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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States | SELF

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States | SELF
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"Local Sounds"

Frame & Canvas began making music together over a year ago when they came together for a side project that ended up evolving into a full-time gig. Since that time, the three members of Frame & Canvas have dedicated serious time in the studio to record and produce their debut album, “The Lights, The Sound,” which they will be celebrating at their June 24, CD release party.

The band prides itself in being a trio that is not afraid to embrace their love of Top 40 music and have no problem wearing their hearts on their sleeves when the music is concerned. We talked to the guys about what they have coming up and why you should be listening.

Describe the musical background of the members of Frame & Music
Chad • I grew up listening to Casey Kasem and top 40 radio and I have never really grown out of it. I listen to all music from hip-hop to rock to country. I find myself more attached to the rock because it tends to have the most musical freedom. My main influences are Jimmy Eat World, Coldplay, The Fray, Keane, Third Eye Blind, One Republic, Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins. But I still enjoy throwing on an Usher album to get it on!
RK • I started playing when I was 16 and played in local bands around the Ogden area. I moved to Salt Lake to start playing drums at The Rock Church. During that time I also started doing studio work and getting paid to play live gigs for artists. I love to play all sorts of music from country, to punk, and everything in between. My mom turned me on to a vast array of music at a young age and I am so grateful she did. I think it has made me a more rounded musician.
Marc • As brothers, Chad and I have been playing music together for almost our whole lives. We both played in various local bands over the years and formed Mesa Drive around 2005. Mesa Drive released “Take What You Want” in 2007 on a local indie label and enjoyed some radio success and a few small tours. We played some awesome shows as openers for bands like Mae, Augustana and Ben Folds before disbanding in 2009.

How would you describe the music of Frame & Canvas?
Marc • Our music is really focused on big hooks. Whether it be vocal lines, guitar riffs or drum riffs; it’s important to us to write songs that people will remember. We really play for the song in everything that we do. Our live show is tight and professional and we try to make it as exciting as possible.

How would you describe the local music scene?
RK • I feel that Salt Lake’s music scene is a diamond in the rough. Obviously it’s nothing compared to L.A., but I’m glad. It’s easier to find treasure in a pond than in a sea.
Marc • Hands down, Utah has some of the most talented musicians I’ve ever seen. I’m often humbled at shows. We always have a good time sharing the stage with our friends and we’d would love to see more people getting out of the house to attend the local shows.

What types of things do Frame & Canvas write/sing about?
Chad • Everything. The whole array of human emotion. Writing music has always been very therapeutic for myself and I hope others are able to find themselves someplace in the music.
Marc • We try to write songs that people can find their own meaning and connection with. In general, we write about real life experiences that have affected us or those around us. “The Lights, The Sound” isn’t about one specific topic but there are definitely some recurring themes focused around love, sadness, addiction and questioning life.

You are celebrating the release of your debut album next week. Describe the album and the album-making process
Chad • During the making of this CD we had total artistic freedom and that was very liberating. We learned a lot about ourselves and were able to improve on recording techniques that we had previously learned.
Marc • Recording “The Lights, The Sound” was such an amazing experience for us. We were given total freedom during the recording process. It was really nice to be able to write and experiment with different guitar parts and tones without the pressure of the clock. Throughout the process, we kept coming back to our musical roots and our live show. It was really important to us to write an album that we personally would want to listen to and see live. In the end, I think we were able to do everything we wanted to.

How would you describe a Frame & Canvas show?
Chad • It’s a rock show. We don’t do any acrobats or have any pyrotechnics but we try and make the most exciting rock show we can by having the audience participate and sing along with us.

What do you see for the future of Frame & Canvas?
Marc • We’re planning to push a few of our singles for radio play and soundtrack placement but we’re really focused on building up a solid fan base for now.

You Should Go: Frame & Canvas
The band includes Marc Hansen (guitar), Chad Hansen (vocals/guitar) and RK Topper (drum) - Autumn Thatcher - IN Weekly

"Concert Review"

"Their set was full of solid song writing and smooth progressions. If they keep it up, I expect they will again have songs on X96 and other like-minded stations." - Tom Bennett, SLUG Magazine


The Lights, The Sound (2011)



The Lights, The Sound, Salt Lake City band Frame & Canvas’ debut album (2011), displays a masterful combination of soaring guitar riffs, soulful vocals and catchy choruses. Drawing influence from bands like Jimmy Eat World, Coldplay and The Fray, Frame & Canvas has created their own brand of contemporary pop rock that’s sure to gain a devoted following. With a diverse collection of infectious pop singles such as “Butterscotch” and “Sure” to emotional, brooding rock songs like “The Lights, The Sound” and “Daylight,” this album has something for everyone.

“Frame & Canvas offers emo-rock... [And] they do it very well. Their [live] set was full of solid song writing and smooth progressions. If they keep it up I expect they will again have songs on X96 and other like-minded stations....” Tom Bennett, Slug Magazine, said after recognizing the group as former members of local bands Mesa Drive and Paxtin.

What started as a side project for lead singer and guitarist, Chad Hansen, quickly turned into an official thing as he began collaborating at the Lounge Studio with brother and guitarist Marc Hansen, drummer RK Topper and engineer/producer Trevor Price. “We really had no control over ourselves,” Chad Hansen said. “It was going to happen whether we liked it or not.” The album’s title track “The Lights, The Sound” really explains it best. Chad Hansen croons “I am not myself” with such passion, referring to the intrinsic need each band member felt to be writing, recording and performing music again.

Frame & Canvas puts everything they’ve got into their performance and it shows. “We are all playing for the song,” said Topper, a drummer known around Utah for his impeccable timing. “Not to show off how talented we are, but to show how amazing the song is.” The band strives to make sure their music is something everyone can enjoy. “The music that we write should be for everyone no matter where they come from…,” Chad Hansen said. “Hopefully they find meaning and connection with the music and the lyrics of our songs.”

The band’s name, Frame & Canvas, finds its origins on the 1998 Braid album of the same name. “We didn’t set out to sound like Braid in any way,” Marc Hansen said. “We just wanted to show respect to one of the most influential albums of our youth. As we thought about Frame & Canvas we attached our own meaning to it--discussing how life is always in motion and how an album is really just a snapshot describing where you are.”

During the album writing process, Marc Hansen said they kept their live show and their musical roots in mind. Working with Price, they were given a tremendous amount of freedom to experiment and figure out what they liked best. “For me it was amazing to just be able to really sit down and experiment with different tones, ideas,” Topper said, “and then really make each part count.” Chad Hansen described the process as “liberating,” saying “nothing was off limits... we had all the creative power.” The result: an introductory album with mass appeal or “top 40 with a splash of indie-rock and two parts soulful vocals,” as Topper put it.