Ground”, and the mind-bending leads in “K(no)w”, the only thing “Alive” lacks is a dull moment. The CD starts with an explosion and ends with a raw acoustic performance, showing that this multifaceted band embraces whatever inspiration falls into their hands.

Fragile Utopia started as a group of friends playing some music in a basement for fun, but has turned into something much more. BJ Bonner, Brandon Acker, Bill Rahko, and Dan Ryan have now reached beyond their humble roots to become a prominent fixture in the Madison music scene. With festival appearances scheduled for summer 2010 and songwriters that never stop, the future looks promising for this rising talent.


"Fragile Utopia" Released December, 2007
"Alive" Released January, 2010

Set List

Sets are usually 1 hour long but can be revamped to meet the venue/show needs. A one hour set list goes as follows:

When Your Demons Start To Scream
Stand My Ground
Breaking Me
Falling Away
Four Leaf Clover
Take You Down