Indie band playing funky/world music, originally from Africa. Upbeat melodious, fun, entertaining and refreshing. Something completely different from what you listen to daily. The lyrics of every track is in the cover booklet for your enjoyment. Sing along!


Uzoma (Uzo) Ezekwudo, [aka: Fragrance], is originally from Nigeria in West Africa. She received B.A. in Economics from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Fragrance is a singer and a lyricist who composes her own original work. In addition, she also writes short stories for adult and children, and songs for children. She is the author of “Junk and Good Stuff” Series for children and “Resilience Poetry Book.”

Fragrance is an international artist; she has performed in local and international festivals.


Fragrance’s music can be best described as Funky/World; she calls it “Combo Music” because it is a fusion of funk, R&B and jazz built on African rhythms. “Combo Music” [Combo Stylie], is upbeat, melodious and garnished with jingles.
Fans state “Your Music is Completely Different.” They also say, “Combo Stylie is refreshing and entertaining.” Therefore, her debut CD is entitled “Something Different.” It was released in February 10th, 2005.


Small World

Written By: Uzoma Ezekwudo


People lie here and there
Like new TV, Computer and VCR sets
Waiting to be set up in this small world
People walk through one another times innumerable

Our images make lifeless invisible pictures
Our voices become audible, yet muted
We pass hundreds of people, daily, daily
Same people, again and again,
How many times? We don’t know

This world - Chorus: Is a small world
Humongous, still
Over populated, yet
Stretches forever
This world
Do you see what I mean?
You see what I’m saying
This world

Suddenly, something happens
Like new gadgets connected turned on
We come face to face with a person
In this small world
Our brains immediately create thousand records
Our memory banks unfold timeless endless, codes
We remember, we recognize
This same face and voice
Their presence fills everywhere, all the time
What can we say? Oh!

This world - Chorus: Is a small world
Everything appears huge
Beyond the horizon
At the rear, but within
It’s small; believe me
You know what I’m saying
It’s a small world
This world (2)

On the other hand
People hang out like stacks
of books in Library shelves
When we pull one out, we
familiarize ourselves with it
Then we travel overseas and
in a quiet corner of a street

Somebody dashes out and exclaims
What in the world are you doing here girl?
Oh! I should be asking you that !
Chorus: It’s a small world
You see what I mean
This world
Billions of tongues
Millions of colors
This world with exotic cultures
Farthest and widest
You can count the distance
This world
You see what I mean
This world
This world

Could Somebody Tell Me

Written By: Uzoma Ezekwudo


I just can’t understand
Things were moving smoothly
Life was lively. All of a sudden
Everywhere became tensed, too hot for fun
Smiles and laughters dosed off with mourning faces
Somebody has stepped on somebody’s toes
And called it bluff—

Chorus: Could somebody; could somebody [8]

Somebody; Somebody; tell me; tell me
Could somebody--tell me; what it takes--
What does it take --to say, “I’m sorry,”
When we’ve wronged somebody?
I’m not perfect; I could make mistakes
I’m just human and I do err,
But I accept my fault-- when I’ve wronged somebody--

Chorus: Could somebody; could somebody

--Somebody; when we’ve wrong somebody –
Somebody; tell me; tell me; tell me
Could somebody-- tell me; tell me;
What it costs…what does it cost—
To be empathy; when we’re hurting somebody?
I’m not too tall to say I’m sorry
I’m not too short to apologize
Nor huge to accept my fault
When I’ve crossed somebody. Somebody.

Chorus: Could somebody; could somebody

So why is it a job, for us to show remorse?
Somebody, somebody
I just don’t understand; why it is a tough job
For us to show remorse; little sympathy,
When we offend somebody
Instead we swallow, “I’m sorry.”
Is it ego or emotion that is at stake--
That makes us get big; then we grow wings,
And fly away instead of saying—
“I’m sorry?”
Chorus: Could somebody; could somebody

Somebody, somebody, please tell me, tell me
Somebody, could somebody
Come on, tell me, tell me
Somebody, could somebody, yea, tell me, tell me
I don’t know; I don’t know, please tell me;
Somebody, somebody, come on tell me, tell me
Somebody, could somebody yea, tell me, tell me
Somebody, somebody, please tell me,

I just don’t, I just don’t get it
Why; why, it is a job for us to show remorse
Little sympathy, when we offend somebody
Is it ego or emotion that is at stake --
That makes us get big then we grow wings,
And fly away? —

Ego (Money)

Written By: Uzoma Ezekwudo


Ego; ego di mma
Ego bu ihe oma Chukwu wetara nye anyi na-aka
Ego bu ihe oma Olisaebuluwa wetara nye anyi na-aka
Si anyi were dozie ndu onyere k’ife dili anyi mma
Si anyi were dozie uwa okere k’ife galu anyi were, were
Ego-- Onye enweghi o na-ebe
Imilikiti afufu anyi na-ata n’en uwa bu n’afa ego
Mgbaghali na olu anyi n’alu kwa ubochi, obu ya
Ihe oma nine i n’enejelu anya n’uwa fa ncha ego
Onedo na uwe oma nkea iyi obu ya
Aruyi nkea na-egbum anya nne, obu ego
Ego; onye enweghi o na-ebe
Chorus: Ego
Obatagonu, udu
Okwa oshimili
Ma kam gwa gi eziokwu, kam gwa gi eziokwu
Ego bu utala nke uwa, madu bulu ofe
Ego bu utala nke uwa madu bulu ofe
Mana anyi ewelugo ego, ewelugo ego
Mee ya chukwu; mee ya ofe
Were ya mee ihe eji eme alu kacha alu n’uwa
Were ya mee ihe eji eme alu kacha alu n’uwa
Oke ochicho, tigbue zogbue anyaukwu bu ego
Anyi na-ako nko, aku asili oge obuna n’ihi ego
Na-anu na-egbusisi onye anyi n’aha ego
Hee- hee, ibu ego; nyem ya. Chorus: Ego
i ma nkem neli
i ma nkem nala

Ego bu ifeoma si n’aka Chukwu were bia
Onyere k’anyi were tua ndu mmanu
Anyi wee melua ego, wee melua ego
Mee ya Chukwu; mee ya ofe
Were ya mee ndu umu ogbenye odi oku
Were ya mee ndu umu ogbenye odi oku
Etigbuna, azogbuna were nwayo riwe
Egbula nwannegi, ewo, oka ya
Emejola mmadu ibe gi maka ego
Azola kpim- kpim- kpim were nwayo riwe
Lusie olu ike, tukwasi obi n’aka Chukwu; ego
Emela anya ukwu; oge nke gi lue
Nwannem i ga enwe ego
Hee- hee ---Ezu ego. Chorus: Ego
Onyea bu aji
Duam nkunu, owa
Okwa aka na-aku
Huh - Eeee--- Ewawa
Okaw eselu enu ego


"Something Different"

Small World, Colud Somebody Tell Me, and Ego(Money)

Set List

1. Small World 4:58:07
2. Could Somebody Tell Me 4:13:35
3. Ego (Money) 4: 25:48
4. Uh La La (Warming Dance) 5:15:23
5. Corporate Taboo 4:10:62
6. Be the Difference 4:26:72
7. Echi D'ime 5:04:01
8. Poems Come Like The Rain 5:11:23
9. Marathon Health 3:44:18
10. Charming Lady 3:51:30