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2003 - Dim Lovely Forms
Sixteen Steps
Edwin Jones
My Winter of Discontent
Paper Girl

2005 - Five Miles Meandering
First Steps
Mothers and Daugthers
Heart Strings
Lady Divine
After Tonight
Digital Age
Joe Wail Joe
Ghost Rain

2008 - Innocence Among Thieves
The Alternative
Holding The Ice
Before The Storm
Happy Joe
Five Notes
Gameless (Parts I – IV)
Rhyme Or Reason
The Best I Can
Five Notes
The Talented Egotist
One More
Kings And Thieves



The only way to create something new is to start with a wide variety of parts and join them together into something that can only come from the imagination. If you begin with only one type of component, then how can you ever hope to create anything that does not become a direct derivative of that component? We have been plodding through local Denver blues and funk bars for years searching for a gathering of people that enjoy playing and witnessing the creativity of melodic and rhythmic music that hopefully escapes the “classic” genres that those bars cater to. But we find the perpetual search quite colorless and trying sometimes - and so we hope to connect with other independent musical minds through sites like this and the opportunities that come with them.

Of course, we are not interested in being a derivative of any single style that came before us. So we start with five guys that come from different parts of the musical spectrum – the classic rock guy, the college radio guy, the jam band guy, the metal guy, and the pop music guy. We can say with some certainty that we will produce rock music, but within that generalized classification we hope to create our own space large enough to allow us to move into any of the above genres without losing originality. We cannot confine our sound to a small corner of the musical universe when there is so much space left to explore. Our hope is that others will have broad enough tastes to travel with us and see where these roads lead.

The end result is the pursuit of a place where there is balance between the technical aspects of progressive rock and the candy coated pleasure of your favorite pop song. It is starting with a something bordering on familiar, but then attempting to take that to a new place, sometimes taking a left turn where a right turn is expected and hoping not to get too far from the beaten path, so that musicality is preserved.

Please, if you have read this far, listen to the breadth of music and give it a chance to speak. We’ve been together for six years and we are beginning to play larger shows outside of the small bar scene (Rock Bottom Brewery Downtown Denver, Arthritis Foundation Annual Benefit Walk), and we feel proud to have managed that without an agent or record company continually marketing us to the masses. We are truly independent and rely on avenues like this for people to hear our music. Thanks for your consideration.