Framboos aims to be the most exciting song-based improvisation duo imaginable. Elizabeth Lima and Luke Dawson combine their classically trained skills with deep punk roots to produce in your face virtuosity with a poetic edge.


As with the rasberry from which they juice their name, biting into FRAMBOOS is a sweet then sour, messy, orgasmic experience.

Elizabeth & Luke channel their angst, humor, love and burning folly through a mesmerizing array of instrumental and theatrical techniques. So quiet and then so loud, no one knows what will be heard from them next: operatic uproar or noize assault, baroque counterpoint or freejazz stratification?

If you like Kids in the Hall, Jesus Christ Superstar, René Lussier, Charles Ives, and Richard Desjardins.

Sample appearances :
Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville - 21st of May 2010 with Les momies de Palerme
Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville - 20th of May 2010 with Land of Kush
Série code d'accès à Montréal - spring 2010
Le Printemps des Poètes de Québec - March 31st 2010
Off Festival d'été de Québec - 16th of July 2009 with X. Dion, C. Lefrançois, S.Shalabi, É. Tardif and G. Théroux-Rancourt
Festival Voix d’Amériques de Montréal – 9th of February 2009 with Léopard & moi and poet F. Carrier
Festival POP Montréal – 4th of October 2008 with Sam Shalabi/Land of Kush
Hommage to deceased poet Robbert Fortin at the Lion d’or (Montréal) – 22nd of May 2008 in collaboration with book publisher L’Hexagone
Série Métrocapitale – 20th of September 2007 wth Dreamcatcher at the Bal du Lézard (Québec)
Série Métrocapitale – 21nd of September 2007 with Dreamcatcher at La Brique (Montréal)


Freakout Traverse - LP (Ample, 2009)
Framboos - EP (Ample, 2006)

Set List

Framboos plays two types of concerts:

1. Staged - where the music, stageplay and decor are thouroughly composed as a full scale, reproducable project even if improvised elements can still be integrated.
Framboos' present show of this type is based on the British engraver and poet William Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience: Shewing the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul, and is a collaboration with the very talented Quebec City illustrator Éric Tardiff. In it, Elizabeth and Luke have put a dozen songs to music listen to The SICK ROSE in audio section), combining the dance rythms strongly implied by the poems with evocative and lyrical melodies suited to both the pastoral simplicity of the book of Innocence as well as the wild rapture contained in the book of Experience. This is all done alongside the fresh new drawings (see image section) composed by Éric who has inspired himself from Blake's own original engravings but only to push them farther into Framboos' uncompro