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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"SPIN Picks 7 Undiscovered Bands Worth a Listen"

Radio-ready pop choruses paired with crunchy guitars -- the ideal soundtrack to a party scene in a teen movie. -

"Colour Me Funky"

Little did Jack Brimacombe know that when he sang ...
Little did Jack Brimacombe know that when he sang along to his Dad's Kinks cassettes on the way down to see Southampton FC as a child, that the high priest of britpop Ray Davies would become a fan of his own trio a few years later.

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"Jack from Frame 3-13 presenting TV Show"

Jack was called in to present BBC Wales Show "It's Your Wales Today" He interviews "stars" such as Rob from The Automatic.

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"Kyle from Frame 3-13's link to Dvorak"

See Kyle being interviewed by the BBC and talking about his relationship to Dvorak........

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"More Reviews"

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"Frame 3-13 Demo Tracks"

Aaaaah, the energy of youth. 19 or thereabouts these exuberant Swansea lads are, and already they've wilfully mis-spent many of their teenage years learning rock n roll instruments and writing songs. Citing a love of the Chilli's, Nirvana, Crowded House and Stone Roses and avoiding the South Wales emo scene like the plague the boys are rapidly adopting a funked-up indie pop sound to call their own, guitarist and vocalist Jack explains "We just stick to being ourselves, it's a shame there's been such an emo revolution - there seems to be a lack of originality about".

Frame 3-13 are launching their own revolution right now with a tight-arsed breakneck collection of funky, punky pop to twitch the toes of dancefloor divas everywhere. 'The World Don't Stop' snaps along brightly with a switchback upbeat melody backed by happy-go-lucky vocals. 'Suicidal Sister' romps along to one of the funkiest bass lines we've heard in ages while 'Take It Rough' shows some hard edges with a blistering guitar intro.

The press is paying these boys a deal of attention and so should you.

for full review see:
- Fuse Magazine

"Unsigned Bands Special"

Punk-funkers Frame 3-13 interweave high tempo guitars with deceptive harmonies and irresistible danceability.......

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"Western Mail Review"

If history is anything to go by, then the Levi’s One To Watch Tour is a jaunt most up and coming bands should be throttling their promoters to get onto. Only twelve months ago, the likes of Editors and The Kooks were sharing the same bill on a pokey Barfly stage. The headliners for this years event are Ghosts, a London quartet who play unashamedly brazen pop which echoes the likes of Talk Talk and The Delays - making for an interesting melting pot of sounds.

Support came from Swansea based trio Frame 3-13 - an incredibly likeable set of adolescents who brought so many fans down from Swansea they were deemed the unofficial headliners. The stop-start funk of ‘Suicidal Sister’ had the front rows bellowing each word back to excitable front man Jack Brimacombe - who savoured every second of the bands brief set. It concluded with ‘The World Won’t Stop’ - a rumbling tune that paid it’s dues to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers circa ‘Mother’s Milk.’

By the time Ghosts had made their way onto the stage, the majority of punters had decided they’d had their lot and headed back onto the M4 west. A shame really, as Ghosts ploughed through a slick set of tunes destined for the bigger arenas. The band’s coy interaction mirrored the fragile tunes on show - especially apparent on the acoustic jangle of the self-titled Ghosts.

The suave ‘Stay The Night’ had lead singer Simon Pettigrew wearing is leering advances firmly on his sleeve, back dropped by rasping percussion and a seamless melody instilled after a single listen. The glorious ‘The World Is Outside’ followed, with helium vocals and robotic synths that had its sights set firmly on the indie big league.

As the set concluded, Jack Brimacombe swaggered his way towards the front of the stage to watch the competition menacingly. Almost nonchalantly, Pettigrew dedicated the song to Brimacombe and wished him the best of luck - extinguishing any possible unnecessary rivalry. The slow-burning ‘Mind Games’ closed proceedings, with a rasping verse blossoming into an arms-aloft chorus. If either band manage to achieve a fraction of what previous groups have on the tour then they’re onto a winner - whether it will be as meteoric - only time will tell. - Western Mail- Michael Took


Our release schedule for 2009 is as follows:

13th April 2009 - Will You Sort Me Out (single)
4th May 2009 - Ambition Is Critical (album)
25th May - Can I Be The One (single)



Let's not bore you with any other minor details. Here are some interesting things that have happened to Frame 3-13

-In 2006 the band went on a DIY tour of England and Wales which brought in some money. As a reward to their fans, the band booked a luxury bus to a London gig. They did not charge anyone a penny. It cost £700. Ray Davies attended.

-The following year Frame 3-13 turned down a gig with The Enemy. Just in case you didn't know The Enemy went on to release a number one album pretty soon after.

-Jack has crohn's disease. This means he cannot drink alcohol, and he can't take most drugs. He also wore a pair of sunglasses for 11 days straight, sleep included.

-For the first two years as a band they did not use any distortion.

-Wayne played football for Wales under 16's. He went on to break his back, which ended his football career.

-They got invited to the Premiere of the BBC TV Show Torchwood as VIP guests. Billie Piper and David Tennant were amongst the guests. Jack joked around with David Tennant. Wayne fell asleep when talking to Billie Piper and Kyle opened an empty bottle of champagne which was an ornament.

-Kyle has a classical upbringing. He is a Grade 8 Pianist and Grade 7 Violinist. He is also related to the Classical Composer Dvorak. However he prefers playing the drums.

-After a gig in Widnes, near Liverpool, people started to pierce themselves with Frame 3-13 badges. Nipples, ears, chests and wrists. Painful stuff.

- Frame 3-13 have a rapidly growing fanbase. They currently boast over 406,000 plays on Myspace with many days recently seeing them reaching up to 8k plays per/day.

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